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  1. baja0426 ピースお絵かきパズル Pic-a-Pix I am sorry if the sentences are strange because they are translated into English for translation by Japanese.<br /> There are no illegal acts related to trophy acquisition.<br /> First of all, I played this game on PS4 and knew when to get a trophy.<br /> I thought it would be interesting to know the timing in the vita version.<br /> Since I could save several saves, I saved the state just before the stage was cleared.<br /> By doing so, if I cleared the stage and loaded the data of another stage and continued to clear it immediately, I thought that it would be interesting to get trophy continuously and executed it.<br /> The result was an interesting experience where you could get a trophy at a fast pace as you thought.<br /> However, the time from the first trophy acquired to the comp was recorded, and it was as if it was fraudulent.<br /> Actually, it takes more than two days to prepare for the trophy rush, so it is not completely clear.<br /> There is also a language barrier, so I don't know if it works well, but I don't think it is wrong.