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  1. I never played the original until after I played the remake (both to 100%). In my opinion both are distinctly great games in their own ways. I'm very happy the remake does not exactly follow beat-for-beat of the original, because that would mean it's a short, nostaligc game without taking any chance to expand/try new things/etc. If they tried to do a full modern remake of everything the original had in just one game.... Oh boy. We'd be jumping from area to area that takes 5 min to get through because there's just no room for any lingering. I think it's an unwillingness to accept change that holds many back, falling onto the "omgee Nomouraaaa lulz" train. I'm very happy I didn't go into this with nostalgic glasses because everything is new to me and I'm very happy to see what happens next EVEN AFTER playing the original to 100%. Plus NO ONE is 100% sure what the ending actually means yet. For all we know it could play PERFECTLY into their grand design for the remake and we just don't know it. I think the mystery is GOOD. Just like the original, the mystery of not knowing things was fun. I feel as though the entire series needs to be completed before making any total judgements on it's totality of quality for this first entry. According to some articles they did, they made a promise to hit on all the major plot points that the fans know and love. But they also never promised it was going to be beat for beat the same. I think it's going to continue being that way for the entire series too. Change is hard and sometimes it can be good and sometimes not. In this instance I think it's a good thing because it's fresh for everybody. Now... how GOOD is that actually going to turn out to be when it's all said and done? Well... we need the whole picture to really get a sense of it all. So I'm neither fully fanboy of the remake nor completely against. It's more like I look at it like "Alright, that's the opening act. Let's see what act 2 brings." I'm going to buy the whole series regardless of how good or bad it really is in the end anyway. Kinda like with The Last of Us 2 peoples, I'll play it and judge for myself on if I personally enjoyed it or not. I don't use game reviews ever to judge my purchase decisions. Lol. I do hear what you're saying though and you are correct, there definitely ARE changes. If you're on the fence about it, maybe wait on the next one and watch a full playthough once Part 2 comes out or something. That way you don't waste your money on something you won't enjoy? I dunno. It just sucks that I see a lot of people not willing to give the entire series a shot, just because it's not a copy and paste of the original.
  2. Update: 1) Final Fantasy 7 (Original) PS4: 100 + 69 - 25.04 - 0 + 25 = 168.96 2) Devious Dungeon 2 (PS4): 100 + 70 - 81.06 - 0 = 88.94 On this one, I completed the original Devious Dungeon before this one, but it was completed before the event even started so I'm not sure I get a beast mode bonus for this one.
  3. Happy Hunting everybody. I'll be starting with Lego Harry Potter because... well, it's Lego... it's got wizards... and it's relaxing!
  4. Real Final Update this time I swear: Well as it turns out I put the pedal to the metal and knocked out 2 games at the last minute, even though a few days ago I said I was probably done with the Spring Event at that time. So in the end, other than Dragons Dogma, I got everything done I wanted too... kinda. Moved the Souls series to Summer, so that's what I'll be focusing on there. Going to go reverse this next event though and hit all the small games first and save the biggest for last instead of biggest first and small last. That way I can at least feel better about myself getting most of my list done right off the bat instead of clutching it last minute. Color Code: Red = Game not started. Green = Game is in progress. Blue = Game completed to 100% + DLC. ☐ Dark Souls 1: Remastered + DLC (PS4) 98% Final Fantasy 7 (Original) (PS4) 100% on May 31st, 2020. Devious Dungeon 2 (PS4) 100% on May 31st, 2020. ☐ Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS4) 0% Darksiders 1: Warmastered Edition (PS4) 100% on March 13th, 2020. Final Fantasy 7: Remake (PS4) 100% on April 30th, 2020
  5. I love games that have great lists that compliment the story or make you do odds and ends that you might not have thought of in the first place, or collect everything and do every event sort of thing. Dragon Quest or Tales of games are pretty good at that sort of thing. Then you have games like the Star Ocean series and their... grinds for no reason. Or the Sword Art Online games I've seen. There's a realm where it stops becoming "this is expanding my view and appreciation of the game" to "oh my goodness DOES IT EVER END. WHY AM I DOING THIS". Best games are those you love to play and have great lists that almost seemed baked into the experience that you're having. Then once you get done with it, you take a step back and say "Wow, that was worth every second I put in".
