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  1. I started the game today and after only 2 hours I got stuck trying to reach the city of Novac. No workaround has solved the issue for me: the game keeps freezing everytime I try to reach this city. I don't recommend trying to play the game on PS3; I think I will try it on PC, maybe it would be better.
  2. I managed to get every online trophy for The Run (even the DLC ones) just because I want to get the max amount of trophies for this game even if I can't get the platinum. Hope they would fix it so I can get the platinum. Fingers crossed.
  3. You can just vote your own map. I got the trophy with this method.
  4. I used this method yesterday. For me it was worth it, I didn't want to waste anymore time on this trash multiplayer. I just called the PlayStation Support in order to get my old PSN ID back.
  5. The 1,500 exp cap in a match has to be counted per user or in general?
  6. Can you add me to the crew? My ID is paninextdoor EDIT: thank you a lot!
  7. Quick update: same thing happened with Swift Justice and True Blue trophies.
  8. Does your friend need to have completed the race with the Bugatti Veyron in order to unlock the trophy? Or you can just use the Veyron and the car used by your friend doesn't matter?
  9. I think I will do a backup for the cop races. I don't want to risk. Thank you for the tip.
  10. This is crazy, man. I think I was lucky in the end. We should consider contacting the EA support. I cannot imagine what is like getting gold for 78/78 events and not getting the trophy. Some of them are really hard, I played King of the Road for two hours before getting the gold medal. They need to fix it asap. I'm thinking about getting the online trophies and then dropping out the game for a few weeks hoping in some patch.
  11. I just used this method for the Settling the Score trophy. It works as expected.
  12. "You will need anyone on your friends list to have beaten an event in the Veyron such as the Fast Track Time Trial in the Carson Ridge Reservoir areaYou can, if needs be, get this one done on your own with 2 accounts, just ensure you set a slow time on your second account then beat your time on your main account" From Seems clever. Has anyone tried this method yet?
  13. Hi guys, I had troubles with the Golddigger trophy. Let me explain in case someone could have the same problem in the future. I though DLC events were not counting toward this trophy since I read in some guides that you only need 60/78 events in order to obtain the trophy. So I made a list and tried to obtain these 60 gold medals first, forgetting about DLC events for a moment. I reached the point where I had 59/60 gold medals and completed King of the Road. I was expecting the trophy to appear but nothing happened. I assumed the worst, maybe the trophy was bugged. I tried to get the gold medal in the remaining DLC events and when I was 77/78 I completed Rocket Science as the last event and I got the Golddigger and the Untouchable trophies at the same time! Check my trophy log: I took a quick look at the trophy log for some users who have obtained the Golddigger trophy and seems like it's not a so common problem. EDIT: lewi5hunt_ had the same problem: