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  1. 2nd one was such a great game, totally recommend it myself. Improves from the first game in a few areas too. Charming graphics as well. I'm still waiting for the first game to go on sale to buy it.
  2. Ah, unfortunately MHW falls under the "Multiplayer" realm for me. I used to be extremely addicted to multiplayer games and now I have been avoiding them, as they present a gateway of temptation to fall back into old habits. Though is certainly looks fun and I'd play it if we were talking to a younger version of me. Haha. Stuff like FF14, MHW, or pretty much any multiplayer game is off the table for me unless I can earn the 100% offline (like Dark Souls which has online elements to it but all trophies can be earned/farmed offline).
  3. Nice to see some people have met their goals or getting close to completing their goals. Well, this month has been exclusively Disgaea 5 for me pretty much. My sister came over to my apartment to hang out cause she really needed it that day and I had Unravel in my backlog. She saw it in my library and wanted to play it cause she thought it looked cute so I let her start the game. Will have to go back to complete it before years end but it looks pretty easy. Or maybe she'll complete it for me when she comes over again. Now, Disgaea. Oh boy. I'm hooked and want to buy all the games from this series. This game has pretty much everything I'd ever want in a video game: Obscene leveling, funny story with serious elements to it that doesn't take itself too serious (but also isn't childish either), an entire cast of likable characters (ultra rare for me to love every member of a cast!), crazy grinding (100+ hours of fun, level 9999, reincarnation, oh my!) and power (millions and millions of stat points!!!), tons of stuff to do like base building, weapon upgrading, moving weapon powers around to create crazy setups, creating custom characters for your party, etc, etc. I'm 50 hours in and haven't even finished 2/3rds of the story yet... and the REAL game starts after post-game! I LOVE games that have a deep end-game. I'm SO sick and tired of games where there's nothing to do after you finish the story. With Disgaea, it's like "Oh, you finished the story? Great! You finished the tutorial, now the REAL fun begins!" I could go on and on, but needless to say I have my eyes on Disgaea 4 Complete+ and Disgaea 1 Complete for whenever they go on sale. It'll be an INSTANT buy for me, absolutely NO question about it. Rarely do series hook me like Disgaea has to the point where I'd buy every game in the series in an instant. 10/10 happiness this month and I'm just over the moon with how satisfied I've been in my gaming, regardless of the fact it's taking me so long to earn these trophies. Now... after Disgaea I'm finally going to swoop back and complete these games like Skyrim and Star Ocean that have been sitting there waiting since this event first opened up. Hopefully in 3-4 months, my % completion will be a very nice 95% or more. As I had mentioned previously, I will no longer be able to get 100% based on Super Meat Boy + Dark Souls (I'm not platting the ones I started due to the release of Demon's Soul's on PS5. Going to do a "plat rain" on the series and get them all on the same day). But I still hope to perhaps get 98% or 99%.
  4. Super Meat Boy is one hell of a game to beat. I'm in the same position where by the end of the year, it's probably going to be the only game I have incomplete on my profile. You're much, much farther into it than I am and I think that speaks volumes about your ability. I still can't even beat Cotton Alley 20 in the par time to unlock 20x, so the platinum is literally impossible for me right now. I thought about shareplay too but in the end... the journey of getting those ultra rare trophies will probably last a lifetime, no? I do have days where I go "man I wish I could have 100%" but honestly, a true 100% account would never play games again... cause once you play a game your % completion is 99% again. I know, I know. That's a scapegoat mentality I have to admit I'm just not skilled enough for Super Meat Boy. But it does ring truth to it. A vast majority of your time, accounts are 99.xx% or lower cause you're always cycling through games. I do hope you eventually reach that 100% completion though. It's gonna be one hell of an achievement. I'll probably stick to 99% myself, cause my confidence in beating Zombie Boy, Girl Boy much less Impossible Boy is about 0.1% atm. So. Damn. Hard.
  5. Well I bought yet another 10 games. Still waiting on Final Fantasy 15 Royal to go on sale as well as any more Disgaea games but this will hold me over till then for sure. Backlog keeps growing bigger....
  6. Oh man, I'm so over TLOU2 drama and ready for Cyberpunk 2077 already. Your best votes are with your wallet. Don't like something? Don't buy it. Like it? Buy it. Not sure? Do research and see if you might like it or not. Revolutionary concepts, really. It's like a bunch of kids out there I swear. I've fallen into the middle ground of giving the game a 7-8 out of 10. Seems to be a happy little crowd in this area where we can love the game for certain aspects and hate it for others but at the end of the day we get along.
