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  1. Appreciate the help!
  2. looking to buy a copy of this any links would be helpful at a decent price!
  3. I would be the same as you I got the platinum and wouldn’t be happy accepting this source just checking to see if anyone heard anything else to help verify this
  4. That’s the one 👍
  5. This image has been posted around a few PlayStation groups I am in and seems to be the real deal. Panic to complete this game may be over. It won’t let me insert the image but it’s a reply from WB support saying leaderboards will not affect the trophies at all. Update: Panic was warranted. Pro-tip: Don't believe anything first level support ever tells you.
  6. Do you have buy each pack for all the DLC trophies. I can only see 4 packs available on PSN Store so wondering what I need to get the 100%. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. If I buy premium for a USA account can I use the DLC on other accounts on my PS3? Looking at buying it on a Kinguin (,DESC ) As it is cheaper than my store but want to be able to use it on my main account will it work? Any help would be great.
  8. Is there many missable trophies just grabbed the game any advice on how to start off?
  9. Have played it for a few good hours no issues yet now. If you need anyone to help or want to message me privately be glad to help. There was a new update yesterday I think so hopefully that might help. I have had issues with the rogue wins as the character Scorch is doesn't count towards it for some reason.
  10. Is this game still active ?
  11. Normally just double on Wednesdays unless they changed it hopefully they did🙌
  12. Just giving a heads up to those looking to increase their rank quickly on the co-op you can fly up the ranks with triple xp!
  13. I’m about to start this game I’m wondering is there in game tracking as I know it is a serious grind! Any info for starting the game would be greatly appreciated
  14. It cannot be done even with the bomb da base glitch that quick. Average Earnings: $1 600 000 - $1 700 000/75 mins From Rank 0 to 10: 4 - 5 hours for each player
  15. Best of luck!