  6. For someone experienced with RPG's, I'd rate it a 3 for most of the early game chapters, spiking to about a 5 for the Chapter 9 boss/Superboss type stuff, then back down to a 3-4 for the rest of the playthough/Hard Mode playthrough. I think it takes till Chapter 9 for most people to feel any sort of difficulty spike because before then you can almost just haphazardly use your abilities without knowing what you're doin at all (cause that's what I did xD). But after you manage to actually beat those challenges, the game kinda forces you to actually learn and care about what you're doing. Which makes it SO much easier. Honestly, aside from the Pull Up mini game, Hell House, Malboro, Pride and Joy challenge, and maybe some areas on Hard Mode, the game is honestly not that difficult trophy wise or progression wise at all. Especially because you can play the entire thing on easy and only ramp it up when absolutely necessary, like for your Hard Mode playthrough and the few VR challenges that force you on a higher difficulty. Having that easy mode option available significantly reduces the actual difficulty rating for me because I rate stuff on the lowest common denominator that it takes to earn the trophies and easy mode is dirt easy. I think the game can be a 6-7 if you have absolutely no experience with any JRPG ever and put absolutely no thought into your Materia, upgrade paths and put absolutely no effort toward learning the combat system at all AND play on Normal for the entire time. Then I could very well see how it's difficult. But if you put some thought into it, it requires far far less actual skill than something like Bloodborne or Dark Souls does, which are games I'd compare on the 6-7 difficulty level because even with a modest amount of skill those games can still wreck your face off. Not so with FF7R. All subjective opinion of course. I'm extremely used to Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 15's combat systems before I started the game. My final score would be 5/10. Mainly because that Pull Up challenge alone is so incredibly frustrating to pull off and was easily the hardest thing in the entire game for me to do and is NOT something you can turn the difficulty down to "easy mode" for to push through it.
  7. You guys seen that Tales of Arise is coming as the next Tales game? Looking forward to that one a lot too. Vesperia is still the best Tales game I've played so far, lets see if Arise can top that.
  8. I don't mine online trophies at all if the game is online only. What I do mind however, is online trophies baked into mostly single player games where there is no option to earn the trophy entirely offline. So long as there is a 100% legitimate way to earn it offline (even if it takes 5-10x the time it would if you just did it online), then you can add as many as you want for all I care.
  9. Already got space prepared on my glass stand for the PS5. Let's gooooooo. Day 1 purchase now for sure. First time ever being on this side of the coin where I don't have to rely on my parents buying me a console to play. Hopefully some actual gameplay is revealed this time and not just cinematic trailers for games. I don't mind new game reveals, but some gameplay is what I want to see.
  10. Oh no, you're not the only one. Give me this, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Old Door, Breath of the Wild, Mario Galaxy... with trophy support... oh man. That would be just awesome. * ~~~ * It's one of the gripes that made me swap from Xbox to PlayStation in the first place last year: I was so tired of missing good games that never got released to Xbox. ESPECIALLY the RPG's. Oh my goodness PlayStation is like a candy store for RPG's/JRPG's I've never seen in my life before. Unfortunately... can't capture all the games. My sister is trying to get me to get a Switch, but I've reached some weird point where unless the system has achievements/trophies/some sort of system like it, I just no longer can play games where I don't feel like I'm achieving something that will last. Then of course they have to be on one system as well cause I want all my progress to stay on something that can grow over time where I can look back 10 years from now and see everything I've done. And I get it, Nintendo has to be competitive with their titles that stay only on their platforms but dang... if I can't dream of having some of these games on this platform. :'( Sigh.
  11. I think the community is what does it for me personally. Having active events going on (even if some people think it might be silly) really means a lot to me. For some reason it just excites me to find a collection of people interested in the same thing as me, which is considered very niche or "stupid" by others. So that's a plus. Takes a hobby I was already interested in and just magnifies it. Also the statistics at a glance is quite fun for me. I can Google a game and click on the PSNP link for the game and get an instant feel for what the % completion is like, rarity, etc. I like how you can "tag" trophies in Guides as missable/online only/etc. It gives me a really quick "at a glance" look at the missables in games which substantially increases my game research speed to help me decide on purchase decisions, so that's a huge bonus I love about this site. Profiles look nice and sleek too. Wish Sony would add more stuff to our profiles for next gen too. My only complaint still remains that I wish this site had more statistics tracking across everyone on the site for different leaderboards. Yada yada, that's been beaten to death but it's still true. I feel like the site is great in many areas yet still lacking in some others. Ah well.
  12. I really want another Star Wars game like the quality Fallen Order had. That was my first Star Wars game in quite some time (since Lego Star Wars or Battlefront 2 way back in 2006) and I was impressed. Loved every second of it. I guess we're getting Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga later this year. I hope it's not too bloody expensive but definitely a must buy for me cause Lego characters are just too funny and I love Star Wars 1-6. :')
  13. Here are my odds and ends of my gaming life as it stands today: -- Room I game in must at all times be darker than what it is outside. Room must always be somewhere around 70 degrees or I get uncomfortable really fast. I usually have a fan in the room just in case it gets too hot for me. -- I always look at a trophy list before I buy a game on the PSN store, Amazon, etc. to judge if I can complete it or not. 95% of my purchases are based on trophies alone now and I will never buy a game I cannot complete that would jeopardize my % completion falling below a potential 99%. I'm OK not having every game 100% but the games that I know I cannot get all the trophies in are so rare and in between that they must have special meaning to them for me to buy/play the game in the first place. -- Never keep a backlog of over 10 games incomplete at any one time. Usually I stick between 1-5. If I get close to 10 I become agitated and must complete something before I can start something new. I always find myself trying to prioritize my backlog so I don't burn out by switching up the length, difficulty and genre of games I play. -- I always play at least one shorter game between one longer game as a reward for finishing the long haul games. -- I always keep a laptop/phone near me. I actually have to buy a new laptop because it's agitating me so much not having one right now for guides, videos, PSNP etc. while playing these games. -- Whenever I play a RPG, I tend to vastly under utilize their crafting system, upgrading systems or weapon systems to add a enhanced scale of difficulty to the game. Once I complete the game, I "reward" myself by allowing myself to go wild with trying to find the most OP gear. -- If a game has cosmetics, I tend not to use them until I beat the game (same thing as the above) as a "reward" to myself. -- The area around me must be in perfect condition before I start playing. If something is out of place I put it back in its place before I start playing or else I'll glance over at it KNOWING its out of place. -- I usually sit in the exact same position on the couch and have a drink at all times. -- My guilty pleasure is watching YTP's, Gordon Ramsey, Dr. Phil, discussions, random videos, memes, whatever on YouTube during grinds. I cannot stand the silence and repetitiveness in some of these games after playing them so long so background noise is a MUST for gaming.
