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  1. @Property_Damage 23 years of age, single, software developer working 40-45 hours a week. Fun stuff. Church style social life style, got groups I meet with during the week. Hang out with the guys and play board games/smash bros weekly. I really believe if I was married I'd play a lot less, but that's just not for me right now. Haha. Staying away from the bar/party life gave me a lot of time for video games over the years. Not having a social life helps. LOL. My time for games actually has gotten less as I actually have somewhat of a social life now. I used to play for 9-12 hours a day (3am-4am nights, woo). Now? Nah. If I can get in 3 hours a day during the weekdays and 6 hours a day on weekends that's about all I can do. Usually play from like 9pm-12pm during work week days. I'll eventually end up not caring as much about platinums/completion but for now it's my hobby. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Okay OP, so this is going to get pretty long, but I hope it helps answer some of your questions from my experiences in depth. I've been doing this whole high % profile thing for years. Though, my experience comes from 7+ years of Xbox achievement hunting. I'm still a little baby in terms of PlayStation years (I started this profile at the end of October 2019. Swapped to PlayStation because I got sick and tired of the lack of JRPGs on Xbox! Finally made the switch, never looking back). It just looks weird when I talk "big talk" while having such a little profile. It's a work in progress. Anyways, with that disclaimer out of the way... When you think of gaming hobbies: some play video games casually (trophies don't matter one hoot), some play to collect achievements/trophies in general (but maybe don't care as much, just enjoying a trophy pop here and there), some play to gain as many achievements/trophies as possible in the shortest amount of time irregardless of if they complete the game or not, some try to plat as many easy games as possible to get the highest rank, some only play single player, some play only multiplayer... Finally, some people try to maintain as close to a 90-100% account as possible (completing all the games challenges, grinds, difficulties, endings, weird miscellaneous tasks, etc.). I believe the % hunters are just one sect of the overall array of hobbies you can do with video games. Is it for everyone? Certainly not! It's can be a very demanding task. (Though, I believe in all honesty, having anything above 99% is close enough to perfect, because realistically you should ALWAYS be working on SOME game. Therefore it'll be rare for any account to "truly" be 100%... because that means you're not playing video games! That's just no fun!). I suppose it depends on what types of games you do play for a 100% profile (easy vs hard games). So, why bother? Well I've met some extraordinary people who have goals of maintaining a high profile % completion, so it's formed a bit of a network community I talk to/encourage/watch. They in turn do the same with me. Personally, the feeling of completing games can be very fun, from a certain point of view. It might be a little eccentric or OCD, but seeing a bunch of "S" rank/platinums/100%'s can feel very accomplishing at the end of the day. More so if the game is deemed a "harder" difficulty/has a excessive grind you overcame. Not to mention that, in the case of a good platinum list, it will open you up to exploring all aspects of a game/doing things in a way you might not have thought... or force you to explore the entire game so you see every area (and all its secrets!). I feel that the more games you complete, the more tolerance you'll acquire to where grindy/hard trophies become less and less of an issue... mostly. How do you motivate yourself to complete the games you didn't enjoy? I feel every % hunter would be blowing smoke if they said that they haven't run across any games that had a trophy or so that really made them question "Why am I doing this". The games themselves can be very fun, but some of these developers throw really grindy/difficult/weird trophies at you where even the most patient % hunter can sloooooowly feel bored/tired. My advice from personal experience? Accept that when you're a 90-100% hunter, that doesn't mean you have to 100% every game before moving onto the next. Take breaks. Play other games. Come back later. Do grindy trophies over the course of a few months. You don't have to put in 4-5 hours every day on the same game. Maybe play 30 minutes or an hour a day of one game, then spend the rest of the day playing something else. The little time you play every day adds up over time. The key is not to let your backlog (of played games) grow super big or else you'll have so many games to go back and complete, that you'll never get around to them. If I slowly find myself not enjoying a game/trophy grind, I'll allow myself to play something else and come back to it later. My limit on games (that I've started) in my backlog is between 5-10 games maximum. Also, don't try to be a goody two shoes. Google answers, use guides, use tricks/glitches/exploits. There's been some really annoying games I've played where a glitch or trick really made it much easier to complete. Ethical? Maybe not... but hey, we do what we gotta do here. Lol. When did you start this completion trend? From the start of your account or did you have to overcome a huge backlog to achieve this? From the start of my account (though I'm slightly