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  1. I’m about to start this game I’m wondering is there in game tracking as I know it is a serious grind! Any info for starting the game would be greatly appreciated
  2. It cannot be done even with the bomb da base glitch that quick. Average Earnings: $1 600 000 - $1 700 000/75 mins From Rank 0 to 10: 4 - 5 hours for each player
  3. Best of luck!
  4. Currently Triple XP for anyone going for Level 50 for May the 4th all day
  5. Double XP is activated every Wednesday for XP help
  6. Thanks for the tip these are the last trophies I need for this platinum!
  7. Thanks for the heads up! How you finding the base game?
  8. Double XP is on until 27th of March and the weekend of the 27th there is triple XP just a heads up to anyone still needing XP
  9. How did you solve the region problem?
  10. Make sure the player is moving or even just running into the building before it collapses
  11. Thank you.
  12. If you have the DLC for the exotic cars does the other person you are racing against need to have the DLC or not?:)
  13. Couldn't agree more. Message them repeatedly for the last few weeks since 007 Legends went down on twitter and facebook got ignored on both fronts.
  14. Thank you
  15. Thinking of starting this one? Any tips for a first timer? How difficult is the game?