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  1. I've already read Cat's Cradle It was one of my first experiences of Vonnegut. Breakfast of Champions has been my favorite so far.
  2. Another one off the list....Deadly Tower of Monsters Balanced out with the new addition of Oxenfree Currently my path to 50 is planned out like this: 47. Stories: Path of Destinies 48. Oxenfree 49. Oceanhorn 50. Don't Starve Together I did have Megatagmension planned but swapped it out in favor of the (shorter) Oxenfree
  3. I believe with Far Cry 2 I got as far as contracting malaria and leaving the first area. I didn't want to be bothered with the diamond collection and I had the digital version anyway which had a high chance of glitching all of the diamonds. I definitely don't miss it though I'm far enough along with this profile now where I don't feel sad about leaving my old one behind (maybe a little sad about a couple of games like Toukiden: Age of Demons)
  4. It looked pretty fun, and usually PS+ games tend to be pretty rare because people try it out and never complete it. You can always hope for that The Swindle is on my radar still even though it appears I added it to my PSN download list but never added it onto my list here. Far Cry 2 **shudders** I'd say it was slim to zero, it's kind of sad really because I only had the single player to do but it just wasn't an enjoyable experience. I'd rather spend the time playing a heavy going RPG like Star Ocean or Mugen Souls than play FC2 again.
  5. Platinum 44 done - Saturday Morning RPG Added Spy Chameleon to my list from this months PS+ collection. Also reached 2,000 trophies Coming up to my new accounts first year anniversary too!
  6. Now Final Fantasy 5 and 6 I can say that I've played 6 is one of my favorites and one of the best FF games. Thanks, planning on it being Don't Starve Together which will require a bit of work, but looking forward to spending time on it again.
  7. #43. The Little Acre Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 I needed something light after grinding out a couple of games (I'm looking at you CoM) so I decided to give The Little Acre a try. It's a really adorable and enjoyable point and click. Love the art style and the music and is just what I needed to break up some of my other games.
  8. Thank you I sadly never played Secret of Mana so I feel I missed out there.
  9. On my road to platinum number 50....just finished up Adventures of Mana for number 42 Completion percentage is also the highest it's been on this account
  10. #42. Adventures of Mana Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Started this one up quite some time ago and then dropped it in favor of other games, finally got the opportunity to go back to it and enjoyed it a lot (apart from killing elephants for a few hours to level up) Nice story with easy bosses, only thing is the map can sometimes get a bit confusing.
  11. Baking afternoon B)  One cheese and jalapeno bread for me; and one cheese and habanero bread for husband ^_^

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Not really into hot peppers, but cheese bread sounds delicious.

  12. This thread provides some helpful instructions in what to do if you do end up in a hacked lobby and trophies autopop
  13. Huge shout out to @MafiaBrett for being absolutely awesome and helping me with a few Don't Starve Together trophies ^_^

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    2. Deceptrox


      I'm not sure, I guess so. It's the one that was on sale some weeks ago. The thing is that I don't know exactly what I have to do, gather stuff, craft items, eat food? It gets dark and it seems that "I'm" attacked and killed. I think this is a bit similar to Terraria, but you have to eat to stay alive on Don't Starve, right? Just give some tips on what to do, without spoiling anything. Thanks.

    3. MesopithecusUK


      There are two modes - one is just regular sandbox where you can play however you like.  Build up a camp, gather resources, craft, eat, campfire at night to stop the shadows.  As you survive more days you can unlock different characters with different abilities. It's a great mode to get used to the game.  From sandbox mode you can unlock Adventure Mode which is a bit more brutal - essentially you have to find certain pieces to progress through portals into the next stages of adventure - you really put all the skills you learnt in sandbox to use here and adventure mode unlocks two unique characters.  The Don't Starve wiki is incredible for information, as are the Klei Don't Starve forums :)

    4. Deceptrox


      Ok, thanks. I'll check the wiki if I keep sucking at the game.

  14. I've made myself a promise to return to No Man's Sky once I've reached platinum 50, so not too far away. I'm looking forward to seeing the new additions to the game and will most likely play on my prior save and enjoy the new additions before even considering trying out perma-death
  15. @evilartifact made a post about some of the differences. Linked it below for you