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  1. And on top of that, this is a really short game; I have understanding for people that want a plat at the end of long games, it’s part of the PS experience, but complaining a 3-hour indie game doesn’t have one?
  2. I wonder if there’s a chance that one could be boosted by idling on the menu screen overnight a few times.
  3. Seeing how they treated Mafia II sure makes me wary of what Mafia 1 remake is going to be like. I just don't understand how they would approve releasing this game with how bad the audio alone is in videos I've seen.
  4. Found a playlist that covers seven of the courses (PC version) The fact that he is able to get as low as -40 on one course suggests to me that par is very doable even if you screw up some holes. Just need someone to fill in the other courses (assuming the holes we get are the same as PC).
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. I was trying to find out how to earn the nicknames and found a trophy guide for the game which explains it all (though doesn't offer any tips) Basically you earn Baba Yaga by meeting the par score in four categories (time, bandages, accuracy, number of weapon types), and the other four nicknames are each associated with one of the categories.
  7. Budget must be approved by the Mayor - the Mayor that, when gold was discovered, had it made into a statue of her pet chicken... They definitely do not have the tax base or all the spending they do!
  8. I can't find any information about Hardcore mode on the internet - do you have to do an entire Hardcore career to complete the Senior TT in Hardcore mode? How does Hardcore mode affect difficulty? Thanks!
  9. Looks like a colourized Hidden Folks that was on PC and Switch.
  10. April 23 2020 on the official website. Possibly the best plat icon for a motorcycle game on PS4 (though not a hard thing to achieve given so many are just the title of the game), and looks very easy - I don't see anything at first look that's a big grind (eg Rossi the Game's 30 online wins) or a difficult requirement (eg. MotoGP 19's pro career).