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  1. OK thank you for your response but my question is what is more canon to pick from that choices after checking in the game wikia I find this is the following of the mission: Drew's name can later be seen in the list of people owing money to Frank in his RV. Frank mentions that Drew "runs oxy" for Damon Merrick, and asks Chloe to go to Drew's room and retrieve the debt. Shortly after taking the money from a padlocked trunk, Mikey enters Drew's room and is surprised to see Chloe standing there. Drew then appears and tells everyone to get outside, but they are interrupted by Damon, who is looking out for Drew. Drew tells Chloe and Mikey to stay quiet and closes the door. An argument breaks out between Drew and Damon, and after some time Damon starts beating up Drew. Chloe has the option to open the door or stay in the room with Mikey. Give Damon the money Chloe opens the door and tells Damon that Frank sent her to collect Drew's debt. Mikey rushes to help Drew and breaks his arm while trying to prevent Chloe from handing the money to Damon. Damon threatens to break Drew's knees if he steals money again, and leaves the dorms. Drew becomes angry at Chloe for intervening into their affairs, saying that the money was necessary. Stay with Mikey Damon continues to beat up Drew and breaks his knee in the process. He then says that he will talk with Mikey next unless Drew gives him the money, and leaves the dorms. Chloe and Mikey open the door, and Mikey rushes to help his brother. Drew is grateful to Chloe for staying inside. Chloe then has the opportunity to give the money to Drew or keep it. If Chloe gives the money to Drew, he will at first be irritated at the fact that Chloe took it from him, but then admits that his father needs the money way more than Damon. Also i didn't mention that i see in the mission that the person have a letter about his football career and a lot of people choose the option to stay with his brother and Drew will brake his knee instead of the other one How much choose this opption: You stayed with Mikey. - 65% You gave Damon the money. - 35% And this is the main problem that I have in episode 2 and don't know what is more canon
  2. Hello everyone. Tommorow I am going to start again the lis bts becouse i am going to see a complete video guide on all the main and minor/side choices in the game. My main goal is to create 1 save in the game (like the only save i have with my choices that i have all on my own or in some part i used some information of the other choice after i finished a chapter to see what is more fits me and the direction my story is going to be). But with life is strange before the storm i always find the same choice in the problem of what us more better to the story to connect to the first game because the bts is a prequel to the first game and all the choices i made are means to be connected to the first game (after all is set before the first game and although i finish the first game on the ps3 i find some different but it's not the point now) The problem is in the before the storm episode 2 you have to find for the Caravan man (don't remember his name) that is gave to chloe the formula that cost money and have a debt to do and is to take money from a person (that is aperently know) and if you do the debt you have for the Caravan man will be half but you have the choice to lissen to the guy you take his money and to stay in his room with your friend and his brother from the dungeons and dragon game and that person will brake his knee after fight with another and the main criminal of the game (at least its seems like that) or to help that person and his brother will brake is hand And that is the problem what is more canon to the events of the first game because the character is not mentioned at all in that game. I need help with that because I don't want to restart it in the 4th or 5th time after restart it tommorow. I will see the comments before restart the game and chack my progress before I restart the game to see what I wanted and what I want to do on my own as my choices and what choices i do if what the others once is seems me logic to be Canon to the life is strange 1 plot and choices that i made in my save. Also I have other problem with some choices that I didn't understand in the episode 2 of before the storm but I hope the video that I going to watch tommorow will help me with thouse choices. Thanks for everyone that will help me its very important to me to finally complete this and finish the game for the first time because I almost half year stuck on this one and the time that pass I played other games.
  3. Hi everyone. In the last few days i decided after getting my new physical copy of hitman absolution on the ps3 becouse my copy was somehow destroyed and play and complete the missings trophies (even though i will not get the platinum becouse the co op service shut down and that are 8 missing trophies to complete that i will never get). I started to see how much i liked the hitman absolution game and the whole plot point and everything about it the setting, characters, mission and etc it was special game for me to try when i first play this for the first game in the series that i was playing in that time. After that i was continued to the next games in the series thouse are hitman 2016 & Hitman2. But what I want to know it's not the first time that I hear that from certain people that hitman absolution is a forgotten title and forgotten entery in the series becouse somehow the game is super worse in the perpose of hitman game. Tell me if i wrong but what is in absolution that is not presents a hitman title because I don't find answers for that. I know that the series have 4 games before the absolution title (the 4 games are codename 47, hitman 2 silent assassin, hitman contracts and hitman blood money) but never played them I going soon to try and get the trilogy version to the ps3 and play the silent assassin, blood money and contracts probably soon Hope to get answers for the questions
  4. Hi hitman 2016 do have a story with 6 episodes of you didn't understand I means that the hitman sniper assassin the mobile game is the one that i actually say that I didn't know if he have a specific story that was flesh out ecsactly that you are exsept from regular hitman title
