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  1. I've been waiting for this, if it's like Caesar 3 I'm gonna be a happy camper.
  2. Plat 75: ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY Difficulty: 4 Fun: 6 Grind: 7 I haven't played an AC game since Revelations. It's a good a good game, but it definitely outstays it's welcome. While l loved Kassandra, the gameplay loop can't support the game's massive size. The dlc is really good. Plat 76: THE WOLF AMONG US Difficulty: 1 Fun: 8 Grind: 2 Some of Telltale's best work. I'm very exited for the sequel! Plat 77: GOD OF WAR: CHAINS OF OLYMPUS (Vita) Difficulty: 5 Fun: 7 Grind: none Short and sweet. The only annoying part is slitting Satyr throats, since the thumbstick QTEs are very strict. Plat 78: DEMON'S SOULS REMAKE Difficulty: 6 Fun: 6 Grind: 4 A bit too faithful to the original for my liking, but that's completely subjective. The new trophies are a great addition. Plat 79: BULLY Difficulty: 3 Fun: 7 Grind: 5 This ps2 port is very rough. The framerate is all over the place. The game is great fun, but the trophies kinda suck. 250km is a long distance to travel, especially in a world this small. I actually used a rubber band on my controller. Plat 80: COMMANDOS 2 HD Difficulty: 6 Fun: 5 Grind: none I have really fond memories of the original Commandos, it a real shame this port is so buggy and awful. While the core gameplay is intact the port is so bad I can't recommend this to anyone.
  3. Bungie being worth 3.6B boggles my mind. I'm not happy either way, losing independent devs and potentially multiplatform games is bad.
  4. Plat 72: Spider-Man: Miles Morales Difficulty: 3 Fun: 7 Grind: 2 It's a glorified expansion pack, it has at most a third of the original game's content. While I don't have a problem with this, a short game is refreshing, the value for money is just not there. I did like the story and characters. Plat 73: Bioshock Remastered Difficulty: 6.5 Fun: 8 Grind: none. One of the best narratives in gaming. It's twist rivals that of KOTOR. I don't recall the highest difficulty being this tough, though. Enemies are such bullet sponges towards the end, the only worthwhile weapon becomes the crossbow. Using special ammo makes most weapons effective, but it's so rare/expensive it's just not worth it. The shooting is dated, but the art style has aged really well. Aside from some audio level issues it's a fine port. Plat 74: Fallout New Vegas (ps3) Difficulty: 7 (it mostly tests your patience) Fun: 4 (would be a 10 on ANY other platform) Grind: 4 This is one of my favourite games of all time. It's also the most unstable piece of software I have ever dealt with. Nothing freezes my console like this, I have no idea how they were allowed to sell this. I managed to do everything (dlc included) on one save. Performance degrades as your savefile size grows. My savefile was a little over 9MB by the end, 3MB less than my Fallout 3 save and it still crashed and stuttered a lot more. I didn't use autosave and didn't override previous save files. It still crashed constantly and I lost tons of progress, but I manadged to do the trophies, I'm not saying this is the best way to do it, but it is possible. (Ultimate Edition Disc) If you're wondering how far you can take each Factons' quest chain before breaking the others, google "Hedging your bets New Vegas" - p.s: not my guide, it spoils the whole story. I've played the hell out of this on Xbox and PC, there's no way I'm not having it on my list. I'm kinda relieved now, I've been putting it off for sooo long, I guess my hopes for a remaster finally died.
  5. Plat 71: Duke Nukem Forever (ps3) Difficulty: 7 Fun: 4 Grind: 4 (the highest difficulty needs to be unlocked) What can I say about this legendary game? I never thought it would see the light of day. 'When it's done', indeed. Should it have come out? I think so, it's so facinating. You can see the scattershot of ideas, the modern gameplay elements bolted on as the years went on. On to the game: it's... not great. You would think there would be more shooting in an FPS. There's lots to muck around with in the environment, mediocre driving sections and TERRIBLE turret sections. Maybe the shooting is not the main attraction, because it's bad? Nothing reacts to being shoot, enemies just keel over when dead. There are not that many of them on screen at the same time. The two guns limit takes all the fun out of it, there's also a trophy that requires you to keep your starting gun the entire game, soo... yeah. Duke moves around pretty slowly and gets winded from a very short sprint! It's completely linear. The hardest part are the turret sections, there's very little room for error. Loading times are your worst enemy, we're talking around 35 seconds if you die! One particular section near the end is a nightmare if you're not stocked up on items. Hell, even Pinball is not good because of inconsistent physics! Duke is funny enough in the beginning, but after the Hive sequence, I just wanted his meaty blond head busted open. The DLC is better than the main game.
