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  1. I'm not a big fan of difficulty trophies in general but I'll do a few playthroughs of this game at least. Almost finished with my first normal one where I just play for fun while keeping just a couple of trophies in mind My second one will probably be joining the board and getting all the kill/quest trophies I have yet not gotten, which means replaying a fairly significant portion of the early game to get both "Mightier than the Sword" and "Ludwig was Right" but I'll deal with that. this will also be my dumb playthrough so I can pick up the Sunburn trophy. Third one will be for Supernova which will be a fast run. Not exactly a speedrun since I don't really care for those but more like I just want to get that playthrough over with. Final one will be a kill everything run where I do just that, try to kill everyone and everything. This will be done later if I have the energy for it and when I just wanna play the game for fun.
  2. for me it took a while for it to pop, I did it while also doing the Destroyer of Worlds trophy that tasks you with having 3 full negative reputations. I tried getting Jack of all Trades at first but it didn't pop then when I was at Groundbreaker and had almost killed everyone I saw a lone worker panicking in the corner. I snuck up and killed them in slow-mo with a crit with the science hammer and the trophy popped. My theory is this,if you kill someone from a faction where you don't have substantial negative reputation it won't count as you killing an enemy in regards to the trophy, regardless of it saying "enemy killed" when awarding exp. My guess is that the higher your rep is the higher your negative rep has to be before they count as enemies. Essentially if they don't start out as aggressive against you then they don't count as enemies for the sake of the trophy. Again this is just speculation, it could also be that doing what the trophy requires is a bit finicky.
  3. I honestly think I will try that first. Thanks either way, this has been driving me crazy for months, maybe now I can actually fix it.
  4. So I need to connect it directly to the router? I guess I am out shopping for a network cable. Also thanks for the tips.
  5. So I checked my NAT connection and it looks like I have NAT3, again I have no idea if this is good or bad.
  6. Thanks everyone for the tips, I'll play for a bit more and see if I notice anything. I just get worried when I literally see no events at all.
  7. Do I need to add more friends who play the game? I know I need to find three different community events and I find them vie my friends somehow. I have a few who have AC4 but it seems the game doesn't count them? I say that because when I go to statistics I can't compare my statistics with any friends at all.Basically the trophy is confusing me and I don't know what I need to do to make the community events show up at all. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks, I will try this!
  9. So ok anything I need to be on the lookout for when it comes to router settings? Also how do I check NAT levels, sorry if this just became a costumer service call.
  10. This happens a lot, if I try and join public games then there is no problem but as soon as I try and join one of my friends games or invite them over for a game then nothing works at all. I honestly have no idea what could be wrong. I am a plus member and my internet at home is working fine, as I said it is only when I try to play a private game and only on the PS4. So far I have tried: Crash team racing Conan exiles Watchdogs 2 I don't know why it does this, again I can play with friends fine if we happen to be in the same game but I can't invite them. is this a known problem? EDIT: My NAT connection is NAT3 I have no idea if that is good or bad when related to my case or what I should have or if I can change it.