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  1. Genshin Impact does have an in-game achievement system, divided by various different sections. Each section has it's own %. Achievements will be stamped with the unlock date and award primogems (at least in the CBT. Might have been renamed to "Genesis Crystals" now, unsure yet) upon completion of each achievement. Completing a section awards you with a "banner" that you can slap on your profile for co-op purposes to show off to other people. Source (sped up to where this guy talks about it). Warning, extreme spoiler warning. I myself just skipped to the part about achievements but there's a lot of other stuff in this video from the CN open beta which started on Sept 15th: While the game does not require PS+ or anything like that, in all three of the previous beta tests the game required a consistent internet connection to play. Unsure if it's the same for final launch but based on past experiences, I'd wager to guess it will still require a consistent connection. This is mainly due to the gacha elements of the game and the events running in the background at all times, plus making sure that battle passes stay updated with the servers and that people aren't cheating the game (PC has anti cheating software attached to the game that runs in the background all the time, for example). Also things like synching in game achievements, validating purchases, etc, etc. The game basically runs like a single-player/4 player MMO. Edit: I actually looked up the FAQ and yes, it will require an internet connection to play. Source: Genshin Impact | PS4 FAQ under the "Will the PS4 Version of Genshin Impact be an offline game or an online game?" section. Most of us are reasonable trophy hunters. It's OK to feel a bit sad that your favorite game you've been looking forward too doesn't have a plat when you think it deserves one, yet still play the game. At least that's how I feel. The trophy side of me is a little sad, but that doesn't mean it will stop the waifu, exploring and fun the game offers. I think they can be two different things.
  2. I won't be starting it until Thursday (taking vaca days off for it) so don't worry you won't be the only one starting a bit later than everyone else. ! Praying to the RNGesus that I roll at least one of my waifus early on. Come on RNG. Work with me here!
  3. I've been looking for something to sink my teeth into for a long time (irrespective of trophies, hence why my dissapointment above is only short lived) for longevity gameplay and Genshin ticks so many of those boxes for me. Beautiful graphics, non-competative nature (explore, grow, learn on my own without pressure to be #1 or feel like I have to "catch up" to others), many different character and build options, grindy (I actually like a grind that's rewarding), dungeons to do, quests to do, in game achievements to do (something which will reward you for doing silly things like chests, quests, monsters). And they are promising more areas, quests, dungeons, even characters and skins. I have no problem giving money to this sort of thing if it pans out like I hope it will. (Please give us skins that would be icing on the cake ) Hoping it opens up the line for more types of games like this. Really don't mind gacha games if they are fair and f2p friendly. Cause then you're just paying to advance quicker, not necessarily paying to win. And like you I'm amazed at how this is bringing together people I never even thought liked "anime style" games. Seeing people discuss their fav characters and how they will work together in co-op has been fun to be a part of. A lot of my friends never got to play BoTW and the hype is unreal. Here's hoping the game actually turns out well and is good!
  4. I won't lie, I'm dissapointed there is no platinum trophy mainly because I'm still coming off of a sour experience of there being no platinum trophy in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Will I still play the game? Of course. Will I still enjoy the game? You bet. But from a trophy hunting perspective I'm absolutely gob-smacked that two games I had really been looking forward too this year both don't have platinum trophies. Almost makes me feel like they are arcade experiences (in terms of trophies) than actual complete games. Originally I was going to use Crystal Chronicles as my 50th, that fell through. Then I was like no big deal, just use Genshin as my 50th. Well now that won't happen either. I'm seriously getting a bit ticked off at these sorts of things. I wouldn't mind no-plats if it was some arcade game where you could look at it and go "Yeah, no plat is fine". But these sorts of games where you can spend 30+ hours in a NORMAL play through to do all the story, some side content, etc for no plat? Come on man. Then there's the actual trophy list itself. For how expansive the game is and how many different things there are to do in the game, I'm amazed at how low-thought out these trophies actually are. Hardest ones will be the weapon/character ascension ones because they require a lot of grinding. Character ascend 6 is level 90, which I believe is the highest level you can get too in the game (at least for this patch). Weapons I believe you need multiple pulls of the same weapon to get it ascended? Not entirely sure on that one or if it's just materials. Might just be materials. :thinking: I might just make getting 100% in game achievements a personal goal to get. Again it won't stop me from playing the game and getting all the trophies (plus playing the game after the trophies!). I just wish there was more to offer for the time put in. Oh well. Another very easy list to pull through in general. Also no constellation trophies. THAT would have made getting all the trophies ultra rare right there. Edit: It does leave room though for trophies to be added over time. Maybe trophies get added over time and the more "complete" trophies come near the end of the games life cycle? Always a possibility. I suppose I'll withhold total judgement until the game is "mostly" complete, which is quite a ways out yet! We're only getting 2 out of a planned 7 areas at game launch. I can totally see more in game achievements/landmarks/quests getting added over time, which miiiiiight mean more trophies and maybe that's why there's no plat.
