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  1. Bit unfair to buy dlc for their trophies to unlock. I saw a post from twitter in October about these glitched trophies and they still haven't fixed it, what a joke. 3 of my trophies are not unlocking either
  2. Lag

    Thanks, I think it has potential to be a really good game but not with all the bugs at the moment, it was driving me insane at one point
  3. Lag

    Does this happen to anyone else? I've got alot of resources on my lsland so now it's started to lag quite alot. I loaded the game up earlier and I had a cabin with extra resources in and they were all on the floor and buoy balls floating in the water and my raft was gone, the anchor was there with a long long rope and I couldn't even see the raft, I reloaded the game which fixed it however the lag is still there. Sometimes when returning back to my base, things are floating in the air, my raft flipped up earlier for no reason and messed up all my crates. I'm trying to do the craft all items trophy but how can I if the more resources I have, the more lag there is
  4. Once I started to face the bosses, it started to freeze when I was trying to save it, so I had to defeat the Meg twice. Before the boss fights, it never freeze once.
  5. Lag

    I got the craft all trophy without any problems, I didn't have to have everything built at the same time. I told a different person on another quote, was suppose to tell you lol I had a list of everything I needed to build and ticked off as I went along so maybe it glitched for you and the other person or you didn't do it properly lol
  6. Lag

    Omg I got plat, never ever again will I play a game like that. My game started to crash, I had to kill the meg twice, after killing the squid I got lost and couldn't find my way back to my island. I've never been so scared playing a game lol Just so you know, i got the craft them all trophy without any problems luckily so I didn't have to have everything built at the same time. I managed to keep the sail down and drove into the meg boat and it stayed there. I did the same with the eel and it didn't move however it went all wrong with the squid and my raft ended up losing all my storage boxes so had to reload save and go there in my life raft because the anchor on the life raft works fine in open waters. I'm so grateful it's over, thanks for all your advice. I can't believe the ending which obviously I won't ruin for anyone who hasn't done it yet. Yayyyy plat lol
  7. I replaced an island when there was a survivor on it and when I removed the island, the survivor camp appeared back so I now have both trophies.
  8. Lag

    So I'm basically screwed then, I'm dreading these fights lol I don't know why they don't allow you to anchor before the fight, I mean do they want us to swim all the way back
  9. Lag

    Lol I was thinking, wouldn't the anchor drop on top of the eel ship and the buoy with the squid?
  10. Lag

    Thanks for that, I look forward to trying to steer my raft into correct position lol
  11. Lag

    Lol glad I'm not alone. I was just wondering have you defeated any of the bosses yet and if you have, do you have any tips to stop my raft floating away, xbox achievements suggest taking the life raft but I would feel safer on my raft that I made, any suggestions?
  12. Lag

    Oh Ive been reading the xbox achievements because they seem to be the only ones writing a guide for some trophies and the compass trophy didn't unlock for them so they said don't use the gyrocopter. Thanks I need it lol Yep I get this quite alot now and also flying hogs when moving them with L2 lol I have been storing some items but not all however I will start filling up my boxes now, I have about 24 containers on my boat and they lag about too, I probably take some off and use them for my island. Thanks for the tip My raft doesn't turn properly, is this anything to do with the size or is that just how it is on ps4? It's 5 by 3, don't think I'm writing that properly but whatever lol
  13. Lag

    Noooooo lol maybe you guys didn't build it properly with your hammer before you destroyed it? Please tell me you didn't build it properly and that's why it didn't pop lol I'm kind of addicted to this game but scared at the same time so I just want it to be over lol I haven't even attempted the bosses yet as I'm scared and not ready lol but wanted to do other trophies first. Just to confirm, can I build the gyrocopter and as long as I don't get in it, i won't void the compass trophy?
  14. Lag

    Yeah I hate leaving my island now incase I lose something and have to reload a save. I just saw your post on another topic about having everything crafted at the same time, please tell me this is not true lol I've been building and knocking down what I don't need and ticking it off my list of things I need to build. I would hate to have to do all that again especially with this lag. I even looked at the trophy again to see if it needed to have everything built at the same time but it just said to craft one of every item