less than 90% right now). My account is still in its baby stages, I haven't played too many games (joined PlayStation community at the end of last year). So, it's been very easy for me to maintain a high % (using the advice given above) because I'm very good at maintaining a short backlog of games (allowing myself to bounce between games, but never getting out of hand where my % is truly at risk). I hope to maintain this moving forward over the years. I'm aiming for 99% completion, which will become easier to maintain the more games/trophies I earn. It didn't used to be like this though. I first really got into the concept of "100%ing" things when I finished my 100% commendations on Halo:Reach on Xbox back in 2012ish? For context, without being a hacker, earning 100% commendations on Halo:Reach takes a year/years. I think I spent over 186 days of in-game time before I hit the 100%. It took 4 months of playing 6 hours a day to earn the "Perfectionist" and "Grounded" commendations for one of the co-op modes called "Firefight". Kinda like playing Zombies in CoD where you fight waves of enemies. "Perfectionist" was for completing a round without dieing and you could only earn max 3 per game, with an average time of 10-20 minutes per game. You needed 5000 of those to get the max level in that commendation. So... yeah, extrapolate that time out and do the math on that one. That's just for ONE of these things, there were multiplayer/campaign ones too. Once I got the 100% I ended up figureing out I was one of probably 30-60 people in the world that had attained that feat legitimately. That feeling was surreal and for months I got messages calling me a hacker/no life but hey, it felt great. I took that and applied it to achievements/trophies and.... that's where it all started. Do you feel like 100% completion is an overall better experience than a normal playthrough (where you don't mind the trophies)? In my (honest, though it hurts to admit) opinion, no. This is the one valid "I can't really argue it" point I'll give anyone who approaches me saying I shouldn't try for a 99%+ profile. Here's the two reasons why... 1) Some games have certain ways to approach earning the trophies that save a playthrough (or more). Some games have it to where you have to earn all the items in one playthrough (no transferring between playthroughs). Some games have the "complete this trophy on a NG cycle to save the pain of trying on a harder NG cycle (Dark Souls, Bloodborne are key examples of this)". So... sometimes... well... I find myself looking at guides/researching the game/spoiling the game to see how "hard" the trophies are because I'm trying to "save" as much time as possible. By the time I research the trophies, figure out which are missable/hard to obtain, I've run into spoilers/boss names/story plot points so often I may have spoiled half the game for me at that point (or run into "easy xp farming/gold farming/etc" tactics that I already know I can exploit the moment I run into them in the game). Then I figure "oh what the hell" and spoil the whole game at that point. Others might not have this problem, but I find myself having a big problem worrying about trophy difficulty/time spent doing this hobby. It would be more relaxing sometimes to just do a blind playthrough of some of these games and worry about the trophies later, but I find that I feel like I've "wasted" time if I don't couple my playthrough with hunting trophies. Which leads me to my second point... 2) I've NOT played some games because of the trophy requirements/time needed/difficulty once I research these games. Worrying about "losing" my potential 100% profile due to glitched trophies/server shutdowns/difficulty has pretty much shoehorned me into playing single player/easier games. I've been working on breaking this habit (I started Super Meat Boy to break this habit). This is why I said earlier that having a 99% profile is good enough (if you're a 100% hunter at least). I feel like being paranoid over even not earning a SINGLE trophy over the years of playing video games is just not fun. Kudos to anyone who has a true 100% account, but realistically you'll eventually run into a situation where your skill is not high enough/server shuts down/glitched trophy and you'll have to accept it. For myself, I'm not sure if I can complete Super Meat Boy which means I'll always have trophies unearned (oh no!). However, I can still have 99% or more. Would I have rather not played SMB (a game I wanted to play for fun) and be paranoid about the unearned trophies? Nah, not worth it. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To conclude, it doesn't make anyone any better/worse than someone else to have a high % profile or not. It's all about having fun. As long as you're having fun doing it, it can feel real accomplishing. There's a small sort of "pride" thing about having a lot of 100% games, but as long as you don't shove it in someones face or degrade them for not being like you, then it's okay to feel a sense of pride over your work. Reading others opinions on this topic has been interesting and fun. Good topic. Happy Gaming everyone.
  2. Bought the Kingdom Hearts Complete Collection bundle. Never played the series before. More new RPG's to play than I can handle! The list just keeps growing on stuff I have to get around too... With Final Fantasy 7 and Tales of Arise coming this year, it's gonna be a hell of a year to complete new games while throwing old games in there as well. So much to do, so little time...

