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  1. Hopefully its good, I didn't like The Division, but is Star Wars so i'll give it a try
  2. In my experience it took me around 8 hours each map (including all expansions and everything) in difficulty i think it's ok, even tho i have never played a Hitman before, it was a very fun game in general
  3. Maybe you confused the legacy maps, wich are the same from the first game but with a bit of new content and Hitman 2´s gameplay I dont know if you get the legacy maps due to the gold edition or bcuz you already have the first game tho
  4. Stil in glitched in Dec 2020, now i will have to do a speedrun thanks to these lazy devs...
  5. I had this problem too a few months ago, then some day it stopped for some reason
  6. Same, and unfortunately looks like we'll have to pay for the plat
  7. Here are some codes for free items: Popcorn. Rlnitro. in Options-Extras-Redeem code
  8. Also don't forget that you get 4 items if you have ps plus
  9. Blueprints also count as items?
  10. Same, at this pace the plat is going to take at least 50 hours + the car collector trophy which is bugged and who knows when are they going to fix it
  11. I just hope this gets fixed, it would be annoying having this game with such easy plat stuck in your profile Edit: just got the 5 items trophy, for some reason it unlocked after i opened a lootbox, 11 cars and still no trophy tho
  12. Same problem here, i have 9 cars and trophy didn't pop the same with the items trophy
  13. I'm having problems with some trophies too
  14. Are the trophies glitched? I have 9 cars and trophy didn't pop, the same for the items trophy
  15. I agree, false reports should be punished somehow