  14. Well... First month where I will not have earned a single platinum trophy or made any significant trophy progress at all. Terraria came out with their 1.4 update for PC near mid-month. My sister and I have been playing it pretty much since it has come out and I have barely been on my console for the past 2 weeks. Still making minor progress in a free game I started called Clicker Heroes. Basically some free trophies (literally, the game is free) in a click based game made for PC like Cookie Clicker. Buy upgrades, get gold, get more heroes, buy more upgrades, lose it all when you ascend/transcend, but your next run is far faster than the last, keep going higher and higher in the zones, yada yada, boom unlock all trophies. It's pretty fun mathematically and will take well over 200 hours to complete. However those 200 hours are basically spread across 10-20 minute sessions every morning and evening then you gotta wait for the gold to rack up before you can buy more stuff (plays itself even while you're offline), so honestly it's not that bad at all. Check it when you wake up, check it when you go to bed, play whatever you want in between. Still though my progress has flat lined. Since this is my sisters last year in college (winter graduation!!) before she gets a job, I really wanted to spend some game time with her. Unfortunately, there's a high chance I might not get ANY progress done next month too (depending on how long we want to play Terraria!). And of course, we're both waiting for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered to be released as well (cross play for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, hell yes!) She can play on her Switch and I can play on my PS4 for those sweet sweet trophies in a game we both absolutely ADORED as kids on the Gamecube. Summer release, it says. I really really hope that still holds. Come on June. Give me some sort of news....
  15. I saw earlier today someone mentioned the "unwritten" rules of PSNP that seem to randomly get applied to some accounts and not other accounts, at least from my personal experience browsing around. There are the obvious, very clear "You crossed the line" cases that the team deals with every day. But there are also other cases which seem like some accounts pass but some do not, which can be confusing at times. If syncing should be judged, I think it should be on a case-by-case basis with a very specific time limit that's very clear and written for all users to understand before someone has to prove the legitimacy of their trophies. I'm also personally not a huge fan of "guilty until proven innocent". In that regard I guess someone could flag my entire game collection and I'd have to defend myself against every trophy in every game myself, even though I have literally not streamed a single game/recorded anything? Sounds stupid, but that's kinda the vibe I'm getting with that mentality. I guess you could use the PS4 photo mode as evidence, but even that is a setting you can turn off. Some people may actually prefer to turn the mode off that (don't care about memories, want to save space, etc) whatever it might be. But then what about older systems too? Guess you have to record your gameplay or take pictures? Hmm... But how would you have known that 7 years ago when you were playing those games? I personally feel that full transparency would be best for all people for the clear and definite rules here on what we should/should not do and in the cases where something might look fishy, what concrete evidence we need to bring to the table (if any) to resolve those disputes beforehand. I don't feel that people should be judged based on unwritten or "feel at the time" rules. I really don't like the idea of walking around on egg shells because I'm afraid if I do something that looks weird I might be removed for some arbitrary line I crossed I did not know even existed. Part of the reason I started Super Meat Boy on my account instead of playing it entirely offline without syncing was because I did not want to cross some invisible line and get penalized for it. Some people told me not worry about it, others told me to always sync trophies asap because you'll be found guilty until proven innocent. I don't have any streaming/recording software at my apartment, so I couldn't prove I got these trophies legit. Again, very confusing feedback when I asked initially; so I just decided to take the safe route and play it with syncing even though I'm 100% sure now I screwed up my chances at getting a 100% account out of fear of late syncs on a game I know I probably can't complete now. Oh well, I suppose. Just a personal gripe with not knowing how this system works concretely. A far fetched dream I suppose, to actually get Sony to care more about Trophies and boost their internal checking systems. Then again, I suppose they are running into the same problem: determining real, valid late syncs vs. trophies cheated in with late timestamps. If only the world was perfect and pure. Hah. Not in this world, not today at least.