  5. Hey Unknown, I'm actually going through this as well, though to a far lesser degree in my current mental state. When I joined PlayStation, I was coming off of about 7+ years of achievement hunting on Xbox. If you look at my PSN profile today, more than 70% of it is filled with easy games (over half of those I would never have actually played for anything other than trophies). Here's the thing though. I realized a couple weeks ago that I have the opportunity today to set myself up for who I want to be 5 years from now (in my "gaming" career as silly as that sounds). I'm 24 years old now, but there will come a day and time in the future where I won't be able to play video games at all anymore (at least not the types of games that I could be playing today). True, that day won't be coming anytime soon... but when I look back on all the progress I've made, I'd rather see countless experiences and 100%'s on games that truly made me happy rather than stacks and stacks of games I had absolutely no interest in at all. I don't want there to come a day where I look back and go "if only I had not been so focused on chasing this or that, and would have used my time towards these other games that now I will never get to play because I don't have the time/skill/patience/energy to do anymore, then I would be much happier than I am right now". There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing easy games or even chasing the leaderboards as you have done if you find total joy in how you're spending your time. One of my few great frustrations with this community continues to be the gatekeeping that various people seem to have with different people's profiles as though there is only one single "right way" to trophy hunt. More recently with the whole "Fall Guys" fiasco really made me step away from the community for how certain people treated other people who had legitimate concerns/stories about trying to earn the Infallable trophy. It's absolutely disgusting to see some of the responses/gatekeeping going on and I'm not going to stop championing the fact that there are many many different ways people enjoy this hobby. The thing is though, you're clearly tetter-tottering on the edge of total burn out and un-enjoyment, even with chasing the leaderboards/maintaining your position (which, is one of those very valid ways to trophy hunt). You could stop stacking all together today, right at this moment, and you'd still be farther in the rankings than 99% of us could ever be. Sure, you'd probably (almost guaranteed to) fall off the front page of the site and lose your top 10 ranking (eventually), but wherever you'd end up being would still be higher than a vast majority of us could be in a lifetime. As for myself, I'm going to stop buying games I have no interest in anymore. I'm not quitting video games all together, but from now on I'm going to buy games that interest me and that I like, regardless of what anyone else says. Easy, hard, quick, long, RPG, shooter, whatever it may be, it'll be my own journey. I'm going to turn my profile into something I can look back on and be happy with, regardless of what anyone else says. If someone disregards me for playing easy games, then so what? In your case you've played a lot of easy games and stacks of games trying to keep up. If you want to find fun in gaming again, you're either going to have to find a joy and happiness in stacking again or you're going to have to make a serious effort to step away from it. This may include dropping PlayStation all together for a little while and moving onto other platforms for a change. A simple suggestion I would have is: What is a game that you've wanted to play for awhile on PlayStation, but felt you couldn't because of maintaining your %/leaderboard/whatever? Start with a game like that. A game you REALLY want to play. That way you can earn trophies AND play something that brings you a lot of joy. I know how addicting chasing numbers can be and how hard it is to change those habits. Take gradual steps towards change if you really want it but also be ready for the reality that things will change if you do. In the end though it's up to you to decide what to do and I wish you the best in finding fun in gaming again. I've beaten an addiction to Halo, League of Legends and TERA to a point where I can't even think about them or go back to them because I know how addicting they can be. It's like alcohol in a way. Even a little dip back into the ol' swing of things can be dangerous. Sorry for the very long reply but it's just I relate a lot to stuff like this and I'm actively trying to break the addiction too. I got a lot of ezpz's left in my library so eventually I'll swing through all of them (cause I paid for them) but I'm not buying any more games that no longer interest me. It stops TODAY (well, stopped a couple weeks ago. It's worth it!)