  6. Plat 69: Marvel's Spider-Man Difficulty: 3 Fun: 8 Grind: 6 It's really good! Amazing production quality and story telling. It's a bit on the easy side, but you ARE a superhero! There's a lot of repetative content you have to do if you want this Plat/100%. The game does it's best to keep things fresh, but there are just too many checklists of repetitive tasks you gotta do over and over. I don't rate grind based on time requirements - I rate it on how pointless/boring/tedious it feels. The game really expects you to do side content, the main story often halts for an arbitrary amount of time... What would make it better? Probaly a parter to swing around with! Plat 70: God of War Difficulty: 4 Fun: 9 Grind: 3 What a game. The Leviathan axe feels soo good! If you've played the previous entries in the series, you're in for a treat. There's very little not to like here. I wish you could equip more runic attacks at the same time, the map could be better...wish there were difficulty trophies!
  7. I was never interested in Antibirth, but since it's official content now, I will have to play it. I wonder just how over the top the requirements for 100% are. P.s: quick reset is L3 + R3 + L1 + R1 now.
  8. A bit, I was hoping 4k60 would be the standart going forward. Since 4k TVs are mainstream now, I don't think it's that unreasonable (even if unrealistic) to expect 60fps on native resolution. Still, it's great there's at least the option to choose between fidelity and fps. (In most cases?)
  9. Yeah, it got dark real quick. I thought this was a 'talk about your encounters with douchebags' kinda thread.
  10. Most of my online interactions are pleasant. This one time, I was trying to get 100% in Journey and managed to finish it with a random player who messaged me after to thank me - just as I was about to write them the same. It was really wholesome. I don't really play online anymore, unless boosting. I had this one group chat and this weirdo started babbling obscenities, but the group put up with it, since we needed him. Mmo tryhards are the worst though. Back in my Swtor days, I got a lot of flack from this one guy in unranked PUB PVP for my hybrid tank build. Nice guy! 🤭
  11. Plat 67: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (ps3) Difficulty: 5 Fun: 7 Grind: 4 My least favourite of the SoT trilogy, but still a very good game. The Plat is mostly annoying to get, since you gotta do 3 full runs. (Not to mention having to quit to XMB if you die on your Sand Snake run.) It and WW are the only games I've played that don't have stacking difficulty trophies. It's not too bad since the game is not that long. Keep an eye out for glitched Sand Portals, if you get one just reload. Portal 7 glitched on me and I didn't even notice on my first run. Plat 68: Worms Revolution Extreme (Vita) Difficulty: 7.5 Fun: 8 Grind: 6 Worms is one of the few games that would run on my potato PC when I was a kid. It was a real treat to play this again on the go. It's a fun, tactical and addicting turn based strategy game with destructible terrain. The Vita struggles with running it, but this doesn't effect gameplay. This was a tough Plat. The online is basically dead. Online trophies need to be boosted, and finding 20 unique players will take a while. The AI in this game has almost perfect accuracy in later missions, it's almost comical with it's seemingly impossible shots, but it can't exploit the terrain that well and can't really deal with it's path being blocked.
  12. I didn't get to play this as a kid, but I knew lots of people who played this and only this, so maybe? No sure if they would do this grind though.
  13. Wat? Did these people think they made the best game of all time or something? Wtf!
  14. In Diablo 3, when I got the lvl 70 trophy for Hardcore mode, it also gave me the one for regular mode. Hope that's the case here.
  15. My Diablo veteran friend says "That's insane! You don't know what you're getting yourself into." Maybe I'll listen to him.