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  1. I’m not really having too much difficulty with it, but yeah I guess it would be a better method.
  2. Did 5 Hive Missions and nothing so far. Will keep going. Pissing me off a bit. I pre ordered months ago the Deluxe Edition. No reason for all of these glitched trophies.
  3. I got Group Effort even though I’m not level 25. Old Fashion Beat Down is still glitched for me.
  4. Harm missions I-V didn’t pop up for me either. Stupid.
  5. Any help with Old Fashion Beatdown?
  6. The 5 Harm challenges trophy didn’t pop for me.
  7. Congrats dude!
  8. Playing right now, 9:25 EST and no update available. Disregard. Updating now. 10.174GB update.
  9. Thanks man. So you can basically tackle those two at the same time.
  10. Guys this might be a stupid question, but if you complete 30 Hive missions at level 3 will the 30 War Zone missions trophy pop? Like does each mission count as a “War Zone”?
  11. I’m at 31 trophies now. Haven’t grinded because I have been busy but really starting to have fun with the game. I guess I will start the grind when the trophies are no longer bugged.
  12. Thanks man. Count me in!
  13. I’m getting the villain sectors but they are levels much higher than I am so I couldn’t even do them if I wanted to.
  14. I hate the fact that I am hunting plats now. Before I would just play for fun, now I just go for plats and then move on. There are games I don’t even play because I don’t want to invest 200 hours into like RDR2. But I guess I can create another account and just play for fun on that one lol.
  15. Right now going for Avengers. Been working a lot lately, haven’t been able to put in many hours.