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  1. Still working? edit: Yeah it still works.
  2. Seeing as Lunastra crowns are required, what the best way to farm her for investigations? I havent gotten any for her in 200 hours of Iceborne
  3. I absolutely hate Tigrex. I cannot get his large or the brute's large. Finding him hard to size up
  4. I’m delighted it has a Platinum. It may just have been DLC that evolved into a stand alone game. I would of stacked MHW if it had a stack so another list with a platinum is great news for me.
  5. I'll help too. Old PSN= klair88 New PSN= OrionsOdyssey
  6. It'll be grand man, Just chill and earn some trophies. It'll all update when ready.
  7. It's been a while but I dont mind. Took Sony long enough so it makes sense that a 3rd parry site who uses their API would need time too. I'm sure they'll figure it all out soon enough anyway and are working hard on it so the least we can do is have a little patience.
  8. I don’t think Rata is the issue it’s trophy hunters themselves. Most people I know that play these games do so because it’s a nice break in between some long and grindy ones. Get a quick platinum in before starting a new grind or line up for a milestone, then they go back to chasing their bigger games and backlog. The only problem I see is that newer Trophy Hunters are getting addicted to the cheap, easy 30min platinum and find the effort of a long grind (even on games they claim to love dearly) boring to them when a 100 hour game only gives the same worth as a 20min one. If youve a profile with nothing but ezpz platinums with multiple region stacks on all of them but also have a lot of unfinished larger games abandoned and incomplete then that shame is on you. Not Rata.
  9. Yeah you cant. My PSN ID was klair88 and I simply wanted to change it to Klair88 but it wont allow it as it's the exact same as my original PSN, it doesnt see the capitalisation as a different letter so I just ended up with a new PSN Name altogether.
  10. You can use Remote Play on Vita to control your main account and then 2 controllers on alts to get the 3 player trophy. I just did it.
  11. I've had a lot of screen tearing
  12. I did the Shura ending but kept a save before I made my choice. So I guess I should reload my save and go for the other 3 ending in one and then get Shura again in NG+ so I can get the all bosses trophy right?
  13. Just unlocked the trophy there. It seems it’s very specific in the revive. I was trying all night by Answering the call and joining a game. The problem was all games I joined no-one was down. They went down later and I revived but nothing. I finally got the trophy when I was put into a game through answer the call and the guy was already downed. I managed to revive him and the trophy popped. I think a player has to go down, then call for backup and you have to respond, load in and revive them before they respawn.
  14. I’ve joined a few calls for help where the host later downed and I revived but no trophy. It may be bugged.