  6. Trophies probably shouldn't be too far behind. Really hoping there's a platinum for this. I'm still burned by Crystal Chronicle's lack of a platinum in a game that took 40+ hours to finish (in a normal, non-speed run sitting). Plenty of creative and grindy opportunities for trophies in this game tbh. If there is any trophies that rely on the gacha system (like having X amount of characters at constellation 6 or something) then the rarity for this game will be lucrative to earn tbh. There's also a in-game achievement system as well. I wonder if any trophies will be tied to % earned there? This game could either be really simple to earn or really grindy/long to earn. Curious to see which direction they will go.
  7. I find it absolutely hilarious that at the end of the day people can put their pride and shame aside to do ezpz's to absolutely crush event scores. Goes to show you that when it boils down to it, really doesn't matter what kind of profile anyone has. Glad to see we can all band together for a common cause instead of ripping each other apart over ridiculous crap. At least for one day. @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko Absolutely crushing it out there, super impressed. Keep it up guys! I won't be participating sadly because I'm on full cleaning duty today and tomorrow in my apartment cause I'm no-lifing Genshin Impact later next week and don't wanna do ANY chores at all during that time but I'll cheer from the sidelines lol
  8. No you're not the only one that feels that way. On the flip side of the same coin, Final Fantasy should never be locked into turn based only games. I for one am looking forward to the development into the future since Final Fantasy 13. There's definitely a lot of people on both sides of the fence. I kind of take that happy little medium where I'll buy a Final Fantasy simply because it's a Final Fantasy. I really don't care if it's turn based or action. I've played a lot of both and am very used to both styles of gameplay. I won't skip a game simply because it doesn't have one particular mechanical style over the other. I actually run into this a lot with a lot of my friends. Refusal to buy games for different reasons. It's like people are trying to chase nostalgia their whole lives or aren't satisfied and have this childlike refusal to try anything new. I'm just more tired of seeing people think Final Fantasy MUST be turned based or else it's not even worthy of their time. Ah well. I'll platinum FF16 anyway and carry the flame for those that don't wanna move on, just like with FF7R. Lol.
  9. The only problem now I have with this game is that if there are any changes, it will be long after I've already been through the entire game and unlocked all the trophies. Ah well. Having fun helping randoms has been my new point of interest for a few days. Especially in Rebena te Ra and Conall Curach on cycle 1. Seeing the point of realization of players when I show them how to do all the puzzles and introducing them to Holy on the ghosts as a core mechanic is delightfully fun. I know I didn't enjoy those levels the first time through (especially because they are so lonnnng for new players). Fun game overall, though definitely not something I will replay over and over again. Whatever longing deep inside me from my childhood has been satisfied (with what we got) and I'm moving on now (sooo happy I got to be the Black Knight! Childhood complete).
  10. This is not a profile customization but I'd love to see more "oomph" put towards trophies which are ultra-rare/platinum being unlocked. One of the awesome things I loved about the Xbox One was that when you unlocked a rarer achievement below 10%, the visual feedback and sound effect was different from just any other "normal" achievement (and you got this cool diamond icon showing up too). It feels really disappointing to do some really hard trophy/pop a plat you've been working on for a long time and all you get is the exact same "pling" sound like any other trophy you've unlocked to get there... and I know, I know, a silly sound effect or different looking thing doesn't mean much. Exactly how trophies don't mean much either, hmm? It's the small things that count, even if they seem meaningless in the end, aye? I dunno, I just feel like there could be more improvements made all around. Some great ideas here like trophy tracker, using trophy icons as avatars, displaying trophies on our profile like a cabinet would be awesome. Something else I'd like is an actual "time spent in game" timer on games shown especially for something like PSNP to use. Because for example I played Dark Souls awhile back but I'm holding off on the plat until I can line up all the other Dark Souls games. Unfortunately on PSNP it will look like it took me months and months to finish the game when in reality I'm not even playing the game at all during that time and I've only maybe spent 20-30 hours in the game grabbing all the other trophies. Also if they could increase the character count on our profiles that'd be great too. Trying to fit all I want to say in like 300 characters is tough. (Idk what the limit actually is but I know it's really short).
