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  1. Thanks for this event! The badges are gorgeous. I'll be here again whenever there's another chance to show a middle finger to cancer.
  2. Finished my fourth orange game
  3. I recently finished DDLC+ as my second pink: And Welcome Park and Crazy Market for my second and third oranges:
  4. I just finished FNAF: Help Wanted and I'm not sure if this counts as pink, so please give me a color check: Also, I recently finished Probe too and noticed it has an orange border on the image, would it count if it's just a 100%? If these games don't count it's fine, I have a few certain pinks and oranges on my current list anyway. Thanks for this amazing event btw, it really shows how solid of a community we are. F*ck cancer.
  5. Most likely not, considering Life is Strange has never given trophy lists to aditional content in their previous games. But who knows, this time could be different tho.
  6. I can remember one trailer of Wavelengths that specified that you needed the full True Colors game in order to play the DLC. I could be wrong but I think yes, you need the full game.
  7. Has anyone checked if this game has an unlocked frame rate on PS5 or any visual improvement? Edit: I just saw a gameplay video on youtube. For anyone's interest, this game apparently runs at a smooth 60 fps on PS5.
  8. It may be something related to another hidden rare occurence. But at this point I imagine you guys tried everything so there's definitely something else hiding around. I don't think it's bugged knowing how this game works, but it's still a possibility.
  9. Have you tried to get the creepy hidden menu that can appear during act 2? I was wondering if that was necessary for 100%