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  1. You get gliding very, very, very early on, so just follow the main mission line.
  2. Just got the Plat. I played online but entirely solo. Everything popped when it should have with the exception of the "250 Hero Levels" trophy, which popped at my 200th Hero level.
  3. Just finished the DLC on PS4. I followed the missions and completed each area as I arrived in it, ending with the final boss fight against the leviathan. All of my trophies popped when they were supposed to pop, so no issues at all. Bone everything + Shadow Jaws made all the fights pretty easy, especially once I had Healing Factor. I had to switch to full shadow shark in order to complete the last half of the races.
  4. Mine was glitched in the other direction. I still had another 5 or 6 to go when the trophy randomly popped.
  5. I've been having no luck with it. :/
  6. I was able to pick up the bacon and audio log trophies in chapter select after beating the game... but they both were the result of glitches, as they popped after I picked up bacon and logs I already had. So maybe?
  7. I'm having a hell of a time with the Bullseye trophy. Does anyone have any advice? I feel like my controller just doesnt move fast enough to make it happen, and adjusting sensitivity doesnt have any effect.
  8. Just had the game delete an entire save file, so the bug is very much still alive.
  9. That's pretty much where I'm at with this trophy. It's driving me crazy.