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  1. Love the JRPG completionist sig line. 😍:platinum:

  2. I agree. I didn't mean it was their golden ticket to win over X1SX as the only feature they will provide in their evolution. I just meant if this is Sony's "wa-la, this is all we can do with BC and we're still working on it even after PS5 launch" then it's not... overly impressive. Ya know? At least not to the point most people wanted it to be or thought it should be even if it was just PS4 BC. Over time it'll get better for sure but for now it's just rather lackluster. Xbox has been on that ball game for years now since last gen and it shows. In terms of the "ohhh pick me pick me" race when we're comparing features that players would want at launch, I'd rather have the X1SX: Lot more backwards compatible across multiple generations, a powerful system with clear stuff players can actually see with reduced load times demo, multiple games running at once you can launch from suspended states demo, controller reveal and a strong vision going forward that can go toe to toe with PS5. Only thing they don't have from last gen is a lot of the game genres I like to play. If they had more RPG's or JRPG's I'd never have swapped to PlayStation at all. However the vision and direction Sony is taking sounds pretty interesting. On paper it sounds super speedy and pretty awesome, I just wish we could actually see some examples. Ah well. Soon... soon... I guess I'm just looking at this from coming from being an Xbox fanboy for 7 years. I just want PS5 to blow me away and make me feel like swapping "gaming families" was the right choice. Holding onto hope.
  3. I'll wait to hear more before I make a final decision, but if this truly is Sony's ace up the sleeve in terms of backwards compatibility (only some titles at launch, nothing besides ps4, which is what it sounded like but not yet fully confirmed) then I have to say my disappointment at the moment is pretty high. Xbox is the clear winner in terms of BC support based on what we know at this point. Not feeling a day 1 purchase for me right now unless more information is revealed about the features of the PS5 at this point. What use is there in buying a PS5 for a may-or-may not actually support the library of games I want to play when I could just keep playing them on my PS4? Right now it sounds like the move to PS5 will happen once a pro-version comes out and the game library grows. I thought the PS5 was supposed to have a "wow" factor that "makes people swap over as fast as possible"? Not seeing it from this tech talk yet. I definitely did not expect to see the console itself or any games. However it's disappointing that there wasn't any examples of just how powerful this new tech is, like Xbox did. It's nice to hear about all these new specs, power and little details, but actually seeing some demonstrations would have been nice. It's a lecture without any concrete examples to grasp on to fully wrap your mind around the sheer evolution the PS5 is supposed to be. Xbox even showed us how you can even have multiple games running and swap between them, that's pretty cool! Sony? Well... more waiting I guess to see what sort of features will be brought to the table. I'm still holding onto hope that Sony's master battle plan is to run Xbox dry then right at the final moment dump the holy grail of features to show they can compete just as well in the next gen as the previous one. I guess as long as they continue to have a wide array of game selection (unlike Xbox) then I'll be happy. That's why I came to PlayStation after all... such great games here that I couldn't dream of touching on xbox lol.
  4. This sounds suspicious... Better keep an eye on that over there... Haha. Also, your 9000th trophy name... lmao. That's pretty awesome though. Fits you well. 9k in 4 years though. That's pretty awesome at least for me, I'm not sure if that's normal or not though for 4 years. I look at my meager counts (with ezpz's mind you) and go "Bleh". Can't imagine ever having numbers like that. I've been so tempted to stack games (I have no problem with ezpz's but the temptation to stack them is alluring to me). Must resist though! I live in Iowa so I'm not sure if we're in the same boat as Pennsylvania. I know I still have to go to work tomorrow, so, that's a bummer. Two weeks off would have taken us right up to the week before Final Fantasy 7 remake... I might just have to call in sick that week, you know? ;D You mentioned lurkers and that happens to be me. I'm just in awe of high % trophy hunters (99% and above). It's a personal goal of mine and seeing consistency in others gives me hope I can one day take on the same mantle. I'm not sure if you exclusively go for % completion but even if you don't, having that high of a completion rate is pretty cool none the less. Anyway, the reason I decided to poke in and say hi again was because of your 9k (congrats) and I wanted to know your opinion on Hundred Knight. It's a game that's come across my radar a few times. Is it a hard plat in your opinion? Skill based? Is it grindy? I saw you mentioned max difficulty in there which always throws me off at first glance. I'm one of those paranoid people plays very little hard games. Only one I have on my profile is Super Meat Boy and I'm lightly upset on that one because I'm not sure if I can beat it. Ideally would like to 100% every game I own so I'm not trying to play too many games that are hard in an unnecessarily, brutal, almost impossible way. Edit: Oh and unfortunately I haven't played Medievil. It reminds me of old classic gamecube style games though looking at it (I just pulled up a video of it on YouTube). Is it a remake of something from that era?
