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  1. Since everyone is sharing their wishlists Silent Hill 4 with trophy support is the only thing I need.
  2. The game also runs as good as it can on PS5. If it didn't perform as good as it does on current gen it would make sense to release a PS5 version, but the game's already great on both PS5 and Xbox Series.
  3. I highly doubt this could be a reality but trophies for Resident Evil 1-3 and Silent Hill 1-4 would be amazing.
  4. The story is very well written and it's probably the most underrated Telltale game ever. It ends on a cliffhanger and it will probably stay like that forever, but it's a lot better than the official ending the TV series got (not that that's a hard accomplishment lol). I'd recommend it if you were a fan of seasons 4 and 5, Telltale did a pretty god job at portraying the TV series universe inside the game itself.
  5. I'd be excited for Spongebob actually. I always thought it would come eventually but didn't expect it this month. Can't wait to try that one... But I can see why anyone else would be mad at this lol.
  6. You're good as long as you ignore comrades and stick to the main game and every other dlc trophies. The game is so enjoyable as long as you don't mind about comrades.
  7. The Spectrum Retreat is the closest vibe I've found to The Witness, definitely recommend it. I've heard about The Turing Test as well but haven't tried it yet. Maquette was already mentioned but that one is good too.
  8. I love how everyone's talking about other games like RE4, RE:Resistance and even Dino Crisis. Does anyone even remember RE:Verse? Was that cancelled or...? Anyway, I definitely prefer these PS5 enhancements!
  9. Thanks for this event! The badges are gorgeous. I'll be here again whenever there's another chance to show a middle finger to cancer.
  10. Finished my fourth orange game
  11. I recently finished DDLC+ as my second pink: And Welcome Park and Crazy Market for my second and third oranges:
  12. I just finished FNAF: Help Wanted and I'm not sure if this counts as pink, so please give me a color check: Also, I recently finished Probe too and noticed it has an orange border on the image, would it count if it's just a 100%? If these games don't count it's fine, I have a few certain pinks and oranges on my current list anyway. Thanks for this amazing event btw, it really shows how solid of a community we are. F*ck cancer.
  13. Most likely not, considering Life is Strange has never given trophy lists to aditional content in their previous games. But who knows, this time could be different tho.
  14. I can remember one trailer of Wavelengths that specified that you needed the full True Colors game in order to play the DLC. I could be wrong but I think yes, you need the full game.
  15. Has anyone checked if this game has an unlocked frame rate on PS5 or any visual improvement? Edit: I just saw a gameplay video on youtube. For anyone's interest, this game apparently runs at a smooth 60 fps on PS5.
  16. It may be something related to another hidden rare occurence. But at this point I imagine you guys tried everything so there's definitely something else hiding around. I don't think it's bugged knowing how this game works, but it's still a possibility.
  17. Have you tried to get the creepy hidden menu that can appear during act 2? I was wondering if that was necessary for 100%