    1. NERVergoproxy


      It can get overwhelming. Just breathe. 

    2. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Whoa nice you got the KH collection!

      Yes the backlog/collection keeps growing.

      Enjoy all your games, my friend :) 



  3. Good luck to you with that platinum. It's a brutal game. Even one twitch of the fingers on some of these levels can screw up a whole run. I'm still working on the warp zones and my god world 5's warp zones are brutal. The rest are okay though. Going to take a long time to have the patience to learn these zones. At least some of the earlier no-death runs are easy, but I'm dreading Zombie Boy/Girl Boy/Impossible Boy. The dumb gravity ball things I don't understand. Taking a break to play Diablo 3 and Skyrim now. Lol.
  4. Probably shot myself in the foot by playing Super Meat Boy since I have a goal of 100%. I forgot I didn't put it as 99%. If I plat this game within the year, that'll be something.
  5. Made it to the last level of the Kid Warp zone last night only to encounter this ridiculous strange bug that seems to be random. The top layer of spikes randomly becomes disjointed and the bottom set of spikes completely vanishes. Then it will go back to normal when I die and randomly happen again. I can't tell what triggers this bug.


    I know the level can be beaten, because people have the trophy, but has anyone seen this glitch before and do you know if its a graphical glitch (spikes can be jumped over normally) or should I just immediately die and try again if I see it? I'm at a point where I can start to get up to the last row consistently but this glitch is tripping me up cause I have no idea if I can jump over it or not.


    Left my playstation on all night cause I'll be dammed if I have to restart but if this glitch prevents me from getting through I'm going to be pissed.


    1. Bodyodorthegrave69


      I can't really help you with your predicament but I want you to succeed friend. Don't give up! :)

    2. SanctifiedSword


      It's all good now! Managed to get the level done a few hours after I got home. Very happy with the trophy, it's now my rarest one on my profile so that's fun. :D

    3. Bodyodorthegrave69


       Oh grats on The Kid :)

  6. Looks good. Did a double check of your trophies for ya. Earned after Feb 1: 6 Bronze * 1 = 6 8 Silver * 2 = 16 3 Gold * 6 = 18 Unearned (but we will count them for the points): 1 Silver * 2 = 2 1 Gold * 6 = 6 6 + 16 + 18 + 2 + 6 = 48. Math checks out! 😎🤓 If you got 17/37 trophies before Feb 1st that would be 45.9% of trophies completed in the game which would net a 10 point deduction (as seen in the chart, since it falls between 40-59% category for -10). Only other points you could earn from here would be if the game was a call out game, double/triple point game or met the requirements for one of the bonus (Beast mode, new game, etc). For trophy completion % I went to my game profile (not the forum one) on psnp. Then I clicked on the game I completed and ordered the trophies by date (orders them from first earned to last). Then I manually counted them from the top until I hit the first trophy earned after Feb 1. Painful process, probably faster to build a script to parse the html and find the trophies but I'm far too lazy to do that right now. If anyone knows a better way for that I'd be glad to know.
  7. Oh, man. Usually I can justify a lot of games I play, but this has to be most janky games I've ever tried to come up with an excuse for why I played it other than platinum whoring. The only times I've restarted/created new accounts in my gaming career is to: A ) Get 100% in a game I love again and again cause I'm a weirdo and that's just what I do sometimes with multiple accounts. B ) Try a game before playing it on my main. C ) Erase the past (teenage year cringe names, people I want to vanish from completely, maturity reasons, etc, etc, etc). D ) Snap decision in response to depression. Depression (mild, in my case, but during stress times, exponentially multiplies) has hit me hard a lot of times in the past where I feel as if what I accomplished/did wasn't good enough or looked really bad and I've deleted/restarted/lost a lot of money in some cases (MMO's, etc) by restarting my account. Sometimes even now I still get that way. Honestly though the disconnect for me in restarting over and over and over again was realizing that at the end of the day, very little people will actually care what I do, in what order I do it, when I do it, how many "hard" games I have, how many "easy" games I have, what my rank is, how skilled I am/am not at any game, whatever is the case. When you get those hits of depression just remember you're playing video games for fun, not to be a slave to them. I think it's important not to make decisions while feeling a bit down for the count, cause you may end up making decisions you'll later regret (I testify to that myself). So... In the end I'd say if you choose to start a new account, make sure you're doing it with good intentions and a clear mind about why you want to do it. Make sure that it's a decision you won't regret and that you commit wholeheartedly to making the changes you wish to see reflect your new account. At the end of the day, as long as you're happy with your account (even if others may give you crap for it) then I'd say it was a decision well made, regardless if you keep the account or start over. Oh yeah, making the switch from Xbox to PlayStation was definitely worth the restart too. Have not regretted it since I started, even though I left behind years worth of work on my Xbox account. Haven't played it since. Haha.
  8. Trying to go for "The Kid" trophy in SMB so I can do my no-death early level runs has been the most frustrating bullcrap thing in this game so far. Sure, once I get to Impossible Boy it'll be harder because of the fact you have to do 20 hardish levels perfectly. But this Kid warp zone. I just can't. 4 hours on the first level last night and I still couldn't make it past the second pillar of spikes consistently. I hear the second level is worse with the 3rd column of spikes. Oh well, 1000 more deaths to go and maybe I'll have it. >_> 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Whoa you started Super Meat Boy

