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  1. The orange box Drop the 🎤
  2. Agree on Santa Barbara section as well as the Abby parts. The whole time it felt forced. Making us play as her as long as possible to have some kind of sympathy for her. Regardless it was epic. I absolutely loved it. Obv Joel dying early on was F’d up. They tried to go all walking dead with it. Part 1 and 2 are the only games in my life where I watched every cut scene. story wise, gameplay wise this is amazing. it’s kinda why I always loved Casablanca Rick doesn’t get the girl. He cool guys it. There’s a sad irony to it all. Great game. Will retire the PS4 with this one. Sure having a dykey main character with Arnold arms and killing an awesome main character didn’t sit well but Ellie’s story still epic. I loved the part where she actually confronted him about it. as always be safe guys and gals and enjoy a fantastic game
  3. Homeboy doesn’t need me help. He’s kicking ass flawless My*
  4. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 funny enough this was the longest backlogged platinum I’ve ever got. 4+ years
  5. This is honestly the longest game I had to platinum. 4+ years i didn’t delete it off my vita but I’ll pop in here and there while dropping a deuce. you putos stay safe and healthy out there and remember WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS RELIGIOUSLY!!!
  6. Is done, I’m Going to take the classy approach and say: be safe out there putos. And clip those nasty filthy ass nails. Wash hands and face regularly and stop with the gross hygiene
  7. The last of us
  8. This game has a glitch?
  9. Uncharted Remastered: 250 head shots
  10. 2 & 4 (like picking between Godfather 1&2) 3 golden abyss 1
  11. The dude above me is nuts trophy wise. Don’t Think he needs my advice. Maybe just wrap up some just cause. Like SOM or BO3 GTA4/5 otherwise nothing really Only thing I’ll add is with like 300+ plats how come not one game under 1%? all show and no Go Yes. Fuck us all. I know. That’s what I said. Thank you for the sign
  12. I still refuse to pick a game from a list that does not include TLOU...
  13. It popped late. Like a good 10 min late
  14. Mine just glitched as well. 100% all maps no trophy no platinum i had the game bug out and was in pre render mode. No images just blocky 1980’s retro cubes. Most glitchy game I have ever played
  15. It should not be having frame rate issues and all the buggy stuff. I would literally get nausea on some areas w the map. I want to love it I just don’t