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  1. Just unlocked the trophy there. It seems it’s very specific in the revive. I was trying all night by Answering the call and joining a game. The problem was all games I joined no-one was down. They went down later and I revived but nothing. I finally got the trophy when I was put into a game through answer the call and the guy was already downed. I managed to revive him and the trophy popped. I think a player has to go down, then call for backup and you have to respond, load in and revive them before they respawn.
  2. I’ve joined a few calls for help where the host later downed and I revived but no trophy. It may be bugged.
  3. Yeah about 30mins is enough. I got all 3 stars, fairies and treasures on the 1st 10 levels. Platinum popped once I beat level 12
  4. For the chicken 800 feet trophy, start a solo match and don’t jump until it auto jumps you. Then look for someone who is AFK, damage them and run away. Once the fog kills them (if they remain AFK) you’ll get the trophy. I got it that way randomly and I got a friend to test it last night and he got it the same way.
  5. AFK guys definitely work. I got 2 and good coin for the forge and ended up with 13 kills and the trophy. Next game I play I saw 6 AFK guys. Definitely worth it
  6. Playing solo is the way to go. I got 9 kills my first go, hopefully get 11 next
  7. The win as a squad without losing anyone seems the toughest
  8. We ended up unfriending anyway and it worked straight away and got the trophy in the next game. I made a video based on your instructions on the ARRAS map to show other people how to do it. Thanks for the info.
  9. I started doing drops again in my Discord but only for this month, My partner is due in February so i wont have any time for drops after that. I have made the changes to the video to reflect that.
  10. If you’re boosting it with a partner, is it necessary to unfriend each other?
  11. Right now it’s only 3XP for HvV anyway. Not in other game mode. Just hit level 50 and got my platinum. Took 10hours to go from level 38-50 this weekend. Triple XP was a godsend, so happy to be done with this. Best of luck everyone else, may the force be with you.
  12. 2-3 hours. The XP gain is crazy. Another hour today and I’m up to level 44.
  13. Huge difference. I get 50,000-70,000 XP per game. Went from 38-42 last night. That’s incredible considering how bad it was. I want to get level 50 this weekend.
  14. It’s live now although it doesn’t show at the end of the game. I got 60,000XP in my first game as Chewbacca. Never seen the XP bar go up as much before. This will be a godsend for level 50. Currently at 39 right now.
  15. Add me on PSN and I may be able to do it.