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  1. Congrats! It was a nightmare for me on PC, really not looking forward to this.
  2. Maybe... their senses weren't as sharp in part 1, if I recall correctly, it was a lot more fun on grounded.
  3. I did Grounded and Permadeath on separate runs, wish I didn't, was really tired of the game by that point. Grounded is not done well IMO, it's kinda ridiculous and immersion breaking - look at all these people running around with empty guns while seemingly having infinite ammo to shoot at you with! Same goes for your partner, how about you toss some of that my way, Dina/Jesse? The enemies' sense of hearing can make Wolverine blush!
  4. I didn't like Permadeath mode, it's not even true permadeath, since you can set it to save per Chapter, in which you lose about... what? 30 minutes of gameplay if you die? There goes your challenge. There really shouldn't be a setting for this, either do PD, or don't! Tlou games are not really made for Permadeath, since every clicker can oneshot you. I died 9 times, 5 of which were in the burning hovel! ๐Ÿ˜…
  5. Plat 62: Bastion Fun: 8 Difficulty: 6 Grind: 3 A very good game with irresistible charm. Wonderful artstyle, music, story and an unforgettable ending sequence. The Plat is fun and challenging, the Stranger's Dream gets really tense towards the final waves!
  6. Vita roundup: Plat 59: RESISTANCE: BURNING SKIES Difficulty: 2.5 Fun: 3 Grind: 1.5 This game's bad, it's just bad. It's the worst shooter I've played, on any platform. The Plat is really easy, it did cost me 10 Euros extra for it's 'online pass', - just for the privilege to unlock it's one pathetic online trophy. Plat 61: KILLZONE: MERCENARY Difficulty: 6.5 Fun: 8 Grind: 7 Now this game, this game's really good! The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is solid, the levels are memorable... an all-round good game! The Plat itself is very involved and grindy, by the time you're done, you'll know this game inside out. There are online trophies, but with a boosting group those shouldn't be a problem. (You have to pay extra to play with bots, which is the only way to grind efficiently.) My one gripe with the game would be the stealth system, It's very basic and you must engage with it to get the Plat. While I love stealth games (Hitman, Dishonored, Deus Ex, TLOU...), this game doesn't give you the necessary tools to do stealth well. How does one isolated enemy sound the alarm while in a hold? Oh too bad, you killed him too slowly! Why doesn't the one stealth van-guard recharge it's energy like it says it does? There are no cones showing the enemies' vision... Then there's the grind. It's bad. Nothing extreme, but the game stays waay past it's welcome.
  7. Plat 60: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Fun: 10 Difficulty: 8 Grind: 7 I've been playing Isaac since the OG flash game. It's the most compelling game I've ever played. Itโ€™s got that addictive โ€˜one more run' quality about it. Luck is a huge factor, while there are some instawin item combinations, if you're unlucky and don't get damage upgrades, it becomes a slog. Completing the item collection is the worst, but at least theres Eden! It's also the most frustrating game Iโ€™ve ever played, but in a good way. Turning a shitty run around feels amazing! Shame you can't just hold R on console!
  8. Latest 100% Papers, Please. Difficulty: 3 Fun: 9 I got a Vita, just to have this game on my list, it's amazing! Plat 58: The Darkness 2 Difficulty: 3.5 Fun: 8 It's really good, criminally underrated! Amazing story, but it ends on a cliffhanger! The first one's good too, It's a damn shame it has no trophies. Still waiting for a sequel, 2k, please?
  9. That's sad to hear, but at least it puts my mind at ease. This game is like digital crack, I'm hooked, again!
  10. Just earned 'A blank card', no pop after the boss fight, had to restart the game and watch the intro... I guess this is the way it has to be. ๐Ÿ˜‘
  11. Are you going for 100%? I would wait. I'm doing all I can in vanilla on Vita, except one certain character. Getting Afterbirth makes this character much easier, collecting also gets easier because you can break greed mode and exhaust item pools to get what you need. Iirc, there is one grindy secret that you can't do in vanilla (playing 30? dailies) Ps: Afterbirth unlocks the most difficult character in the game, after a substantial grind. (...and you'll have to do everything with IT)
  12. They popped normally, until today. I beat Chest today and didn't get the trophy for it, so I knew something was up. Tried one of the solutions posted here on the forums (watching the intro) - It worked, a bunch of trophies popped, some that I didn't even notice I had achieved. I just deleted my save and redownloaded it from the cloud. I'll report back if this behaviour persists. Edit: well, I just killed the Chest boss with Isaac - the trophy popped immediately.
  13. My trophies don't seem to pop when they should anymore. (Immediately after completing the requirements.) The only way to make them pop now is to close the game, boot it up again and wait for the intro to finish. They pop one after the other and my timestamps look terrible. It didn't use to be like this... I'm playing on Vita. I've played this on PC, never had this issue.
  14. Plat 56: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fun: 10/10 Difficulty 3.5/10 Rockstar's finest. Great characters, story, gameplay, sense of progression, music! It's a shame you can't use the leviathan's magnet to finish the export lists faster, It's in the game, dammit! Plat 57: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Fun: 6/10 Difficulty: 5/10 It's an ok game, the story is terrible thought. It's really short, so...a faster Plat? The only hard thing about it are the Combo and Holocron Retrieval challenges. - I'm not sure what is it about it, but it seems to me the Jump/Dash/Boost Combo works whenever it feels like it. ๐Ÿ™„
  15. Turns out I had to buy the Vita version separately, oh well, can't win them all.