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  1. It happened to me too, but the trophy has popped. After that, i sync my trophies like 3 or 4 times. Even I contacted Playstation support about the problem, 2 hours later I sync once again my trophies and worked. Now I need to reach level 100 and get the platinum. Video proof:
  2. Leyen-Dairy is bugged. it collided with the officer trophy. The trophy popped, but it's not saved on my trophy cloud system or in the network... Video proof: I think i need to errase all game data after getting the level 100
  3. I´ve just platinum right now the game! I´ve though from the start that my trophy was bugged... I´ve missed wolverines to finished it without dying and i went back to finished it. No trophy Went back to Endgame to finish it without dying and see the credit roll, no trophy Last but not least, i´ve finished S.S.D.D. WITHOUT KILLING Shepherd (Lucky..) and trophy pop up with platinum included. So... Does this mean the trophy was patched?
  4. I´m playing right now DR2 just for the Platinum! I can offer help too in TIR show. I´m missing the TIR trophies tho´ Add me: Xxdeadxspace2X
  5. Phisical Copy, I only have the Base game Once in a while happens on multiplayer too. I checked on Reddit that this problem happens in other plataforms too since VPR Nerf patch. So yeah, I have more luck in coop zombies matches.
  6. I have this weird problem/glitch (?) that every single time that i do zombies solo, the game kicks me out after the 9th scene or above (or after long periods of time playing it), local game kicks me out too. The most frustrating thing is that my progress is not save and it´s impossible to do the easter eggs solo because of it. In Public lobbies i do not have problems (most of the times).
  7. Hello once again! I feel the same too, but i think that problem is more frequent/agressive if i do not have the good conection or i play with other players from other countries (Example: Spain). And the other problem is with the Supply Drops (never a fan of it). In matters from going in the combat, i feel it acceptable. Even i came with a 40+ kills in a match. At least the NV4 is nerfed (i think what i heard of).
  8. Trophy achieved! Done it with a friend from SA in a SA/BRA server (?) it take a few couple of matches in another server i think to pop it up. Note: I´ve encountered IDCLIP hackers and a possible No death hacker in the run, and a Victory Nuke Shoutouts to GUDGER666 to help me out with the trophy too! Lessons to get the trophy: Play a few matches in a South America/Brazil Servers. A friend of yours must be from South America and be the Host from the party and join a gaming session. This allows to join SA servers since the Host comes from SA. Eventually you unlock the trophy by winning or losing one match. I do not know is this 100% flawless to get the trophy, but i hope this works for everyone! Good Hunting everyone!
  9. Can you pass me his ID? And can he be able to help me to achieve it?
  10. Today report: I´ve played in a gun game match with two spanish players, trophy did not pop up. Even after 5 MVPs in a row. Retry to join in a in-course game, nothing at all. Already speak with a friend of mine from the SA servers, he olny win 7 matches but no trophy.