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  1. Trying to go for "The Kid" trophy in SMB so I can do my no-death early level runs has been the most frustrating bullcrap thing in this game so far. Sure, once I get to Impossible Boy it'll be harder because of the fact you have to do 20 hardish levels perfectly. But this Kid warp zone. I just can't. 4 hours on the first level last night and I still couldn't make it past the second pillar of spikes consistently. I hear the second level is worse with the 3rd column of spikes. Oh well, 1000 more deaths to go and maybe I'll have it. >_> 

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    2. Bodyodorthegrave69


      Whoa you started Super Meat Boy

      I wish you lots of luck and hope you succeed :)

    3. SanctifiedSword


      @starcrunch061 I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the first stage is the hardest. I've looked at a couple videos and stage 2/3 don't look as bad. I'm okay with learning the pixel perfect step-shuffle to dodge spikes (cause I don't have to do jumps) or taking my time and hopping over the spike walls with space to breathe. This though? Pffff. If you're even one pixel off the first jump you'll clip these damn spikes. It might have been cause I was angry too. I reached the end of the level with the last jump before bandage girl twice last night, biffed the jump both times. Second try I clipped like a pixel of the last spike on the top layer. I think that destroyed me. xD 


      @Bodyodorthegrave69 Thanks man. Yeah I was gonna do it on a blank account but I looked at the rules on PSNP and saw blank accounts can be fishy when you sync them for the trophies. So I figured if I'm gonna go through hell and back for the plat might as well do it on my main account and not worry about accidentally deleting the blank account or having a hardware crash that looses all my progress and I'd have to do all this over again LOL.


    4. SlimSanta94


      I personally found Zombie boy to be harder.. And yeah I hated trying to get the kid, it took hours :/ Annoying stuff.