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  1. Is this game fun? or you played it just & only for the trophies. Even if it's a free to play game. Thanks for everyone who answer the question.
  2. OK thank you Thanks
  3. Just wandering if it have a physical version for this game look awesome.
  4. I didn't think I was need to mention all of the issue itself because it was a very viral post that Suprised everyone. Sony is going to change the PS store of web & mobile and are removing OK s3 /vita & PSP games and wishlist are no more so I was searching for games to buy before the change is happening and wanted to know if these are can be 100% complete
  5. Already choose. I choose the half good half bad version of jak as the avatar picture. One of the BEST from the jak & Daxter Avatars that was added
  6. Love the Jak & Daxter Ones. One of my All-Time Favorite GAME Series of the Playstation.
  7. OK so what about the other games? Do you know if any of them are can be earned & digital only or also have a physical version.
  8. OK I found it. Why it's so expensive how did it sell as physically copy that it come to the prices­čśů When I locked up on warp I didn't see an online trophies on there & didn't see a post about it
  9. So after the apperently news that the ability of purchase ps3/vita & PSP will be gone on mobile and web. So I decided that it's time to find some new game & DLCs to get (free or with real money) so I found some games that are interesting & are OK to play but not so much fun as I was expecting them to be. So my question is are the games that I am going to mention are can be completed on 100% (some with platinum & some are without platinum but a lot of regular trophies) and also I want to know if they are digital only. But if not all of then are digital only what are have physical copy. So the games that I found are: 1)PixelJunk Shooter 2)PixelJunk Shooter 2 3)PixelJunk Eden 4)Hoard 5)Warp 6)Gravity Crash 7)eufloria 8)dungeon defenders Thanks for anyone that will help
  10. Is there any other companies that making a physical releases of digital only ps4 games. I am only know about limited run & iam8bit games that making this kind of stuff & want to know more of them. Thanks for helping
  11. Finally beat this challenge that was my last challenge in this map. Thanks for the tips of how complete it
  12. OK thank you for the help of this issue
  13. Yes and the most important one was the no another zombie game trophy fix that was very supising to me finally get it after months that I made this post anyway. Do you know someone that can locked this post because the problem is fix and we don't need anymore this post
  14. After a long time I was able to get this cursed trophy. Also it was beginning from a post that I made a long time ago about thus & didn't suspect that some patches that have released in the past few days have fixed this issue. But finally get this & now can finally COMPLETE this Game and be Done with IT