  7. It's awesome because this tells me the game is still in active development and they are not going to push out a half-baked product. It's alright, plenty of games to play in the meantime. By the time it releases, we should be months into PS5 probably so hey, I'll just play it on my PS5. This works out great.
  8. I would say that for me, I spent the most time wrapped up in stories and the lore from game series that I absolutely adore: Dragons Dogma, Star Ocean, Tales of, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun, Mario and Luigi RPGs, Paper Mario, etc. These are games where I absolutely do not do cut-scene skips, dialogue skips, I listen to every word spoken, I read every piece of text. For me, it just enhances the immersion 10x fold. I'd argue that games can tell some pretty good stories, just like movies and books can. But as with all books and all movies, not every game, book, or movie tells a good story. I think narrative focused games have to really immerse me into them within the first 30 minutes or else I'll just start fast reading. I've never, EVER, EVER done this "skip all dialogue" crap to speed to the end of the game. However, if I'm not enjoying the narrative, I'll start to read faster and purposely start to skip as many non-mandatory cut-scenes and triggers as possible to skip side content that's not necessary. I'll still read all the necessary stuff, listen to the voice actors and stuff, but won't immerse myself as much as other games. Gameplay focused games are also the same way. It depends on the amount of fun I'm having with the games systems. If I find a game to be really enjoyable, I have this thing where I will purposely skip systems to make it harder on myself and reward myself at the end of the game. Example? Take Tales of Vesperia (well, it's in my backlog at the moment for PS4 but I've played it multiple times on Xbox). I absolutely ADORE the Tales series. In Vesperia, I handicapped myself by using the same starter artes, weapon skills and other such things for all my characters throughout the ENTIRE game. Also, I had costumes unlocked, but I forced myself to wear the basic default costumes through the whole game. Once I beat the game, I "unlocked" these systems and finally let myself use other skills, wear whatever I want, etc. It's so much fun to play with your own rules cause you're having so much fun with the game, mixing up the mechanics and gameplay rewards is a treat. On the other hand... if I am not having fun with the mechanics at all, I'll look for guides, glitches, exploits, cheats, tips and tricks, or ultra grinding spots just to speed up the game as much as possible. I have absolutely no problem skipping all the difficulty in a game if I'm not having fun with it. If I can play on easy? I'll play on easy. If there's an OP class? You bet I'm playing as that class. Overall I'd say I play in darker rooms, usually with a drink next to me, on my couch with comfy pillows and blankets on standby. As a final foot note, I'd say there's a third element to all of this: Trophy Hunting. If not for trophies, I would not be on PS at all. I'd have to say over 50% of the games I play, I play for trophies alone these days. Which is kind of fun because it introduces me to so many new series, games and genres I would not have touched if not for trophies. At the end of the day it's 100% about the trophies for me. The rare game that goes beyond "just playing for the trophies" is one I treasure in my collection for all time, cause it takes something REALLY special in a game to rise above just being another number in my list. Example: Disgaea is a game series I had never heard of before. Picked up Disgaea 5 on sale after looking at the trophy list. Absolutely loving every moment of the game and it's a 10/10 for me so far based on what I love in games. Without trophies, I'd never have looked at Disgaea ever.
  9. Yeah, I didn't see or hear of any leaks before the game came out (though I knew about the leaks). After the game came out, I watched a few streams and made my own independent choice on what I saw. Won't be playing it myself unless it's like $5 someday or something cheap, but it's not a 0/10 game either. More 7-8ish out of 10. Go experience it for yourself I'd say and see how you like it.
  10. Ending spoilers. Aside from this, the game play looks rather dull. It's not bad by any means, but I've already seen some clips of streamers doing some funny things with the AI and it really doesn't look that much in depth. I would argue that the game is not that bad, but it's definitely not an 8, 9 or 10 either. I haven't played The Last of Us or the Last of Us 2, but based on what little I know about the characters and how their relationships formed, experiences grew and trials they've had to endure, the story in TLOU2 is not exceptional and I think people saying that it is are just like the people who blindly hate on the game. When you take an objective stance on the game and really mull it over in your head of how the events played out, how the characters interact with the world around them and how certain characters die (or, perhaps, not), I think it's disappointing at best. That's not to say I won't buy the game on the extreme clearance isle just for the trophies, but that's all it would be. Knowing what I know, the journey is not worth the reward, so to speak.
