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  1. Hi, so I’ve stupidly saved over my saves on Ilos, point of no return, and can’t get back to the Normandy to mop up the remaining trophies. I’ve gone to my cloud saved data where I do have saves prior to the ilos mission. But when I download it, it’s not showing in my saves. Any idea or help to revert back to one of my previous saves?
  2. N7 Elite : #490 Mass Effect 3 : Legendary Edition. well, what an amazing trilogy. Thoroughly enjoyed this, especially 2&3. Need to go back now and platinum ME1.
  3. Mass Effect 3 : Driven Return to active duty After getting the platinum for ME2 I thought let’s crack on with ME3! graphics seem to be worse in 3 than 2, doesn’t make sense.. still looking forward to getting stuck into this game. Brilliant trilogy!
  4. N7 Elite : Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Platinum #489 Started to play the remastered trilogy on release but for some reason moved onto something else. I was putting it off for a long time due to be worried I’d forget where I was and how to play. Got back into it almost immediately and thought why did I ever stop playing. fantastic game.
  5. Couple of boring moments but post story/end game is so satisfying. Map traversal is a bit frustrating and the sheer amount of collectibles tested my patience. But I enjoyed the game and was motivated to get the platinum unlike 2018. Didn’t enjoy playing as Atreus but luckily it wasn’t much gameplay. My favourite part of the game was using the spear. Quite a good story line although some of it didn’t seem quite relevant. GOTY? No. Enjoyabje? Yes.
  6. God Of War Ragnarök : The Bear and the Wolf Got there eventually, went in blind didn’t know I had to collect all of the Ravens. Quite fun, sometimes frustrating. End game build made light work of Gná and King Hrólf. Quite satisfying to go back to the last couple Gravestones and obliterate them.
  7. EDIT : Typical, just found the main plant you have to destroy Anyone know how to destroy the blue vines with those plants that shoot at you? I’ve tried using both arrows and axe/blades
  8. Thanks for the info, what a joke. Now I have to go back around the whole entirety of the game to get the ravens 😂
  9. I’m almost done with the cleanup just a couple of each remaining. until I got to Nifheim and realised for the 6 legendary chests I need all the ravens!! I’ve ignored them because I thought it was optional.. now I’m assuming I need the ravens too. Wtf is with the 418 collectibles, taking the actual piss. At least combat is fun but yeah getting around is becoming very frustrating now.
  10. To get the platinum do I need to get all the ravens? And every single collectible? I thought it was optional so I haven’t bothered to look for them. Just got to Nifheim and the legendary chests need to be unlocked by getting all the ravens. I’ve got nearly every other collectible now other than the ravens. Wtf is with the collectibles on this game, seriously becoming frustrating.
  11. I’m 45 hours in and still have a long way to go on the platinum clean up. The amount of time I’ve wasted trying to navigate the map is unreal. And the collectibles are starting to annoy me..
  12. Have you guys seen the price of the game?! I’ll wait for a 90% sale
  13. Is the DLC purchasable or free updates?
  14. Oh the shame. No I am playing the PS5 version on my PS5. As intended
  15. Yeah hardly anything to do with cheaters. It’s who, on the psn network is linked with psn profiles