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  1. Made it to the last level of the Kid Warp zone last night only to encounter this ridiculous strange bug that seems to be random. The top layer of spikes randomly becomes disjointed and the bottom set of spikes completely vanishes. Then it will go back to normal when I die and randomly happen again. I can't tell what triggers this bug.


    I know the level can be beaten, because people have the trophy, but has anyone seen this glitch before and do you know if its a graphical glitch (spikes can be jumped over normally) or should I just immediately die and try again if I see it? I'm at a point where I can start to get up to the last row consistently but this glitch is tripping me up cause I have no idea if I can jump over it or not.


    Left my playstation on all night cause I'll be dammed if I have to restart but if this glitch prevents me from getting through I'm going to be pissed.


    1. Bodyodorthegrave69


      I can't really help you with your predicament but I want you to succeed friend. Don't give up! :)

    2. Sword


      It's all good now! Managed to get the level done a few hours after I got home. Very happy with the trophy, it's now my rarest one on my profile so that's fun. :D

    3. Bodyodorthegrave69


       Oh grats on The Kid :)