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  1. As we all live in different parts of the world, surrounded by all kinds of different beauty (nature, architecture, etc.) I thought it would be a nice idea to have a thread dedicated to photos you have taken and want to share. Any commentary on the photo is also welcome I'll start off with a couple of mine This one is of a Northern Cardinal and was taken from the yard of my house. He pretty much wakes me up every morning with his song, so thought getting a cool snap of him would be fitting This next one is of a beautiful Monarch Butterfly that posed for me during a visit to our local botanical gardens Finally, this is one of my favorite birds - Great Blue Heron. I snapped this one yesterday and so far, husband and I encountered one of these on our wedding day and both anniversaries so it has some special meaning. I look forward to seeing any future photos that are shared by others
  2. Honestly, I'm so stoked for this game, it looks so beautiful and so emotive. I'm glad they kept the trophy images similar to the achievement images, because they are so pretty. The trophies look pretty straightforward - thinking of doing this in a couple of runs, once for the experience and then once for trophy clean up. This game was created by a one woman studio too, so definitely want to give this game some love I hope a lot of people check it out
  3. I've decided to remaster my Wall of Shame due to me retiring my old PSN account and now playing exclusively on my new account. Now I know a lot of people may think I'm crazy for abandoning my old account but it just wasn't me anymore - my main reasons for change were combined with wanting an account that fitted my region so that I could make best use of the sales (especially from a Vita perspective) and the fact that the "P" in my username was redundant and became bothersome to me. So introducing my new username: Mesopithecus My main focus on my new account will be RPGs, after all that is why I fell in love with gaming in the first place. I have included pretty much everything on my list that I have a vague interest in playing - some of these games may disappear once my old account PS+ sub expires and I run out of time to complete said games. I've also put quite a few games down that I have already played on my old account, but want to replay again - I'm excluding a few game series at the moment as I haven't fully decided if I want to play them again or not (Assassin's Creed, Uncharted and Infamous, oh and Toukiden!) Dragon Quest Heroes - 12/50 (17%) Final Fantasy X HD - 3/34 (6%) Final Fantasy XV - 17/65 (17%) No Man's Sky - 24/28 (93%) Okami HD - 11/51 (15%) Rainbow Moon - 20/53 (28%) Total Unearned Trophies: 221 Completion: 92.81% A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Akiba's Trip Alice: Madness Returns Anna: Extended Edition Arcania: The Complete Tale Bastion Beyond Eyes Borderlands 2 Borderlands Pre Sequel Child of Light Claire: Extended Cut Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars Contrast Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Don't Starve Dragon Fantasy Book 1 Entwined Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Fallout 3 Fallout 4 Fallout New Vegas Fat Princess Adventures Final Fantasy X-2 HD Final Fantasy XIII Flower Gauntlet God Eater Resurrection Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Hyperdimension Neptunia Action Unleashed Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 I Am Setsuna Journey Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Megadimension Neptunia VII Metro 2033 Redux Metro: Last Light Redux Mind=0 Ni No Kuni Okage: Shadow King Omega Quintet Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Persona 4 Golden Resident Evil Rogue Galaxy Shadows of Mordor GOTY Skyrim SOMA Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness Stories: The Path of Destinies Super Dungeon Bros Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Tales of Graces F Tales of Hearts R Tales of Symphonia Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Tales of Xillia Tearaway Unfolded Terraria The Flame in the Flood The Order: 1886 The Unfinished Swan This War of Mine: The Little Ones Trine Enchanted Edition Trine 2 Complete Story Ultratron White Night Yomawari: Night Alone Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward
  4. I've already read Cat's Cradle It was one of my first experiences of Vonnegut. Breakfast of Champions has been my favorite so far.
  5. Another one off the list....Deadly Tower of Monsters Balanced out with the new addition of Oxenfree Currently my path to 50 is planned out like this: 47. Stories: Path of Destinies 48. Oxenfree 49. Oceanhorn 50. Don't Starve Together I did have Megatagmension planned but swapped it out in favor of the (shorter) Oxenfree
  6. I believe with Far Cry 2 I got as far as contracting malaria and leaving the first area. I didn't want to be bothered with the diamond collection and I had the digital version anyway which had a high chance of glitching all of the diamonds. I definitely don't miss it though I'm far enough along with this profile now where I don't feel sad about leaving my old one behind (maybe a little sad about a couple of games like Toukiden: Age of Demons)
  7. It looked pretty fun, and usually PS+ games tend to be pretty rare because people try it out and never complete it. You can always hope for that The Swindle is on my radar still even though it appears I added it to my PSN download list but never added it onto my list here. Far Cry 2 **shudders** I'd say it was slim to zero, it's kind of sad really because I only had the single player to do but it just wasn't an enjoyable experience. I'd rather spend the time playing a heavy going RPG like Star Ocean or Mugen Souls than play FC2 again.
  8. Platinum 44 done - Saturday Morning RPG Added Spy Chameleon to my list from this months PS+ collection. Also reached 2,000 trophies Coming up to my new accounts first year anniversary too!
  9. Now Final Fantasy 5 and 6 I can say that I've played 6 is one of my favorites and one of the best FF games. Thanks, planning on it being Don't Starve Together which will require a bit of work, but looking forward to spending time on it again.
  10. #43. The Little Acre Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 I needed something light after grinding out a couple of games (I'm looking at you CoM) so I decided to give The Little Acre a try. It's a really adorable and enjoyable point and click. Love the art style and the music and is just what I needed to break up some of my other games.
  11. Thank you I sadly never played Secret of Mana so I feel I missed out there.
  12. Thank you for your honesty regarding the use of a save game. Whilst it's true that you won't be unflagged in this instance, if you wish to return to the leaderboard you can hide the game on your profile. To do that please check out the topic below (but remember to hide instead of unhide)
  13. On my road to platinum number 50....just finished up Adventures of Mana for number 42 Completion percentage is also the highest it's been on this account
  14. #42. Adventures of Mana Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Started this one up quite some time ago and then dropped it in favor of other games, finally got the opportunity to go back to it and enjoyed it a lot (apart from killing elephants for a few hours to level up) Nice story with easy bosses, only thing is the map can sometimes get a bit confusing.
  15. Baking afternoon B)  One cheese and jalapeno bread for me; and one cheese and habanero bread for husband ^_^

