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  1. The item Zeromus is talking about is called the Book of Reincarnation. If you've played through the game, chances are you probably have at least one. If not, you can buy it at the blacksmith for 10,000 gold. What it does is give you all your "souls" back and puts you at level one. From there, you can re-level yourself to your preferences.
  2. I agree with your take on the game, and I can see why other people may have differing opinions. I just finished the main story, and completed several side tales in the process. This game actually made me stop playing video games for like a week because I just got so bored of the repetition and the game in general. It's not to say there weren't parts of the game that I didn't enjoy. I thought the visuals were astounding (don't know why one person here is saying they're dissapointing), the navigation was incredibly unique while taking advantage of the touch pad games tend to completely ignore, and the story in general is very good. That opening where you finally gain control of your horse as you tredge through the brush of pure white flowers and that title card for Act I pops out, had me enthralled and will be something I remember for a while. However, I feel that what is the ultimate detriment of this game for me is the open world. For me, and keep this in mind for your own judgements, open world games have become increasingly stale. There are games recently that have gotten me over that, whether it be the incredibly engrossing maneuverability of Spider-Man (which I would argue that maneuverability and discovery are monumental parts of making a great open world game), or the unique quests and side quests that have multiple ways of being completed or ending (I think of the earlier Fallout games, Elder Scroll games, and the Witcher). Ghost of Tsushima, while evoking the beauty and serenity of Tsushima, doesn't do much in terms of keeping the world interesting along your journey for prolonged periods of time or mixing up the formula. Enemy variety is practically non-existent, leading to approaching combat in very limited ways. And to one of your points about the objectives of the missions, I agree that they're indeed rehashing the same objectives over and over. Rescue hostages, kill Mongols, Do not alert Mongols, etc. What ultimately happened for me is that doing things throughout the open world didn't engross me in the world the devs were portraying; it dragged on what would otherwise be a powerful and impactful story with distractions that lead to little or very little gains.The strong points of the game are mitigated by they're choice in making it an open world game. I wasn't really hyped for the game, but since I was bored in quarantine like everyone else and had some time I figured I'd give it a try; it was even getting phenominal reviews and press. I definitely wouldn't say I didn't enjoy some of it, but I will remember this game as a mixed bag.
  3. Absolutely! It's not an old-school tough game, but there's definitely inspiration from the Ninja Gaiden games.
  4. I've previously completed this game on the Switch, and was tempted to complete it on PS4 when I saw it was on sale. To my dismay, I see not many people own this game on PSN Profiles. I just wanted to vouch for this game and hopefully convince some people who either are on the fence for this game, or have never heard of it, to give it a try. Here are some characteristics that define the game: 1) It is a fun, well balanced action platformer. If platformers aren't your thing, the game really isn't hard. It gradually introduces its mechanics as you progress, and in no time you'll be swinging through this game like a pro. 2) The writing is funny and top-notch. It's not something that comes across at first glance, but The Messenger has a great sense of humor and an interesting story to go along with it. It's sure to keep you interested throughout your playthrough. 3) The music is full of bangers. Just check out some of the soundtracks yourself! 4) It's a fairly easy platinum! The game already has over a 30% platinum score on the website, so if your looking for a fun, relatively quick, and very do-able plat this game has it. There is one trophy that might give you some headache, but there are guides that make it easier. 5) The mechanics in the game are very interesting and well implemented. I'm not going into much detail here because I believe you should see it for yourself, but there are mechanics in the game, if done improperly, can be detrimental to a game. This game does it exquisitly and is polished to a tee. It's only proper that this game is on the Hidden Gems Sale, because it really is one! If your interested at all, I say pick it up. Especially taking advantage of the sale going on.
  5. Definitely get the game! One of the best indie games I've ever played. The difficulty for the platinum only really comes from a challenge tied to an arcade game within the game. However, I wouldn't let something like that hinder you from getting what could be a game you really enjoy. If the completion aspect bothers you that much, then I'd say get it on another platform of your choice.
  6. Bought my PS4 in 2016, and I've had a blast with it. Probably my favorite generation of games, and the library of exclusives Sony has put out have been phenomenal. Not to mention the quality indie games that have come out have been amazing as well. Some of my favorites that come to mind are God of War, Nier Automata, Enter the Gungeon, Stardew Valley, Uncharted 4, Hollow Knight, Nioh, and Sonic Mania. Can't wait for what next gen has in store. I will say though, there are a couple of things I've experienced that I hope are addressed for the PS5. The most notable issue for me has been my controllers and joystick drift. I never had this problem with a PS2 or PS3 controller, but I've had to buy multiple PS4 controllers for these issues. I don't know what's causing it, and also the solutions for it are pretty silly (hold the buttons for 30 seconds, turn the joysticks, etc.). The other experience, although not nearly as bothersome, is that I hope they are able to make the console quieter. It hasn't been a problem for me, but it's definitely noticeable when playing certain high graphic titles such as RE2 remake.
  7. When starting at the middle mound, start from the edge of it, or behind it. It's also easier when you wait for after the burial scene. I tried multiple times tracing the map without the trophy popping until I started at the edge of the mound, and when I got right to the other mound, the trophy immediately popped. Hope this is helpful to anyone.
  8. Yep, any difficulty.
  9. I'm at 1888 rooms and I'm missing one besides Dracula's final boss area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://imgur.com/a8cZPsE https://imgur.com/C2MYZsk
  10. I used to love physical copies of everything, but PS has made it more tedious to be a disc lover in this day and age. For instance, it took me hours to start up FF7R the other day because I had to download the whole game (which I thought the point of physical copies was to not have to do that?!?!?!) and then start it. Combined with disc reading difficulties in the past, I think I'll just save some money and go with the digital.
  11. I can only speak from my experiences, but other people have said similar things about the Z-Chaser/ Card Collector trophies. I got the Z-Chaser trophy by beating the S-Rank ghosts on dual display using solely Single Chaser mode. For the Card Collector, I had tried and tried every game until I made it to Mega Man ZX, where the wallpaper was suddenly selectable. That means I beat Mega Man Zero 1-4, then upon playing Mega Man ZX I was able to get the trophy. Hopefully this helps you or anyone else searching for these trophies.
  12. I got the trophy playing on casual mode and beating the boss on the train. The trophy can't be obtained from the opening stage.
  13. I had trouble with that one too for some reason. The one that finally worked for me was when playing Mega Man ZX, and the wallpaper was suddenly selectable.
  14. So I am beating the games after listening to them all. I don't skip the credits. I'm beating the games in the same sitting as when listening to the songs. However, I skip the title intros to the first four games and fully play 3 songs. I'm not sure if that's messing up the "3 song" requirement. I'm going to do it again and beat one of the games tomorrow and see if it works. And I'm not sure if there's an easier way like you mentioned to get the trophy unless anyone else has found something.
  15. Anyone have any advice on how to properly unlock this trophy? I've tried to beat 3-4 separate games after listen to songs exactly three times, other times play just a bunch of them, but the trophy still isn't unlocking. Would greatly appreciate it.