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  1. I bought the dlc. At first i thought i screwed up and couldnt use them for ps5. But after i bought the season pass i had to add the ps4 ones to the libary and then i could download the 3 dlc's for ps5
  2. That's exactly why i wanted to know! Guess i am going to take a chance and buy the dlc with before the sale ends.
  3. Does anyone know if the version we get with ps+ is the edition that includes dlc? The only bundled ps4/ps5 version i can find is the complete edition.
  4. There is some repeatable Squad building challenges and they are pretty easy to do. By the time you hit 200 games for 1 player you should either have done the SBC's or atleast have enough gold/players to do them.
  5. Hey, i need help with The greatsword of Artorias (Cursed). Stupidly crafted the same one twice.. Can you help out? Also left you a message on PSN
  6. Same session is without leaving Ultimate Team. You are confusing it with a season
  7. I just did the trophy with a PS5 and a PS4. I used the 14days free plus subscription on a sub account. So Vita is not a requirement anymore
  8. Not sure if people are still trying to do this, but do you think it will work if you get a Ps5 and play crossplay from ps5/ps4?
  9. There is a vendor in cities that do sell healing items. Its the one with the apple logo, i have 3 available at the moment. They are quite expensive, so you should sell the items you have that are only usable for selling.
  10. Played with bots, just to add abit of excitement But it gets kinda boring pretty fast, even with bots.
  11. I will, but i dont think im gonna touch it again until the game is "fIxed"
  12. The pit one was in different pits. I played an hour long game (takes 2hours because of the timer stops when the objective is completed) and in the last 30mins a lot of the pit levels appeared. As for the bosses i dont know. The bosses are: Dragon,Chicken,Skeleton and the plant in a pot. By the time i got all the cards i had the boss killer trophy.
  13. Yeps, same issues for me. Maybe they are planning on adding some more cards in a patch soon to come? Anyway, dont buy the game if you dont like an uncompleted list