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  1. Just a heads up for anyone going for Murkmire trophies. If achievement for completing By River and Root quest glitched for you like it did for me, you will not get 2 Murkmire trophies unless you do questline again with different character 😞
  2. @FarSideOfSaturn Big thanks to you man. I got both of the trophies just a minute ago thanks you. All hail Taxi Service!
  3. Can we do this on Friday on 7 pm Your Time? Im gmt+1 So its gonna be 8pm here.
  4. No problem just give a heads up when you will be able to spare some time
  5. Hey, @FarSideOfSaturn are you still helping people? If Yes, when are you available?
  6. Same here, I have a lot of insect parts, crawlers and guts. I need worms as I used more than 200 and didn't even caught a Legendary Fish in Khenarti's Roost lol PSN Wronator EU Server
  7. Well, as a person who maintains his profile at 100% for about 7 years I can tell you right now that you will miss out on a lot of games. Not because plats are unachievable or very hard to get. The reason is simple, you can usually finish 3 or 4 games by the time you get 100% in longer games like Witcher 3 for example. With every game you complete on 100% the list of games you missed will rise at alarming rate, to the point where you starts to wonder if you can play at least half of the great games that were released these last couple of years before you die .
  8. Guys? You do realize that the PS4 and vita versions of injustice are 10x harder than vanilla on ps3 right? The Max battle is a joke without a patch on ps3. Try doing the same trick on ps4 and vita and you will change your mind about comaring these platinums.
  9. Japan. Game comes out on February 20.