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Not really into hot peppers, but cheese bread sounds delicious.

  16. This thread provides some helpful instructions in what to do if you do end up in a hacked lobby and trophies autopop
  17. Huge shout out to @MafiaBrett for being absolutely awesome and helping me with a few Don't Starve Together trophies ^_^

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    2. Deceptrox


      I'm not sure, I guess so. It's the one that was on sale some weeks ago. The thing is that I don't know exactly what I have to do, gather stuff, craft items, eat food? It gets dark and it seems that "I'm" attacked and killed. I think this is a bit similar to Terraria, but you have to eat to stay alive on Don't Starve, right? Just give some tips on what to do, without spoiling anything. Thanks.

    3. MesopithecusUK


      There are two modes - one is just regular sandbox where you can play however you like.  Build up a camp, gather resources, craft, eat, campfire at night to stop the shadows.  As you survive more days you can unlock different characters with different abilities. It's a great mode to get used to the game.  From sandbox mode you can unlock Adventure Mode which is a bit more brutal - essentially you have to find certain pieces to progress through portals into the next stages of adventure - you really put all the skills you learnt in sandbox to use here and adventure mode unlocks two unique characters.  The Don't Starve wiki is incredible for information, as are the Klei Don't Starve forums :)

    4. Deceptrox


      Ok, thanks. I'll check the wiki if I keep sucking at the game.

  18. I've made myself a promise to return to No Man's Sky once I've reached platinum 50, so not too far away. I'm looking forward to seeing the new additions to the game and will most likely play on my prior save and enjoy the new additions before even considering trying out perma-death
  19. @evilartifact made a post about some of the differences. Linked it below for you
  20. Not a bad month overall I've already played Life is Strange, but will add the rest of the games to my download list. Particularly interested in playing Spy Chameleon and although I'm not a huge fan of racing games, I might give WRC 5 a try.
  21. Speedrunners Watch_Dogs Assassin's Creed III Dragon Age Origins DLC for Phantom Dust Believe that PS+ have already previously offered Assassin's Creed III (for EU PS+ only) and Dragon Age Origins
  22. I already got the Re:Chain of Memories plat a couple days ago Just taking a break and playing some other games before starting KH2 as I was burnt out after 6 playthroughs Cheering for you to win this and finish the KH games!
  23. Just been to the library to pick up my next months worth of reading Animal Farm by George Orwell (I have read this before but it was some years ago) Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
  24. When did you earn the rest of your F.E.A.R 2 trophies? Looking back at a snapshot of your profile from April 2016, your F.E.A.R 2 list shows it still being incomplete with 39/59 trophies with the last trophy being earned on 21st April 2015. Snapsnot from November 2016 shows the same - 39/59 trophies being earned. Between November 2016 and now, it seems you have obtained/synced the remainder of the trophies (with an April 21st 2015 date) What happened here?
  25. Congrats You know Star Ocean 4 would look great as a 50th platinum