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  1. Like said above, powerpyxs' guide is very helpful. The big missables to keep in mind on your first playthrough are looking at all the stray cats and the skill books that can be missed. You'll have to do a second playthrough on Legend mode anyway, so for other missable story trophies, you can do it on that playthrough if you miss them or want to go through blind. Choice is yours.
  2. Great games! If you haven't played Judgment, give it a try bc it's awesome. However, still wish you could download PS3 games so I'm not gonna get a subscription still.
  3. This was a really good game imo. Easy completion, good story. Excited for the sequel!
  4. Finally got it. I got Masa in the first area, and it literally took until the second to last floor of the Caves to get Mune. Started getting Hot Cross Buns immediately after 🙃
  5. It's the last trophy I need. Not only do I rarely get Masa, but the altar spawns way too early for me to put it on there. Is there a seed that makes this easier?
  6. Thank you! Finally got it!!!
  7. It's the only thing I need to complete the shops and I keep getting stuck on the kid with the skateboard.
  8. This boss was the reason I created a new character with a skill build instead of a strength build haha. It helps to parry as much as possible, especially in the first phase. It helped me better understand his patterns and have more health items for the second phase. Anyway, just keep in mind that this trophy is actually pretty common for psnprofiles. That's not meant to make you feel bad, but to encourage you that if a lot of people can do it on here, there's no reason why you can't! Just keep at it and try not to get too frustrated because it IS possible.
  9. Finally!!! Easily put around 100hrs into the switch version and will probably do the same for this one too!
  10. Appreciate the post on this game. The "Secret Love Remembered" still doesn't work for me, so I'm going to put of completing this game. If anyone made a legit trophy guide for it I'd go back to it.
  11. Idk if this is something that affects it or not, but I had a similar issue. Everything was going fine until the white moonflower where I would get 0. I tried turning my network off, and then I got one right after that.
  12. Yeah the remake stuck closely to the original game, for better or worse. Automata, in my opinion, improved many things including making subsequent playthroughs more fast paced. I definitely felt the slog of getting to a new ending when getting ending C, and there was even more of that to get to ending E. Even so, I still loved the game.
  13. There aren't any missable trophies in this game. You can always go to the past on any run as long as you obtain the bullet to do so.
  14. So I finally got the trophy. Didn't notice any significant changes from hard mode and got them all on normal. Memory Alloy was fine for me, but the real painful ones were Broken Wristwatches and Forlorn Necklaces. The trophy is definitely easier with the DLC weapons and the new weapon after beating Ending E.
  15. True, you can do it that way. The boss speedrun trophies are much easier on subsequent playthroughs though.