      I wish you lots of luck and hope you succeed :)

    3. SanctifiedSword


      @starcrunch061 I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the first stage is the hardest. I've looked at a couple videos and stage 2/3 don't look as bad. I'm okay with learning the pixel perfect step-shuffle to dodge spikes (cause I don't have to do jumps) or taking my time and hopping over the spike walls with space to breathe. This though? Pffff. If you're even one pixel off the first jump you'll clip these damn spikes. It might have been cause I was angry too. I reached the end of the level with the last jump before bandage girl twice last night, biffed the jump both times. Second try I clipped like a pixel of the last spike on the top layer. I think that destroyed me. xD 


      @Bodyodorthegrave69 Thanks man. Yeah I was gonna do it on a blank account but I looked at the rules on PSNP and saw blank accounts can be fishy when you sync them for the trophies. So I figured if I'm gonna go through hell and back for the plat might as well do it on my main account and not worry about accidentally deleting the blank account or having a hardware crash that looses all my progress and I'd have to do all this over again LOL.


    4. SlimSanta94


      I personally found Zombie boy to be harder.. And yeah I hated trying to get the kid, it took hours :/ Annoying stuff.

  9. Well hello there. Thanks for the follow! I see you have a lot of the dark souls games + Bloodborne done. Very awesome. Wanted to play Demon Souls but I don't have a ps3. Hopefully ps5 will let us play ps3 games but highly unlikely. Then I'd get to play demon souls lol

    1. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Congrats on Sekiro and Bloodborne!


      Yes Demon's Souls is awesome. Maybe the secret Bluepoint game will be a Demon's Remake. Yeah I wonder if PS5 will play actual PS3 discs. I had to rebuy my PS3 and found a superslim for $60 on Ebay. Maybe you might find one at a good price. If you play any of the other Soulsborne games on PS4 let know if you need help or advice. You have a cool name btw. Nice you friend of VoxAnimi too haha. Ty for reciprocating with follow. Goodluck with Diablo 3 holy moly the 500 bounties is tedious. You got the all the necromancer dlc out of the way at least. What classes you got left to level up to 70? I like them all but find monk boring.



    2. SanctifiedSword


      Thanks and no problem, I like to follow interesting people. Yeah I spent awhile trying names and eventually came up with this one xD! Next up: the Dark Souls series (when the spring backlog event starts). I've played the first Dark Souls multiple times, but the others? Not at all. So I may need some help with the collectables on those. The rings seem to be the most daunting trophies to get.


      Well I do know they are making another mainline entry called Elden Ring. You excited for that one? Also, $60 isn't bad at all for a PS3 (as long as it works). Might end up getting one in the event ps5 isn't full backwards compatibility. 


      Tell me about it. Diablo 3 has been in my backlog for awhile. I leveled up 3 classes to 70 last night, including the 2 I had done previously. I can choose between the Witch Doctor and the Wizard as my final class to level up. Monk was the last one I did last night. Was the most boring one so far, so I agree with your statement. 253/500 bounties done though so once I level up my last character I'll just run easy torment bounties till I get the plat. 


    3. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Yeah I got all the rings via trading with someone because I like to play one play-through so I have access to all areas to help others with their bosses. Sure I can give you all the rings, I think I was even given DLC rings even though I don't have the DLC. Sure, I can give you the rings easily since Dark Souls 3 has a password system.


      Just let me know in advance so I can reinstall/download patches again, I have it on disc.


      I love Witch Doctor, I imagine the meta/mechanics have changed a lot since last time I played, but there were some really fun abilites/builds to use with him. My favorite ability he had was the Piranha Tornado lol. I would recommend Witch Doctor for fun factor, but I think Wizard has always been op in terms of clear speed and power.


      I played it on PC, I have it on PS4, have yet to play it, the backlog keeps growing.

