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  1. From the developer who previously brought about the abusive and predatory business practices of the publisher: "We the former developers of Aeon Must Die! are confused and baffled by the announcement of Aeon Must Die! No legal matters pertaining to the situation were solved and even more arose in the aftermath. The IP issues are not solved. The trademark for the product does not exist. No publisher investigation was conducted. Work for the trailer remains unpaid. Most of the animations in the game remain unpaid. Multiple legal attempts at REAL compromise have yielded nothing for the last year." I'm somewhat baffled by some of these responses from people who simply don't care about the people who ACTUALLY made the game. If you're just interested in trophies, there are surely games out there that you can purchase that don't award this kind of behavior. Trophy rarity and hunting should NEVER be an excuse for abhorrent business practices, and if it is, maybe reevaluate your relationship with trophy hunting and video games in general.
  2. Unpopular opinion, but......... I liked Puyo Puyo 😅. I actually had more trouble with Fighting Vipers. Regarding this trophy list, it looks pretty straight forward. The game looks SO good, but idk if I should wait until I get a PS5 and play it then because Judgment on my base PS4 didn't run so well.
  3. It's been a couple of days since this happened, but the game has crashed 2 times. However, it has saved my progress on my runs. Idk if it was an update or not, but it's much appreciated.
  4. It has to deal with his questline, and you need to connect with him as well as Eurydice. Eurydice will at some point give you the details of what she's singing. You'll tell Orpheus about it, and at some point when you eventually come back to the House of Hades, Orpheus will be singing Eurydice's song. Leave the chamber after speaking to him and the trophy should pop.
  5. Now that I think of it, I have been playing a lot of this game, so it may be extended play sessions. Wish there was at least a way to save your point in the run instead of kicking you back to the beginning.
  6. Just got another one. This time during the Elysium boss.
  7. It could be that I'm playing the PS4 version. Idk if it's an issue unique to that version, or just something unique to me.
  8. Has anyone else been having frequent crashes? It's the fourth time for me, and each time, it takes me back to before I started the run.
  9. Hey! Hades vet here. I put a lot of time into the switch version, and seeing as some people are having trouble, maybe I could offer some tips. If it matters to you, I've done heat runs near the high 20s. Sometimes it may feel this way, but there really isn't any luck to it. When starting your runs, keep an open mind. DO NOT GET MARRIED TO ANY SINGLE STYLE OF PLAY. Hades is designed where any build, weapon, and boon are viable to beat the game. Min-maxing is a HUGE part of Hades, and can help you complete runs much easier. For example, say you really like the attack of a weapon, but the boons starting out only having upgrades for special, cast, and dash. You can either wait for a good boon for your attack, or start to think about building a different attack style with what you're getting. Maybe get the dash, dash multiple times around the enemy before going for backstabs. Pick the cast, and while it's lodged in the enemy you can do bonus damage. Or, start to spam special and see how powerful it can get with other synergizing boons. By foregoing attack as a priority, you can boost other aspects of yourself and be incredibly powerful that way. Usually, once you get to Elysium, a Daedalus Hammer will spawn in one of the first rooms. This is another way to boost one of your forms of attack with your weapon. This is another way to elevate your min-max strategy. When you get far enough, Chaos gates will spawn. If you can afford the health, they're almost always worth it. Just think about which boon will benefit your build for that run. Ultimately, like with any rogue-lite, memorizing enemies and attack patterns are key. With Hades, the more you play, the more powerful you will get through upgrades and such. Just be patient and you'll get gud in no time!
  10. Like said above, powerpyxs' guide is very helpful. The big missables to keep in mind on your first playthrough are looking at all the stray cats and the skill books that can be missed. You'll have to do a second playthrough on Legend mode anyway, so for other missable story trophies, you can do it on that playthrough if you miss them or want to go through blind. Choice is yours.
  11. Great games! If you haven't played Judgment, give it a try bc it's awesome. However, still wish you could download PS3 games so I'm not gonna get a subscription still.
  12. This was a really good game imo. Easy completion, good story. Excited for the sequel!
  13. Finally got it. I got Masa in the first area, and it literally took until the second to last floor of the Caves to get Mune. Started getting Hot Cross Buns immediately after 🙃
  14. It's the last trophy I need. Not only do I rarely get Masa, but the altar spawns way too early for me to put it on there. Is there a seed that makes this easier?
  15. Thank you! Finally got it!!!