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  1. Did 10 in the FUT app, even got the objective cleared, but no trophy in game. Also did a few more sbc’s in game, but still no pop. Has anyone experienced the same or maybe know a fix?
  2. There’s a very detailed guide available. Also, you cab find the car in the mission ‘Chippin In’.
  3. So I was just wondering if you get (the same amount) of XP by replaying ‘Art’s Dream’ or the DLC for example?
  4. Great. The Anti Air cannon is not spawning for me. This is Conuco.
  5. Same, 23/24. I've emailed them.
  6. So I just got the platinum and now I want to work my way towards 100% the game. I can't find any info/tutorial on how to certain things in the game actually work. - How can you increase your attack (One of the trophies is to get it to 1500 or higher) - Best way to level up to 13 - What is the best way to get to 3 milion gold? - How do you get 999 barkskin on at one time? - How do you get 1000 total thorn stacks in one room? Just really curious to your experiences and tips! Thank you in advance
  7. Curious to see if you grind XP by re-playing Art's Dream. Can somebody confirm?
  8. Forigive me for this stupid question; but how does one master all relics? Is there a way to track which relics are mastered?
  9. VF2

    I'm having difficulty getting past round 7. Does anyone have a tip on who to choose?
  10. I just installed the 4 version, purchased a few items, quit game, start game, migration, shut down and booted the 5 version. The 5 version was 'ready to play' so not the full 76gb yet. The game froze but 98% of the trophies popped. The only one left to do is 'Lost But Not Forgotten" (Discover the location of the Chimera) I'll now wait until the 5 update is fully done, boot up the 4 and migrate again, hopefully that'll solve the last trophy. UPDATE: I've played through the first 60/90 minutes to when you find the Chimera. The trophy popped and thus the platinum. I did not delete my save file, so I just went ahead with the migration save.
  11. Apparently they haven’t added D5 into the Racenet update yet. I asked their community manager how to keep track of the miles and he replied that, aside from the mileage tracker in the future, the racenet thing should do the trick.. I guess not. Either way, I got the trophy now. If it’s the 1k miles you’re after the easiest way is to rubberband it through “Playgrounds”. Should take 4-5 hours. Refresh every 30/40 min (so end the race through the finish line and repeat)
  12. I'd also want to add, they are not adding the Mileage/KM tracker this update, but in the future (I asked on Discord) but there will be a RaceNet update where you can log in and can see the miles.
  13. Is there anybody that can explain to me how to actually earn credits? Apart from career, I’m doing the quick GP races to farm xp/cash. It seems I only get cash when I level up. It also says it get ‘7000 Cr’ but in reality I only get 3.5k cr. EDIT; Please ignore. Makes senses now. With each time you level up you get some credit. Going for level 100 you’ll earn plenty to get to 300k cr.
  14. Can you save your own tracks and use them in time attack?