      Goodluck with the bounites, try joining a lobby with several people doing bounites, any bounites they do counts for you even if you weren't on that specific part of the map they did their bounty.

  10. Bloodborne #19: Bloodborne (All trophies acquired. Hats off!) ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Bell rings hollow, As beastly screams echo, Across city basked in shadow. Oh pale moonlight, Why does the night go on? Will this nightmare ever end? Can you hear our prayers? Forgive us our sins... Forever on, Does the night go... Welcome home, good hunter. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Bloodborne is an RPG game from the makers of the Souls series in which you take on the role of a Hunter, who hunts beasts and monsters in this gothic, pre-European style world. With fantastically detailed environments, a great soundtrack (when needed) and an ambiance that will have you standing by the hairs on your head from the moment the game starts right until the final boss, this game will captivate you for hours to come. The feeling of ambiance is what really sets this game apart from any other game I've played in the Souls series to date. The foreboding and hollowness you'll feel in the environments will keep you playing to ask one simple question: What is going on here? One of the subtle things about these sorts of games is that the lore is often hidden away, only revealed to you in little bits and pieces. There is no way that you'll be able to go through this game and come out the other side understanding everything unless you read the item descriptions, which is where most of the lore is presented. Unfortunately, unlike other Souls like games, the lore in this particular game seems to be difficult to piece together. Even having read every piece of text, I still had to go to external sources (YouTube, etc) to have it piece the puzzle together. The story, once understood, is amazing. However, I have to say that I wish the story was presented in a more straightforward way. I spent a good 30 hours running around feeling like all I was doing was slaying monsters... because I could slay monsters. There wasn't any rhyme or reason to what I was doing until VERY late in the game. Unfortunately for me, that's just not the type of game I enjoy. I struggled sticking with the lore aspect of Bloodborne, eventually abandoning it after about 4 hours of playtime only to pick up interest in it again almost 25 hours later. So for 25 hours it felt like all I was doing was playing a hack/slash action game with gore, with no plot and no reason to do anything. It did come together in the end though. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Combat in Bloodborne is typical Soulslike with some twists. First, there are no shields. This game revolves around dodging/getting out of the way much more than Dark Souls. In retrospect though, this game is actually a lot EASIER than Dark Souls except for a very few things (Defiled Chalice in particular). Second, your primary weapon (called a "Trick" weapon) actually has two forms. Based on what weapon you pick, stats you invest in, you can build a character that can tackle any sort of enemy in the game. Once I got my hands on Ludwigs Holy Blade, I used it for the entire rest of the game (and the DLC content too!). Of course, you can upgrade your weapons, imbue them with gems and equip words of wisdom which grant unique effects. All this leads to a lot of customization and ways to tackle the games many challenges. Boss design in this game ranges from overly frustrating due to some unfair mechanic being used against you (mainly the camera), to "oh my god I felt like I just mastered that boss YES". Designs of bosses are all unique and have their own special attack patterns/strategies you need to master in order to overcome the challenge Bloodborne will give you. This game is extremely fair in its challenge and every boss can be overcome within a few attempts, from my personal experience. Trophies for Bloodborne were very easy in my opinion, save the one where you need to descend through a maze of different post-game dungeons in order to unlock one trophy. There are some collectable trophies you have to watch out for, but nothing too bad you can't go back and do in a 30 minutes total. Just need to make sure to collect all the cords to unlock the secret ending and defeat the brain mother, then you're good to go. All the trophies can be earned in one playthrough using save state restoration for the ending trophies, only requiring you to go into New Game+ for about 2 minutes for the final trophy, which is an accumulative trophy. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Final Score: Lore (2/10 before 30 hours, 10/10 after I figured out what was going on) Gameplay (10/10) Difficulty (3-7, skill dependent. Boss dependent) Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 (By the time you finish the game, getting any "boss" related trophy you missed is easy cause you're skilled enough to do them).
