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  1. Oh, but there's lot of people that have the trophies appearing, even a friend of mine, but you might be right, I'll check again on the 31st Edit: Ok, there must've been a bug or something, I just got a second trophy and both the first and this one have appeared here already.
  2. I saw it says "Missing timestamp" In my first trophy of this game, but why tho?
  3. Nope, the hidden trophies are PS3 ones I hid myself, but I'll check anyway Edit: I checked and it doesn't seem to be a part of the problem
  4. I already did and it's the same.
  5. I got Arsène and in my profile it says I have a trophy for the game, but if you enter the trophy tag or see my lastest trophies it doesn't appear anywhere, why could it be?