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  1. I can confirm it's definitely in the remaster. If I remember correctly it's in the abilities tab, the very first one. Can't remneber what level it appeared though, but you should have it at 40 respect.
  2. Oh yeah... Well now I feel like I've wasted everyone's time. Soz and thank you so much ha 😊
  3. The trophy is for buying an upgrade from your phone. Such as health or damage reduction etc. Its an issue at the moment that once you disconnect from the Internet at any point, trophies no longer pop. You'll have to use a piror save if thia is the case.
  4. That's a shame, it's not like they are needed for a trophy but I always enjoyed the company. Hopefully it gets fixed. Thanks for your reply. Nope, I've finished the game with both endings and just wanted to take them around with me to finish of the hoods. Also call in swat backup for thier lockdown vehicle.
  5. Anyone else having an issue where homies are always busy?
  6. Oh whoa must be kane and lynch 2!! I Always wanted to try for the plat as I loved the first one. Well done.
  7. Man I would love danganronpa! Well done man 😊
  8. You won't regret it. I had alot of fun with it. If you need any assistance with the game, let me know and I'll help with what I can. The developer has said that they plan for episode two to release in december on steam. No word of a playstation release though.
  9. Hi, it took me just over 4 hours. You have to play the game twice, once with each character for the platinum. Also of note I wasn't rushing. The guide is really good, you get most of the trophies around the start of the game, which makes it look short. I really enjoyed the game gave me World of Final Fantasy vibes.