  11. I only counted trophy points (53) from the trophies I earned after the event started on Feb 1 (19 trophies): 6 gold (36 points) + 4 silver (8 points) + 9 copper (9 points) = 53 points, even though there are 33 trophies to earn (this excludes the plat cause the plat is worth 100 points on its own). I didn't tabulate points for gold, silver or copper trophies I had earned prior to Feb 1. Then I had 41% of the trophies completed before the event started (14/34) so I subtracted 10 points from the score according to the chart. 21.61% plat rarity so I subtracted that to get the final score. No bonuses this time around. 😞 Someone can double check but I believe that's how it's supposed to work. Also I realized it's totally possible to go negative in a DLC pack scoring. If you play a DLC that has a high completion rate for all their trophies, it's totally possible the rarest trophy in the list may net you a loss of points beyond the total points the DLC can give you. Consider a DLC pack where like every trophy has a 70% or more completion rate. Kinda funny. Doesn't happen too often but it may if you had like 75% of the trophies completed before you finished the pack, cause then you'd be subtracting two numbers which would be much easier to go into the negatives and not have the DLC pack count at all.
  12. Completed Bloodborne and the DLC today. Base game: 100 + 53 - 10 (41% trophy completed before event) - 21.61 = 121.39 DLC: 50 + 12 - 31.57 = 30.43 Total score = 151.82 Base game: 33 trophies + plat, 14 earned before event in base game. 19 earned after (6 gold, 4 silver, 9 copper). All DLC trophies earned after event (1 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze).
  13. Maybe I don't understand how it works currently, but if I were to code a ranking board for rarity profiles I'd do it in descending order of rarity on a weighted system. I.E: First, take all the players who have at least one ultra rare trophy and generate a weighted score for all their ultra rare trophies (where ultra rare trophies with less % completed are weighted with a higher score than ultra rare trophies with a higher completion). Then place all those players in a ranking. Tie breakers are determined by the next rarity in line: very rare trophies. Example: Player 1 has a UR score of 100,000 and player 2 has a UR score of 100,000. Now we look at player 1's and player 2's very rare trophies and determine a weighted score for both players very rare trophies. Whoever is higher gets placed above the other, irregardless of how many rares, uncommons, or commons that each player has. This repeats all the way down to common trophies. In this manner, whoever is #1 has the highest UR score and in the event of a tie breaker on UR score with #2 on the leaderboard, look at VR. In the event of a tie breaker again, whoever is #1 has the best UR, VR and R score. etc. etc. That way, the only way common trophys would ever be taken into account is in the event that two players have the EXACT same VR, UR, R and uncommon scores. After ranking all the players who have at least 1 UR trophy, we begin ranking all the players who have no UR trophies and at least 1 VR trophy, who are not already ranked in the UR division. Follow the same weighted ranking and then place them, in score order, below the UR players on the leaderboards. In this manner, a person who has even 1 UR trophy will automatically be placed higher than a person who has 2 million common trophies or even 1000 VR's. This is essentially creating brackets and sub dividing within each bracket based on a weighted score for each level of rarity of trophies. You can earn a million common trophies and be #1 in the "rankings" for common trophies, but until you earn even a single UR trophy you'd never appear in the ranking for all UR players (who are ranked first). Even then, once you earned that 1 UR trophy, you'd be placed on the bottom of the "rankings" for the UR players because your UR score simply would not compete with players who've earned many more UR's than you. So, for a player, as long as their UR score is higher than someone with 1 million commons and a lower UR score, the player would forever be ranked higher, irregardless of the fact they may have 1000x less commons over the course of their gaming career. Stack away all you want with ezpz uncommon stacking games, it'll never raise your ranking over someone until you gain more UR score than them. This is obviously all exaggerated of course, but still. I also don't see the point in disregarding people for stacking games, even UR games, as it stands today. They legitimately put in the time and played those games and got the trophies and the UR or whatever. I wouldn't want to discard their progress just cause they stacked a game. I mean I get how it can be frustrating but still. Either that or you just compound all the stats for a single game into one and award based on that, but then you'd have to mess around with peoples trophies which would not be an accurate representation of their total counts at all because you'd be removing earned trophies these players got legitimately just to make it 1 game. Of course, remove all hackers and stuff. That's a given. 😅 That's how I'd do the rankings at least. In my opinion people should be rewarded for the time put into earning rarer trophies, even if it's only a single UR trophy, you should be recognized higher than someone who doesn't even have a single UR trophy.
  14. Well if you like tense dark and exploring you'll probably like the new content, especially in the deeper levels. They did some changes through the base game but the meat of DD:DA is in the new area Bitterblack Isle which has its own enemies, music and "feel". It's tailored towards end game players, it's super dark, creepy and honestly I think it's what the whole game should have been like from the start. It helps expand the games lore too.They also added more customization options for players/pawns for the looks and stuff. Oh, also, a infinite wakestone so you can teleport around the map forever. Once you get enough of the teleporting crystals placed down, the game becomes a breeze to get to where you need too in an instant. 😌
  15. I had to do a double take on that one. I was like "Wha? It's a new game?" Then I realized it was the JAP version of the game. Nice job.