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  1. Yes ! 😭. At the end of level?
  2. Hello I got all the minikits from the confrontation level in the senate but there is one that is not validated "just passing through" and when I try to take it I only get pennies πŸ˜…. The detector shows me a minikit also right on the roof above sidious when there is none here! Did this happen to anyone? Thx
  3. Hello I have a big problem with this trophy. I tried everything: Caught the enemies with vador with triangle ( more than 200 enemies and nothing) Sith fury x + edge in the factory tie over 150 times and nothing too. I tried without the update, offline, with the update, deleting the data And still nothing I despair πŸ˜… so if anyone has an idea! Sry for my english i'm fr Thx Γ‰dit : I succeeded but I don't know how