  5. From what I've learned today the most important thing to remember is that just because something isn't affecting you doesn't mean it isn't having a critical impact on other people. Being aware and conscious to the world around you, being considerate to follow the necessary steps to help prevent the spread and most importantly being open to helping others who may be affected by what's going on is very important. Other people may be in a panic but you can always be the strong rock that they can lean on for help in times of crisis. I just send strong thoughts to the men and women who are on the front lines fighting to figure out the full spectrum of this virus, what permanent effects is has and especially the people in the hospitals treating others right now. I know probably in some places people might be working over time due to the influx of patients in care of medical professionals which can be stressful. If we all work together to stop this before it even starts, so to speak, less people will have to suffer at the hands of this thing and potentially die of it.
  6. My friend kept trying to get me to play the original FF7 on PS4, but I told him that if I did, I'd know the story too much and it wouldn't be as "exciting". Now he's completely jealous because I'll go in not knowing anything about the story. With the updated graphics, modern combat style (which I personally love. Reminds me of a mix between FF13 and FF15 combat styles), loveable characters and of course... another sweet plat to add to the collection, what's not to love? I almost considered not putting it on the list as well, but then I'd have to complete everything else before I got to it. Now I have an "excuse" to slide it right into my gaming schedule... Okay, so I'd have played it anyway. At least now if I get it done it can be on my backloggery list. A double win. For the demo, I haven't played it yet. My plan is to play it 1 day before the launch. That way, I can get super excited and not have to wait for weeks to play the real thing (only reason I haven't played the demo now). Argh. April 10th. So far yet so close now! I just hope they don't screw it up. A proper FF game that pays homage to the original formula, with modern twists on it... that's what we need. Personally I'm now overlooking FF15's disaster because I consider it one big beta test for graphics for FF7R.
  7. Top of the morning to you backlog hunters! At least here in the USA it's morning. Anyway, it's been extremely fun to read your updates and progress reports over the last couple hours. Some of you have some pretty large lists that make me wonder if you'll be able to complete them all in time... but don't worry, I'll be cheering you on all the way through it. Don't make me whip out another pokemon cheerleader gif though *shakes finger*. Amid all the updates here's what I've been up too up to mid-month... Color Code: Red = Game not started. Green = Game is in progress. Blue = Game completed to 100% + DLC. ☐ Dark Souls 1: Remastered + DLC (PS4) 0% ☐ Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin + DLC (PS4) 0% ☐ Dark Souls 3 + DLC (PS4) 0% ☐ Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS4) 0% ☑ Darksiders 1: Warmastered Edition (PS4) 100% on March 13th, 2020. ☐ Final Fantasy 7: Remake (PS4) 0% So, Darksiders 1 has been completed which went great with the RPG event. As a Christian myself, I absolutely loved the references to things like the seven seals, Eden, Tree of Knowledge, "Destroyer", "Betrayer", "Creator", "Council", "Horseman" that links back to biblical source material. Not that you have to be religious at all to understand it (and it's wildly different). My Christian friends would probably shake their head at me for playing it and enjoying it but come on... it's just a game. Haha. It's a hack and slasher, Zelda dungeon crawler, RPG element sprinkled game. Kind of a trail mix bowl of genres. Sprinkle a little angels and demons in there, add a big flashy sword, mix to perfection and wa-la. You got yourself a Darksiders. With that out of the way I am starting on the main meat of this event for me: Dark Souls. All three games. All DLC. My plan is to get up to the last trophy in each game (for the plat) quit and move to the next game. Then I'll platinum all 3 games on the same day in order so they appear numerically on my profile from 1-3. I've played the original Dark Souls multiple times on my Xbox, so this should go by extremely quickly. I haven't played Dark Souls 2 or 3 before in my life, so we'll see how quickly those go by. A bit nervous i won't complete, even though I only have 6 games. Why? Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Enough said. My excitement for that game is insane. It's a game I'm going to take slowly, enjoying every piece of it. I've never played FF7 before, but this game looks AMAZING. Which means... no other backloggery progress will happen in that time. We'll see how it plays out. That's why I gotta get going on Dark Souls... after I eat breakfast today. Cheers and happy gaming everyone! Good luck on all your goals and I can't wait to see you guys succeed!
