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  1. I tried modifying my gun and now I’ve not got any ranged weapons for some reason any idea?
  2. I got two for one aswell I just haven’t finished the process of finishing one of each for the auto pop to work. You can’t autopop contract trophies without completing at least one
  3. Auto pop doesn’t actually pop all the trophies, you need to do one thing from the objective and that will trigger the trophy. Play a game properly, ball up catch a ball get a knockout etc.. and that will trigger the corresponding trophy. It took me a while to use auto pop but now I have one trophy left which is the event trophy so I’m waiting for a new event to start. If I had known this before I wouldn’t of started the PS4 version, and just had the ps5 platinum.
  4. Yeah I tackled/barged a lot and knocked a few players out the chute but the trophy didn’t pop. I had no issues on the PS5 version but I must of done it over 10 times on PS4 using various methods. 4v4 ball up worked first time
  5. Just jump into the chute that has the barrier around it. If you are meaning “Taking out the trash” dispose of an enemy through a trash chute then yes it is buggy. What worked for me was 4v4 ball up mode. Catch a thrown enemy and then throw them into the chute.. the one with the rails not the open chutes.
  6. Easy and fun platinum. Enjoyed this one 😆 a PS5 version would be great.
  7. Thanks for the 4v4 heads up. I’ve tackled, thrown with different balls etc.. done every method and still no trophy.
  8. This piece of shit game will probably not even unlock trophies when boosting. Getting sick of taking out the trash without the trophy popping.
  9. Still bugged. Didn’t have much of a problem on the ps5 but the PS4 version is testing my patience. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve met the requirements for Taking out the trash. Doesn’t want to pop..
  10. I regret playing my name is mayo, autumns journey and any other 2 minute skip text platinum. But games like Planet Rix13, red bow, rush rover etc.. they were fun and something different from what I would usually play. I basically regret the stupid cash grabs that take less than 10 mins with no skill or effort.. but everything else on my list I am fine with. Sometimes I wanna relax after a hard day at work and I don’t want to concentrate 100% on a game so I play some indie or fun easy plat. I have some decent platinums, some I worked quite hard for, but I am very much a common/uncommon trophy getter. A bad trophy list can also put me off a game, but if it’s known to be a great game I will play it and forget about trophies. I refuse to play breakthrough, zippy, ZJ the circle etc.. when those games started pumping out I started to re-evaluate my trophy hunting experience and also buying habits. A £3.99 game on sale seems harnesses but say a 60% sale comes along and you add 10/20 of these games to your cart, that’s almost enough money for a decent game on sale there.. and people don’t seem to like when you have money to just spend on BS games.. I also feel like true trophy hunters are being under cut, they work hard for their rare platinums and big title platinums and here some of us are getting multiple plats in one day. I do what makes me happy and do what I enjoy, and mostly don’t voice my opinion on the politics of trophy hunting.. because you cannot please everyone and there is always always at least one person who moans at everything or is just negative nelly. Bit of a nonsense rant but someone may agree. Or disagree.
  11. Borderland Defender ; Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition Another game I really enjoyed, personally think this holds up as the best Borderlands game. Happy new year gamers 🏆🕹
  12. Borderlands : Game Of The Year The Angelic ruins ; Completed the larger challenge in The Angelic Ruins coliseum.
  13. Thank you, should I get the special edition or upgrade if it’s on sale? No point if it’s just cosmetics
  14. I thought this was going to be a PS Plus game by now so I’ll be picking this up in January, I was sceptical if the game would actually be playable and fun but word seems to be If you’re into this type of stuff you’ll have fun. The special editions are cosmetic enhancements?
  15. Must admit I didn’t like this either, wasn’t horrendous but if you’re a completionist I’d avoid. Not bad for a ps plus game to try out. I’ll be playing The Crew 2 instead, heard good things about it and been craving a racing game so thought I’d give it a try!