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  1. No. At this point I’m actually starting to doubt they will..
  2. Your English is pretty good then mate, don’t forget to try and use full stops and commas to make it easier for people to follow as they read I would stay with essentials until there’s a good enough reason to upgrade.
  3. You’ve answered your own question there. What would you rather have the essentials or extra perks.. personally I’ll go with essentials until something good enough worth paying the extra comes along but it’s a joke in my opinion. I wish I stuck with Xbox 😂
  4. These have all expired lol
  5. Not missing out on much don’t worry. The console is made so cheaply it’s a joke. Had nothing but problems with mine. Getting it repaired soon, can’t play anything without it turning itself off. It sounds like a jet engine if there’s a disc inserted. piece of shit! No joke don’t waste your money. PS5 pro will be out by the time they get more chips ready 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Hope these still work when I start playing this in a few days 😁 you the real MVP! 💪🏼 how’s everyone finding the game? Hoping my piece of shit PS5 let’s me play and doesn’t keep turning itself off 🤬
  7. So a bit of time has passed, is this game any good? Have the release issues been sorted yet 🤔
  8. Most the time I’ve made a choice and it’s just said one of the other choices. Pointless really. Glad I didn’t pay full price for this. Slow and slightly boring game in my opinion
  9. I will be starting Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in a couple of days, gonna go for the platinum on that. May take a while as I’m pretty busy with work these days. Not really sure what else is good to play at the moment. Should save my money for big releases coming later this year!
  10. Same here. I don’t even have the platinum to autopop lol I don’t care but be nice to autopop most the trophies. Think I’m missing 5 trophies. Got Tiny Tina Wonderlands coming very soon so I’ll be playing that for fun.
  11. Nope. It’s buggy unfinished garbage like most of Ubisoft games. I did enjoy far cry 3 though. FC6 was rubbish aswell.
  12. Yeah that makes me want to get this, I used to play these back on PS2. Kinda into my racing games atm but nothing seems good enough to me. Looked at grid legends but the reviews are so mixed so I’ll give it a miss for now. just played Meow Motors a cart racing game which was actually pretty fun lol
  13. I’ll stick with basic but every now and then upgrade for the month and make use of it. No point paying maximum amount all year round. Done the same with ps now every 6 months bought a month and made good use of it. Hopefully be some really good ps1>3 games without the insanely long loading times 😂
  14. Ideal mate thank you, I’ve added this to my wish list! you the real mvp
  15. So barn finders finally comes to PS4. Looks quite fun and a nice game to play when you just want to relax a bit. Trophies don’t look too challenging, anyone else have any thoughts or opinions?