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  1. For anyone wondering, the Gold Edition costs $50 and the Winter's Expansion can also be bought separately for $20. Both available to pre-order now on the Playstation Store.
  2. I saw the anime more than a decade ago and I cried for days. Never played the visual novel, I wish they it had regular discounts considering how old it is.
  3. I have an extra console to play as the killer. With my main account I would play as a survivor. Can I boost this in a match with 3 other random survivors that are unaware of what I'm attempting or is it mandatory for them to colaborate for the trophy? TIA.
  4. I had a lot of fun playing it, the only negative difference compared to Keep Talking that is worth noting is the length of the game. Once you clear the four or five bombs the game offers there isn't much more else to do unless you want to keep disarming the already defused bombs for fun. They're all randomized so technically you would not be repeating the same bombs. The difficulty spike is much bigger than Keep Talking. Every module type is hard enough to make it interesting but not frustrating. So even the first bombs are way more complex than the first bombs in Keep Talking. I recommend it for a quick fun session with your SO or friends, the game is very entertaining if you take turns to play as defuser and expert after each bomb. I'm afraid playing it for the sake of 100% completion won't feel very rewarding though. If you buy it on discount, the price will be a lot more adjusted to the game's length (I found it for $2-3 or so). In terms of gameplay it definitely lives up to Keep Talking while having an own essence as well.
  5. Considering Part I is getting a remake for PS5, which enhancements could be done in a possible PS5 native version of Part II? I haven't tested Part II on PS5 yet, so I'm unaware if the game could be upgraded at all.
  6. This trophy feels completely impossible from my experience. I play with one friend and we get awful teammates all the time. My complain with the ranked system is that it only rewards you for winning matches, not for playing for your team. We always hit silver and then we get an unstoppable lose streak just to get back to copper.
  7. Since everyone is sharing their wishlists Silent Hill 4 with trophy support is the only thing I need.
  8. The game also runs as good as it can on PS5. If it didn't perform as good as it does on current gen it would make sense to release a PS5 version, but the game's already great on both PS5 and Xbox Series.
  9. I highly doubt this could be a reality but trophies for Resident Evil 1-3 and Silent Hill 1-4 would be amazing.
  10. The story is very well written and it's probably the most underrated Telltale game ever. It ends on a cliffhanger and it will probably stay like that forever, but it's a lot better than the official ending the TV series got (not that that's a hard accomplishment lol). I'd recommend it if you were a fan of seasons 4 and 5, Telltale did a pretty god job at portraying the TV series universe inside the game itself.
  11. I'd be excited for Spongebob actually. I always thought it would come eventually but didn't expect it this month. Can't wait to try that one... But I can see why anyone else would be mad at this lol.
  12. You're good as long as you ignore comrades and stick to the main game and every other dlc trophies. The game is so enjoyable as long as you don't mind about comrades.
  13. The Spectrum Retreat is the closest vibe I've found to The Witness, definitely recommend it. I've heard about The Turing Test as well but haven't tried it yet. Maquette was already mentioned but that one is good too.
  14. I love how everyone's talking about other games like RE4, RE:Resistance and even Dino Crisis. Does anyone even remember RE:Verse? Was that cancelled or...? Anyway, I definitely prefer these PS5 enhancements!
  15. Thanks for this event! The badges are gorgeous. I'll be here again whenever there's another chance to show a middle finger to cancer.