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  1. you can add me im working on them. try setting up a session on this site rather than posting in the forums to find gamers
  2. Looking at the gameplay seems like it is going to be an amazing game!
  3. Has anyone tried this one tempted to order this? Will it turbo the X button (A) on the PS3?
  4. Yes indeed and time to finish up the left over ps3 games
  5. Well with big games like uncharted and the last of us shutting down surely the other smaller games will follow just makes sense? Even the GTA IV servers were changed as a company went bust just have to prepare for the worst unfortunately! Hopefully nothing will get shut down just preparing in case!
  6. Looking for games with online on the PS3 that only require 2 PS3's to boost. My friend and I are trying to mop up a few PS3 games before the servers go offline with the fast approaching launch of PS5. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  7. Thanks for the help guys
  8. My disk has stopped working and Im about 50% in on the GTA IV game. If I switch to the digital will my online and offline data remain the same and still work okay?