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  1. @Gumby114 @Spinacheq Oh I most definitely would... if I had a PS3. Sadly I came to the PS scene late in 2019 and so I only have a PS4 and with PS3 digital going away it'll be harder for me to get those games down the line. Lego LOTR is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites and EASILY beats the Hobbit by a mile (Hobbit doesn't even have the 5 armies in it, ugh!) I've played both on Xbox years back and so I'm just swinging back around to them on PS to add to my trophy collection, except looks like I'll never be able to put LOTR on there. Booo. Tried to look it up on PS4 but I don't think they made a PS4 version which makes me really sad.
  2. @arsenal4life1471 100 hours? Pft. I wish it was 100 hours! LOL I got so burnt out it wasn't even funny. Would not recommend to anyone else, you'll be a crazy trophy hunter after you do one of those in your 1st tier hehe.
  3. Personally I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a huge graphical leap + potential for them to shake things up for the series going forward. In my opinion I think it need a little "shake up" or else the series might suffer pretty badly. Vesperia was the last one that I'd consider "really good". Berseria looks alright, Zesteria looks meh (not a "bad" game just not a "amazing" tales game). I got all 3 of those still sitting on my shelf, just haven't gotten around to them yet. Vesperia I've already played multiple times on Xbox so I'm not in a hurry to do it again. I'm really hoping Arise tops Vesperia for me but we'll see. Shame I won't get to play the PS3 ones though. Really wanted to do Xillia/Xillia-2 (never played it) and Symphonia/Symphonia 2 again (played both of those on Gamecube/Wii).
  4. Hey now, I don't mind me some Kemco. I've been slowly picking up their games whenever they go on sale. I don't mind me some easy, non-serious RPG games every once in awhile. Although I gotta say that the next "old schoolish" looking RPG I'm excited for is Sea of Stars which might come 2022-2023.
  5. Currently it has no effect on the ranking at all and is just a clean statistic to have if you want to go for that. As for the thread title, while there is nothing wrong with finishing your games, I think going for a "true" 100% is not worth it in any regard. I just got done going through this mentality myself and struggling very badly with wanting to have that "perfect" account. I found myself looking through every guide before I played a game, making DAMN sure I could "complete" everything, that there wasn't any unobtainables, that I didn't consider online AT ALL, etc. While it is certainly possible to do so, chances are you'll "cherry pick" games, look at every trophy list before you start a game, avoid online gaming all together, etc. Now I don't mean to lump everyone into one bucket (as many falsely do on this site). It is extremely possible to not like online gaming, not like any hard games at all, not want to challenge yourself (perfectly OK) and therefore most of the games you'll play are easy/not online so you won't have to deal with skill based trophies, server shutdowns or etc. In general though most people like some sort of challenge and the reality is that a lot of these games will have trophies that ask you to do something you might not be up for (long grinds, no-death playthroughs, speedruns, online multiplayer randomness probably requiring boosting, RNG based trophies, "luck" based trophies, etc). Even moreso the trap for most people (even the true diehard completionists) is DLC. It's perfectly possible to have an "easy" game that comes out with DLC later that either 1) forces you to buy a ton of extra stuff or 2) contains a really difficult trophy that you would not have known about when starting the game 4 months ago and now suddenly you're stuck with the mentality of "Well I guess I HAVE to force myself to do this to maintain my 100%". Overall if you want to go the completionist route, just try to complete as many games as you reasonably can and I think most people can EASILY maintain 90% or above. A lot of people just lack the dedication to do so (which again is perfectly fine) but to be honest it's not that difficult to maintain a high % completion AND enjoy tons of games (even if you don't fully 100% most of them).
  6. Other than MHW, I didn't have much of a successful last month (though I did end up playing Lego: Jurrasic World with my mom and we absolutely SMASHED through that game! Only got a little bit left to do before completing that one, but I'm not doing it by myself. Gotta look for another opportunity to go back over and complete this one). Most of this past month was spent reflecting on why I trophy hunt, making some decisions that will affect how I approach this hobby going forward and ultimately just taking a break last month in general. Now I've got that spark back and hoping to really kick things back into gear going forward. I'll be doing Outriders and probably seeing if I can play Lego: Hobbit this month. I eventually have to swing back to the games I have incomplete while balancing a couple events at the same time. Though since I'm not on the "official" list here, my progress will be dicey when it comes to this event. We'll see though.
  7. @freeman4200 Yeah platting a game get you some bonus points but not required by any means. Some of these plats are just BLEH and it would be far faster (at least point wise) to just move onto something else. It's there for the extra challenge tho. Congrats on #10! Woohoo! @lucky0ne16 Congrats on another completion dude. Just beware Concrete Genie needs VR iirc for the full plat + 100% if you were gonna go that route. Plat can be obtained without VR though. @Neptuos I see you got Unravel in your list. That game is absolutely wonderful and the trophies (no death ones) can be pretty challenging in some levels. Overall a nice and relaxing plat though.
  8. I thought you might enjoy this. It is seriously the purest thing I have ever seen. 😍


    Little girl helps Jesus to carry His Cross | Children praying, Jesus,  Childlike faith

    1. Sword


      What's even sweeter about this is knowing that the burden that it represents could not possibly be carried by one child, yet Christ would so willingly complete the Father's command for the sake of even the children who couldn't possibly lift a physical cross, let alone the burden of the entire wickedness of the world. 


