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  1. Also somebody tell that Forrest person how gaming works. “This is not bugged what’s wrong with you people”.
  2. Great. Stuck on 10/16. How imbecilic is this?
  3. Yeah, I got the platinum in just one playthrough but now I don’t want to do 5-6-7 more. I’ll skip the DLC for now.
  4. MW Remastered
  5. I don't really understand their deal and what they are looking for. What made NFS Underground and U2 so awesome was you could just pick a car you want, max it out, and just play. Heat's payouts were enough where you could have many different cars.
  6. Quick question in reference to NG+. I do not want to do 37 playthroughs of the game, just being honest. Would I be able to start a NG+ playthrough on Hardcore mode from the start, thus effectively tackling 3 trophies at once (satisfying the ng+ trophy, hardcore trophy, and hardcore ng+ trophy)? Thank you guys!
  7. The mission is not bad at all once you have a competent partner and know where to place the turrets. They need to be on the high ground. Save your money until the last 2 rounds where you can buy turrets and reinforcements. It almost makes it trivial.
  8. The game is a bit cringe, I can't lie. For some reason I had a lot more fun with HEAT. My only gripe with story mode is how slow you progress. I wish you received cash a lot faster because you really will only have enough to build 2-3 cars and afford the buy ins for the Saturday events. Online, the 3 races per event has got to go. 3 races for $20K is awful, you have to really grind to buy and use the cars you like.
  9. DragonBall Fighter Z
  10. Arkham City
  11. This happened to me too. I think I got it with 2 abilities left. Absolutely nuts.
  12. Assassin's Creed Origins
  13. Injustice 1, beast!
  14. Damn reading this thread makes me feel like scum for paying $89 for this game lol. Got the deluxe whatever edition with the season pass.
  15. Yes, exactly. I should have clarified. DOES NOT work with A, however it does work with the others.