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  1. 2 & 4 (like picking between Godfather 1&2) 3 golden abyss 1
  2. The dude above me is nuts trophy wise. Don’t Think he needs my advice. Maybe just wrap up some just cause. Like SOM or BO3 GTA4/5 otherwise nothing really Only thing I’ll add is with like 300+ plats how come not one game under 1%? all show and no Go Yes. Fuck us all. I know. That’s what I said. Thank you for the sign
  3. I still refuse to pick a game from a list that does not include TLOU...
  4. It popped late. Like a good 10 min late
  5. Mine just glitched as well. 100% all maps no trophy no platinum i had the game bug out and was in pre render mode. No images just blocky 1980’s retro cubes. Most glitchy game I have ever played
  6. It should not be having frame rate issues and all the buggy stuff. I would literally get nausea on some areas w the map. I want to love it I just don’t
  7. They tried to say its like Unchartered...bullshit!....the amount of missed jumps, glitching/freezing. When it works it’s fine and lot of fun but overall a let down
  8. But this game is not as fun as it could be with the back and forth. Half the time I’m playing I can’t even tell where I need to go with the map. Post game very frustrating process for sure. The map sucks. As case of doing to much
  9. Modern Warfare
  10. Whoo hoo nice
  11. It’s always the same beef with this game. Either gotta luck out with a glitch or it’d pointless
  12. I can not pick from a list that has the TLOU unfinished...
  13. I've stopped about 20 cars now and no tropy....Also completed all side missions and same thing. Anyone know of a work around? Def dont want to play 2/3 of the game for one trophy