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  1. Mine is also not tracking so I’m just hoping for another patch but think this one isn’t going to be fixed😔
  2. I had mine pop 1 trophy and none of the rest so feel your pain. The trophies on the ps4 were glitchy enough as it was. Not sure if I should start the grind again or what to do.
  3. Servers are still working perfect @Romain_du_83
  4. Anyone know the best way to boost XP currently Im on 186,000 and 3 guns left and wondering how to boost up to hit level 20 as fast as possible currently.
  5. I did the glitch already was easy enough done with help. If you need any help when you do go for it feel free to message.
  6. I’m like 18 or 19 now I think so not far to go.
  7. Thanks will try that see how it goes😊
  8. Nearly done the gun challenges and still have a good bit of XP to go. Wondering can anyone help me on what is the best way to gain XP fast in the game. Any help would be appreciated 👍
  9. Having the same issue myself cannot get logged in hopefully it is fixed soon!
  10. Thanks for understanding. I just wanted some sources as mixed messages on here. Didn’t mean to sound like I hadn’t checked as I have and they said the same as you Ubisoft is known to do this apparently.
  11. Thanks for the clarification such mixed messages on here and everywhere else cannot find anything!
  12. Can anyone the date of when it is shutting down with a decent source cannot see much about it online except PC?
  13. Did you ever get this sorted? I got connected and got some of the online badges.
  14. Appreciate the help!
  15. looking to buy a copy of this any links would be helpful at a decent price!