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  1. I would say Gravity Rush, i really enjoyed the art and music, and the gameplay was good enough to keep me interested for long enough.
  2. I will try this once i get every other trophy just in case it randomly pops. I will update the thread with the solution if i find one.
  3. Every character does have a mark, i even tried replaying arcade with a few brawlers but it still has not popped.
  4. I have cleared arcade mode with every character (including the free dlc ones) and Everything is Connected has not popped. The only brawler i have not completed it with is Jenny, as she is paid dlc. The other arcade trophies were glitched as well, i needed to clear arcade with 7 brawlers for Astonishing! Even though the description says you only need to clear it with 5. This is probably because Garfield and Shredder were added as free characters. If anyone else has had this problem, please let me know. EDIT: I deleted my save and did it all over again and it popped, the only thing i did differently was avoid Garfield and Shredder because they are dlc.
  5. Just got the plat, seems like you dont need the Mansion Mode specimen. However i did need the Karamari Hospital monsters even though i had completed the DLC. And also thank you for this thread lol, saved me from a ton of Endless runs.
  6. The guide says you need to encounter every specimen in endless mode. I thought that would include the regular specimens from mansion mode even if you had encountered them outside of endless mode. Do you only have to encounter the Unique Specimens and the Dollhouse ones if you have already beaten mansion mode?
  7. Its a huge grind for the in-game currency to buy characters, i have over 1,000 hours in DBD and only have 75% of the characters you can get with in-game currency. For the premium characters, if you get them on sale, it costs around $50 to get most of them.
  8. @Rebourne07Hey, i am qualified for the silver category ✅The little acre 1/10 ✅Simulacra 2/10 ✅One Piece burning blood 3/10 ✅Borderlands 3 4/10 🛇Parappa the Rapper Remastered 5/10 ✅Kingdom Hearts 6/10 ✅Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 7/10 ✅Devil May Cry 8/10 🛇Devil May Cry 4 9/10 ✅Fall Guys 10/10 Dmc4 and Parappa difficulties taken from PlatPrices, the rest are from PSNP
  9. Nvm, made a mistake.
  10. Thanks for this, really nice not having to look through decade old forum posts for specific items like Katamari Forever.
  11. Sorry, have been sick for a while so i have not been terribly active. Im working on Kingdom Hearts right now and have it pretty close.
  12. Katamari Forever is hands down one of my all time favorite ps3 exclusives
  13. Kinda pathetic man, of course you would get a small punishment for hindering the game for other people.
  14. @J_GONZA_PR69 Hey, feel free to add me to a group on psn to talk strategy, I'm ok with trying to coordinate team plats if we are all active.
  15. Cant forget about Dead Souls!