      Thanks for sharing! 😊 I have no idea how I would react if I had a daughter that did that. I wouldn't be sure if I would cry or grin or laugh for joy. Probably all three. xD 



      Also PSNP is being mean and saying I have no more "likes" for the day so I'll make sure to give you a like whenever I can because that made me smile. 

    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I would aww and squee myself to death. lol

  9. Thanks for the thoughts you guys ( @Miles, @Joe Dubz, @ExistentialSolid ). I just bought the entire set of Isaac games (Main game + the 2 DLC) for a new adventure sometime soon™. I agree with you guys that even if the game ended up being hard at some points for me, that would be no excuse to not pass up an opportunity to play what I could (which, looks, so, much, fun!!) Though knowing that you can save scum to learn/practice or try out different combo builds/save your run before going for a trophy is a nice "sigh" of relief. Especially if you get insanely good RNG only to muck it up due to one silly mistake. Anything to make the experience more fun/relaxing is good for me! (though I suppose one might say it would be "unethical" but mehhh). _____________________________________________ @ExistentialSolid Good advice on the "do not put in UR event" until later. Didn't realize that the DLC demanded a full 100% until I looked at the trophy guide. That'll take awhile! Especially because I have already slated Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Got enough on the plate as is. Anyway sorry to "butt in" on your journal of platinum destruction, it's just with my recent interest in Isaac I went "ayyy!" when I was randomly browsing some of these trophy threads and so I decided to take a shot and ask about your thoughts. Thanks for the reply, it helped me get over my "fear" and just seal the deal, no matter if I ever complete it or not (that 1000000% though YIKES). Looking forward to seeing more updates on how you progress through the game. May the RNGesus bless you! 😇😂
  10. Now entering April with no sign of Lego: Skywalker Saga coming out anytime soon. My friend wanted to play Outriders, so I bought the pre-order and gonna be doing that for the foreseeable future so... gonna swap out Skywalker Saga (who knows the release date at this point) with Outriders. Outriders trophy list doesn't look that hard at all. Also in general haven't made much progress at all with my list. Like, literally 0% this whole month. Getting the Platinum in Monster Hunter World absolutely destroyed me and I basically took a week off of PS altogether + another week where I just played Crystal Chronicles matches for fun. Then I did a lot of reflection on why I trophy hunt and why I held onto my % completion so tightly. I've made some decisions and changed my thought process on trophy hunting and not caring so much anymore about what my profile looks like, so now I'm back to being more motivated than ever to explore all the games I've been neglecting due to fear. Hopefully I'll be able to include some of those on the next backlog challenge. Of course, this challenge demands some 100% mentality! So I'll return to this list first. Hopefully next time I'll have some progress to share. After Outriders I'll probably tackle Lego: Hobbit as it's one of my favorite Lego games. Of course, Star Wars still reigns supreme with Harry Potter close behind it. Haha. Color Code: Red = Game not started. Green = Game is in progress. Blue = Game completed to 100% + DLC. ☐ Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4) 0% ☐ Lego: The Hobbit (PS4) 0% ☐ Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga (PS4) 0% > Outriders (PS4) 0% ☐ Red Bow (PS4) 0% ☐ Just Ignore Them (PS4) 0% Swap 1/2
  11. I've been looking into playing Binding of Isaac. Originally I was gonna play Rogue Legacy for the Ultra Rare event but the more I look at Isaac the more I just wanna play it... to swap or not to swap... hmm. Looks like you're having a lot of fun with it though! Reallly makes me wanna try it too. I'm curious about this whole "rogue" thing and how difficult it actually is. Do you think someone like me (never played a rogue like in my life) would be able to find it manageable? Edit: Also thank you for sharing your videos. Your first one was extremely funny because I would totally do the same thing! "Oh what's this button do? Oh what's this?" You see all the time on YT people just blasting through the game and seeing someone completely new and how you tackled the game was really nice.
  12. @arsenal4life1471 Thanks for letting us know. It's really unfortunate, as I was actually really considering a PS3 to play some old Tales games. Now it seems like that's going to be a fruitless effort. I really don't wanna get physical copies of games and some games I was looking at were digital only, so ugh...
  13. This is very disappointing. I'm especially miffed at how this is supposed to "help" the PS4/PS5 players considering they have been very active in stripping out resources from the PS4 as it is and the PS5 is a jumbled mess of missing features/rearranged things to make it harder on its users to find what they want. Also I can't get the store to work half the time on my PS4 anyway (crashes, disconnects, freezes when I buy stuff). Unless they got something up their sleeve I just don't see the harm in leaving these recourses open for a few more years, at least until the PS5 has completely settled in and been around awhile.
  14. [SMB]