  11. Yeah, I pulled out the ol' Nintendo DS and have been playing Rune Factory on it. Just doing something completely different for a change (farming/romance game instead of heavy RPG/leveling/grinding) has been a welcome change. And going to a game without any trophy or achievement system at all is a very nice break before Genshin comes out next week. Thanks for the well wishes as well. Things have settled down a lot so I'm getting into the swing of things at work again.
  12. I suppose eventually I'll have to stop lurking this thread and actually post a pyramid but it's fun watching non-hardcore trophy hunters go at it. I love it.
  13. Super Meat Boy will forever be the biggest gate between me and my 100% completion account. I flip-flop back and forth on regretting ever starting it and also realizing that every time I earn a trophy I'm pushing the limit of dedication required to do something that ridiculous. That and someday ACTUALLY going back and finishing Skyrim & Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Two very good games, it's just other stuff keeps catching my interest first. Ugh!
  14. Friends, Wasn't going to make yet another post so quickly, but honestly I'm constantly amazed how nice this community can be if you come in contact with the right people. I'm blown away with all the well-wishes and such, despite the situation I posted on the last page of this thread. My goodness you guys are awesome and from the bottom of my heart I'm thankful for it! Anyway, the other reason I wanted to make this was to share my absolute joy in obtaining something last night... TL;DR: I only obtained 1 trophy for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (beating the hardest dungeon in the game) but it's the reward from that dungeon I wanted to share... the Black Knight Skin! Full Story Behind this character skin: The first time I played Crystal Chronicles was on the Gamecube nearly 12 years ago. As a kid I ALWAYS wanted to be the Black Knight, but unfortunately in the original Crystal Chronicles game you didn't have very many options to choose from when deciding the look of your character beyond the base skins the game gives you. In the remaster however, they added this "mimic" system where you can earn different crystals representing characters memories which allow you to mimic the look of different characters from the game. Sure enough, Black Knight was one of them... AND one of the hardest to earn: requiring you to beat the game first (to unlock the hard mode post game dungeons), AND you had to beat the hardest post-game dungeon to unlock him. His character design, model and voice actor is S tier in this game. In fact it's objectively one of the best skins in the game (even the community agrees). Let me tell you, all the pain I went through to obtain it was worth it the moment I got to see it for the first time and swing my lance around. I usually play dungeons only with my sister but this specific dungeon would have made her tear her hair out. It's difficult, extremely annoying and LONG. It took me over 2 hours to beat it... though maybe that's because of my impatience, I decided to tackle the dungeon with sub-optimal gear and stats, barely scraping by with what I had. But I did it! I did it! I couldn't contain myself and I immediately jumped into a multiplayer dungeon match. The attention the skin gets is insane and I feel AWESOME having gone all the way to the end of the game to earn it. For the rest of the time I play Crystal Chronicles, I don't care how it plays out. I got the skin I've wanted for over 12 years since I first touched this game and I am satisfied beyond belief! My character may not have gotten any stronger but the grin on my face certainly has! Color Code: Red = Game not started. Green = Game is in progress. Blue = Game completed to 100% + DLC. ☐ Unravel (PS4) 2% ☐ Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition (PS4) 0% ☐ Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (PS4) 57% >66% (7/9 trophies) ☐ Asdivine Dios (PS4) 0% ☐ Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS4) 0% ☐ Genshin Impact (PS4) 0%
  15. Only coming to Nintendo Switch? Hard pass from me, I'm not buying another console. I'd be shocked if it doesn't come to PS5 eventually. I was really looking forward to another Disgaea title for the new generation. Hope they re-think that. Not too sold on the 3d character models though. Loved the sprite look of the other games. Brought a sort of rustic charm to the whole thing. Guess we'll see how it looks in game though. Maybe not too bad. Also max level of 99 million and over 1 quadrillion damage cap now... lol.