  8. Update 2: Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (NA/PS4): 100 + 70 - 19.34 = 150.66 * 3 (call out bonus) = 451.98 points earned. Notes: Thank you so much @scarishbal for the game recommendation. Darksiders is a game that I had actually played almost a decade ago and completely forgot about. It took me a long time to remember what little I could about the game. I'd say almost 95% of the game felt brand new to me. I completely forgot the story, characters (other than Wars name being... War). Game itself was awesome hack and slahsher, rpg mix of fun that made me feel like every second was worth it. As a Christian I like the twist they did on Revelations end time prophecy with the seven seals, using the four horseman and stuff like that. Seeing places like Eden, Tree of Knowledge, "Destroyer" and things like that are little head nods to biblical source which is awesome. My Christian friends would shake their head at me but hey, I found it totally worth the journey. Now... onto Dark Souls!!!! Breakdown of points: Platinum - 1 * 100 = 100 points Gold - 3 trophies * 6 points = 18 points Silver - 13 trophies * 2 points = 26 points Bronze - 26 trophies * 1 point = 26 points 100 + 18 + 26 + 26 = 170 points 19.34 = platinum rarity as of 3/14/2020 (PSNP) 170 - 19.34 = 150.66 3* multiplier = Callout bonus from @scarishbal from Callout Post :D 150.66 * 3 = 451.98
  9. Back above 90% again. Made some more progress on Skyrim earlier this month while playing Darksiders 1 (1 trophy to go). Been a pretty slow month due to work and everything else going on. Going to a wedding in a few weeks that I'm taking part of. So every weekend so far has been out and about shopping/buying stuff/trying stuff on for hours. Last weekend I spent most of Saturday filing taxes/doing house work. This weekend is the first one in awhile where I won't be doing anything important so hopefully will be able to play a lot more. Going to start Dark Souls 1 which I've already played multiple times on Xbox, so I'm just going to speed run through that as fast as possible to get to Dark Souls 2. Trying to get some stuff done before Final Fantasy 7 remake comes out which is where all progress will halt as I enjoy that game to the fullest.
  10. Work and life have been hitting me pretty hard this spring so far. I gotta get more points on the board to catch up with ya'all. Some pretty nice numbers so far well done everyone.
  11. It sure as hell would save me a lot of money because I wouldn't buy 9/10the games I do without the achievement/trophy systems. I only play 3 games on PC (Terarria, Factorio and TERA) that just aren't as good on Xbox/PlayStation. I'm one of those people that pretty much only plays most games for trophies/achievements, the enjoyment of overall gaming is long since dead to me except for releases like FF7R where the amount of effort put into the game is so obvious that it's exciting again. The current industry as a whole is utter garbage with microtransactions, loot boxes, crappy releases, low effort just to make money. Trophies enhance a lot of these games for me and gives something to go for that justifies even buying these games. If PlayStation removed trophies I'd swap back to Xbox and just keep my PlayStation for those top-tier RPG's that never got released on Xbox but that's about it.
  12. Goodness! I'm internally screaming at my own backlog of over 70 games right now I haven't even started (that PlayStation winter sale was too good). It's gonna take me months/year to get through what I have. I can't imagine having over 6,000 games to play. That's like almost 2/3'rds of the entire PlayStation library right? ikemenzi has about 8k games played (but not completed). It would take a life time to complete that library. With PlayStation 5 coming up, that list is only going to grow. You've musta spent tens of thousands of dollars on that collection by now. You don't have to buy any more games you have your lifetime supply. Haha.
  13. There's something to be said about gaming becoming the pinnacle of your life to the point it drowns out responsibility, motivation and sucks your social life dry to a point where it can be considered destructive or even addictive. However, such can be said about drinking... drugs... TV... social media time... expensive toys... cars... houses...anything can and will become an idol if you devote so much time to it that it drowns out everything else. Having a well balanced life is the key to managing anything you do. Gaming is definitely not just for children. It's an industry that makes billions of dollars a year over a wide age demographic and encompass a wide range of players: casual, professional, hobbyist, trophy hunters/achievement hunters, modders, MMO's, shooters, looters, RPG's, story driven games, etc. It's brought people together, started communities and fandoms. It's inspired people to draw, read, write, code/software development, go to college/universitys for this stuff. It's started careers and companies. People are invested in it, watch market shares, analyze new games coming out. It's started eSports events and teams. It's so much bigger than people realize but for some reason it gets this underhanded scrutiny and backlash from people on the outside bubble. It's the same thing I guess as YouTubing or Streaming for a career. It's just an "unconventional" entertainment source that's still pretty new to the modern era (only a couple decades old). What I like about gaming is how open the playing field is. You don't have to be a Michael Jordan to enjoy playing a basketball game or hell, even being good enough to go pro with games. It's opened up a wide range of opportunities, story telling and entertainment for millions of people around the world to connect, achieve and experience the wonders of something bigger than themselves. Gaming is awesome and I'm glad I was born in a era where I get to experience this sort of fun. That said I still go outside and socialize, experience the world and work a full time job. I don't feel any less of a man for playing video games, enjoying JRPG's and being giddy about Final Fantasy 7 remake. I'm paying my bills, working at my career, hanging out with friends, doing stuff other than gaming, taking care of my responsibilities... but man oh man those downtime hours I get to spend gaming are awesome. It's my hobby and I'm proud of it.
  14. Oh my goodness, Halo: Reach. Brings back so many memories. The hours wasted, the credits earned. Ah... 2010 you've come and gone. Also the "ForeverLog" is catchy phrase for backlogs. Good one. I like it.
  15. There's only one way to go to the grand capital... on the back of that bulls butt kicking it all the way past the goblins and harpies.