    After struggling with "The Real End" trophy in Super Meat Boy for weeks, I just went on the game and managed to nab "The Real End" trophy in less than an hour of playing, after having not even gotten past the first section of the first part of that level... well, ever.


    I just said "Okay, I'm going to practice this one little section until I get it right even if that's all I do tonight." Well, one section turned into two... then three... then suddenly I completed the first half of the level... and then next thing you know, I was jumping through the finish line. Usually when I play my hand shakes within the first 5 minutes. Tonight I had no hand shaking like I usually do through the entire level, not even thinking about the trophy until it actually popped and I went "Oh... OH!" It was weird because I was focused on mastering the level bit by bit instead of focusing on the trophy itself. 


    One step closer to "Golden God"! :)

  15. Honestly I just gotta say... thank you for hosting this event. What I'm about to write is more of a declaration of being finished trying to be a "completionist" and more a dedication to try new things: I've been doing a lot of back and forth about joining this event because I didn't wanna "screw up" my % completion by starting games that would either be too hard for me or that I'd get bored with and not come back too. In fact, whenever I looked at a game with an ultra rare I'd "nope" right out of there. To be honest, I've come to realize that hiding behind my obsession for my % completion has been preventing me from even trying some fantastic/different games out there just because they might be a little difficult or require some dedication above the normal. I've been feeling completely chained by my inability to let go of my % completion aspiration and to be quite honest I'm not having fun anymore trophy hunting by avoiding games just because they present some challenge. It's really been bugging me for months and really made me think hard about why I was holding onto my % completion so tightly. Some of you guys have insane skills and dedication. I might not be able to do those sorts of things, but I know that living in my shell of fear of losing my % completion is no way to continue. I someday hope to reach 100 ultra rare trophies, maybe even 1000 someday over the years, who knows. I started Super Meat Boy, but have been unable to complete it, which originally was super frustrating for me and I went through this phase of "it ruined my account"... but... I actually had fun with the game, even though it's been a pain in the butt! Sure, I don't think I'll be able to complete it but it has been the motivator I needed to let go and try new things. So I want to try to start small by committing to some games that I know I can complete while throwing in a few that I've wanted to try but have been too scared to attempt (but I still think are doable for me, we shall see). If I manage to pass even a single tier I'll try to start looking for slightly harder challenges, to try and break the chains of being so obsessed with my % completion. And if I can't complete something, well hey, at least I tried ya know? So here is my Tier 1 list based on what I think I can achieve as a starter: 1) Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster (NA/PS4) - 0.89% 2) Tales of Zestiria (NA/PS4) - 3.64% 3) Hyper Light Drifter - (NA/PS4) - 2.35% 4) Fall of Light (NA/PS4) - 3.56% 5) Rogue Legacy (NA/PS4) - 2.95% Rogue Legacy was recommended by @Mesopithecus and @dertswa687o. To some this may seem really easy. To me though, I've never played a rogue like in my life AND I suck at platformers (Super Meat Boy...) so it'll be challenging enough but looks like it's still very doable if I am persistent enough. I'd like to use it as a test to see if I even like the genre before trying the one I have been wanting to try for years: The Binding of Isaac. Hyper Light Drifter is much the same. It looks really cool and has some "no death" trophy and that 800 drift in a row challenge. Intimidating to me, but challenge accepted! Star Ocean 4 on the other hand has held a place in my heart for years and I have been unable to complete it to 100% after attempting it 3 times across different Xbox accounts. The farthest I've ever gotten is 80% battle trophies. I want to finally commit to completing it and placing it in my trophy collection forever. Not a "hard" game by any means, but it's been a thorn in my side that I want to squash. Cheers to the hunt and the cause of supporting a good cause! Hopefully I can still join this event. If not please ignore my ramblings and I'll join next year. (As an aside I'm going to get rid of the "Completionist" tag and change my stuff on that at some point because I wanna be rid of that way of thinking. I just wanna trophy hunt from now on without fear of meeting someone else's expectations: including my own. Gotta think of a new tagline and "About me" description now. Haha).