  11. If you are looking for something completely different, check out Cat Quest or Cat Quest 2. These are short, fun, quirky, hilarious RPG's with a ton of puns in them that don't take too long and everything in these games can be cleaned up post-game if you want. I also love the art style in them personally and found them to be extremely fun to play. Not too difficult at all as well, which is a bonus. Other than that I can completely vouch for Dragon's Dogma, especially the Dark Arisen version of the game. But I am totally bias towards the game, given that I've bought the game four times on three different systems now. It's currently in my ps4 backlog, waiting to finish up some other stuff so I can completely enjoy it slowly again. It is in the top 3 of my favorite RPG's of all time. It's a rare gem but it takes a certain mindset to play the game I feel, cause there are... obvious flaws. But it's one of those flawed gems that somehow is still so completely addicting and beautiful even in a flawed state. There's even speculation that a second Dragons Dogma might be in the works...
  12. Evan's Remains is such a cute little game. Love the art style for it. It's in my ever long list of "to do" but I hope I get around to it someday. Nice to see others playing it too. Don't know about the story though. Hope it's not too depressing.
  13. I spy Bloodborne in the backlog. I'd highly recommend it, takes awhile to get into but by the end... oh boy I couldn't put the game down till it was 100%'d. Though it's not exactly an easy game so, maybe play it after a string of easy games or something.
  14. Mini rant incoming. Brace yourself! I'm another one of those people that have never played TLOU, Uncharted or even Borderlands for that matter. I'll just be straight up, I'm not a fan of MP trophies in the slightest. I've bypassed several games I've wanted to play because of MP trophies (Some SAO games, Monster Hunter World, FF14, etc). For personal reasons I'm just trying to stick to SP games as much as I can from now on and it's a devotion to that goal that I'll skip almost every MP game in existence. Also because I care about my % completion way too much to screw it up too much by risking MP servers going down. I'm OK not having 100% if there's a POSSIBILITY that I could go back and finish something, but to have a server shut down and give the middle finger to something I'm working so hard for over the next few years with NO chance to remedy it if I wanted? Yeah, not a fan. I'm much more comfortable playing a MP game at launch than 7 years or so into the release, cause then many many more people are online so the boosting/trophy hunter scene will be extremely high. I'm also not a fan of post-apocalyptic/zombie stories either. I think a LONG time ago I saw the first 30 minutes or so of TLOU in a Stream and it I just went "oh ok". Now, this doesn't mean the game is bad by any means or something of the sort. I'd just much much much rather spend my time playing a Tales, Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, JRPG/RPG with swords and anime than something like TLOU. Which is OK. I wouldn't force someone who didn't like JRPGs to sit down and plat/play through a 60 hour long game + 120 hours of grinding just cause I loved it. No way! We all got different tastes. I just shake my head at certain people who will go "Wow you're missing out sooo much by not playing TLOU. What kinda person are you?" Well, you're missing out on some amazing Tales games, what kinda person are you? Okay, moving on.... However, TLOU is one of those games that I would actually legitimately pick up just for the trophies if it was all single player driven (at least with the trophies). I play a LOT of games "just for the trophies". If I had to guess I'd say around 50% or more of my games are just trophy based these days. I've kinda grown out of games just for the sake of games. I play for the hunt now and occasionally find a rare gem that goes into my "I'd play this even if it didn't have trophies" list. Dragons Dogma, Star Ocean, Tales and Final Fantasy are examples those types of games for me. I suppose I would play TLOU if I had someone to basically strap me on their back and carry me completely through all the MP crap. Then I'd give TLOU a go. Now as for TLOU2... I'm not going to get it at launch because I'm waiting to see what the inevitable DLC will bring to the table. If it turns out to be all single player based trophies then I'll definitely be buying TLOU2 down the road. Without starting a flame war though, I wouldn't be buying TLOU2 for the story. Let's just say there are certain things I disagree with and don't need "woke culture" to "enlighten" me or change my mind on how I view certain aspects of the world. Not going to happen.
  15. I would just YouTube a speedrun of the game. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you: not wanting to play the first one because of MP trophies. Not a fan of zombie games anyway, been done to death. I'd nab the first one but MP + DLC MP is a huge turn off. Gonna wait for years for the 2nd one. If it has MP trophies in its inevitable DLC's I'll just watch a speedrun of this one too.