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  1. Ugh. Last trophy to get, it's not fun.
  2. If I'm thinking of the right orders, what you need is in your private locker.
  3. Double post. Sorry
  4. The First Prepper is so frustrating. I've read the emails, I've slept in the private room, I cannot get another delivery for him from anywhere. *Of course as soon as I posted this I found an order at Mountain Knot city. Never fails.
  5. Gotta be Godzilla. What a disappointment.
  6. I'd completely forgotten about til last week. Grabbed it, because Star Wars. If it's as good as Jedi Outcast or Academy I'll be happy. Just glad there's a single player SW game releasing again.
  7. Can you finish the story on easy and switch the difficulty to hard after to complete the premium deliveries?
  8. Fair enough. 2K17 and 2K18 preludes were around for ages. Oh well. Don't see why you had to answer my question like that but thanks for the help.
  9. Has this been removed from the PSN store? I cannot find any of the preludes. Only the 2K20 demo.