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  1. Watch speedrun strats if u gonna stuck somewhere. Those can be very helpful (u can skip a lot of fights in Pittsburgh for example).
  2. It's working for me too.
  3. Whole game list tab is a mess. Games u delete from trophy list don't disappear (You can start a game by accident and it will stay there forever). I have also share factory there which is not even a game.
  4. @mekkor, it should work because dlcs aren't compatible with version 1.00 but I'm not able to check if u later download the patch (after 1st race on ver.1.0) the game will start in the menus not in bike race.
  5. Lance_87 is right, there is no way to delete any DriveClubs DLC but I still manage to skip the bike race. What u need is physical copy of the game and the profile which contain the dlcs can't be the one you'll be playing on. Then u need to deactivate the account which have the dlcs, logout, log in on account u want to play, finish the car race and after that u can activate the account with the dlcs and you won't be forced to play the bike race after starting the game.
  6. Fact that there is no option to delete dlc on ps4 is ridiculous. I did some reasearch and this looks similar to deleting call of duty's dlc. I just need external hdd to kinda trick the console that this game was never installed on internal drive (RIDICULOUS!). Will see in a few days.
  7. Hi, I borrowed PS4 from my brother for a few months, created new account and I want to do 100% in few PS4 games (Horizon, TLOU, GOW, and DC). Just finished Horizon (amazing game). I wanted to start Driveclub but there is bikes DLC installed so I can't skip the first race and don't pop the trophy (he didn't buy dlcs for driveclub bikes so I can't make 100% in it). Is there any way to get rid of this dlc?