  5. Hi everyone. So i think about something like that. In the hitman franchise, you have the mobile series of sniper assassins only. That you do mission with a sniper, but the problem is, that the first game in the series doesn't have much a story to tell. (if i wrong just tell me because, i play this and i didn't see much a story in this) also, don't sure if the mobile game are canon but i sure that the game are canon. If you don't familiar, with the mobile game. Is sniper missions that are return on itself. With some challenges, that are different but some are hard, and some easier to complete. And you have zombie mode, that you help to someone you know to repair the car, before the zombies come out to him. But before some months, io interactive do a Survey and ask you some questions. And they tell you, that a sequel will come out and it will be with, a bigger story and a lot simular and different in the same time, to the hitman 2016 & hitman 2 on the PC, Xbox one and PS4 version, of the sniper levels. (with a simular story, and gameplay but a lot different from those 2 last games) Also in the survey they tell you to pick the name of the sequel. So you ask, how the mobile series are related, to the question, and the topic of the post. So io interactive, tells us that they work on hitman 3. The next sequel to the hitman 2, (that it was a sequel to hitman 2016) but what i think they going to do is, to release a free companion app that will do 2 things to the hitman 3: (1) give you a full game, that will continue the previous hitman sniper assassin mobile game, and tell us a special story that we are didn't experience yet in the franchise. (but in the future if they want they will added a special episodes, for the regular sniper assassin sequel mobile game. That will be get acsses, if you buy them separately, or if you buy the exspension pass, you will get them for free. Like in the hitman 2 and you will get them through the io interactive services. That will linked to the platform you will buy the exspension pass. (ps4, Xbox one & pc ) and will be with the same consept like the special mission of hitman 2 exspension pass mission but with special story. But also will have, a linked mode section. That will be connected to hitman 3, and the link mode will do also 2 things*: 1*) will show you the progress, that you do with the levels of hitman 3. It will show you: what you have completed, what items you got, it will show you a specific and special information you acsses, from the story mode & sniper mission of hitman 3. And will show you a special events that will be happened in random in the world of hitman and etc. 2*) you will be able, to give your partner's information, and special tips you've learn, in the sniper assassin mission. And you will can send them pictures, from those mission, and contact them on live, through the app in any place in the world. That have wifi or phone internet (but will have better performance on wifi). (2) the app will includes, a elusive targets remainders (like that hitman 2016 has done), and will include a special mission's or challenges. That will not be included with the next hitman 3 sniper mission's. And you will need to do in a special category, in the hitman sniper assassin sequel. (the mobile game one. Although it somehow "On the other hand" defeat a little of the "perpose" of some, of the idea, of linked hitman 3 category, in hitman 3 companion app category. But didn't know how to connect this part, to the hitman 3 category linked companion. If you need to do the special missions, or challenges, in the special category, in the regular sniper assassin sequel of the mobile game). That after complete it, will send you code. To your real & personal mail. That will be reddem, through the io interactive services. (that will be linked to your platform that you have the hitman 3 played on ) and after that you will unlocked you a special suites (different from the elusive targets suites you will get if you complete them) to used in the regulars levels on any map (if they probably include the season 1 & 2 map like they do with hitman 2). And special weapons and gears, that will help you with the game. (on regular mission & when you get special snipers you will be able to used them on the sniper mission (don't know if in hitman 2 you can use special snipers you achieved in mission but if you do it will be the same like the hitman 2 game). I hope you enjoyed from this discussion post (becouse it took me at leat 2 hours to write this thing) , and I hope that the post and my English was understood well enough because it not as clearly as it was used to be (for me at least). If you didn't understand something let me know and I will try to answer for what you didn't understand. Have a nice day or night (when you get a chance to see this discussion post).
  6. Hi everyone. I know that the ps3 multi-player service for the game are shut down but in the list i see some how that the trophies for the multi-player are still active and they don't classified as unachievable. If there's any why to achieve this trophy let me know becusse this is confusing
  7. Hello everyone like I said i didn't know if I should open the conversation here but if it's don't belong here just move this post for the correct category if you can. So my question is in hitman absolution ps3 version i have a trophy with a little problem and I like to who is here that understand hitman trophies to explain mee something. The trhopy that I have the problem with is: Partners in crime and the follow up to him is: If you have a friend who owns this game, you're in luck! If not, you might want to consider finding one by finding or creating a Gaming Session. If a friend has created a Contract, go to "Created Contracts." Play one, and this trophy will unlock. The problem is if I don't have the a friend that don't own the game in the first place or don't even have a friend at all hat have a PS3 so how even gaming session will help me to retrieve this trophy challenge in the first place. Hope someone who one or play this game at someone place and unlock this will explain me this issue. Thank you and have a great day or night (when you get a chance to see the post)
  8. OK for one who never heard of the series and see a review before ask on the forum about it. For someone who know the series for years what should I expect from the series beside best level from previous games and best selection of music from the previous games. Is there something else that I need to know before I play (if I decided to pick up thus game where i see him when I buy my previous PS3 games). Thank you for the answer😀
  9. Hi everyone. So after a couple of days after my last PS3 games that I buy I forget that I have found an odd game that was called Katamari forever. After some research i found trailer for the game that was uploaded in 2011 instead of 2009 when the game was released. Today i find less & less place in my country that i know or places that sell PS3 games (if they are good one or not) also the big reason is the PS4 and the next-gen games (that are much better obviously) but if I found something interesting that i didn't sure if to get i see reviews (not all of the games only for some of them). But with this game i see review but didn't understand this game it and what to expect from him. Is good game (also exslusive one and particular an old one). So I will like to get recommendations for this game. Are you like this one, do you didn't like this or something else if you have to say just say all the openings i will acsept no matter what you think Thanks for the help and have a nice day/night (when you get a chance to read this post).
  10. Google don't give me a answer to this question. So I thought I will ask here the question. I don't care if the game have a trophies list or not the question goes to either physical (mostly physical) and only digital game's. Hope you can help me with that question
  11. Hello everyone. I need help with issue that I have. After days and some thoughts about the yakuza game series, i finally desided to give it a try. But I want to play, the most majority of the series on the PlayStation3. Also i find some problem, with the game catalogs for the series on the PlayStation3 version of the series. First of all: i see some games in collection version, that have Japanese covers like 1&2 collection and some other PlayStation 3 Japanese version. In my knowledge, i understand that all the games with the Japanese covers on the cases, are Japanese ports and the series, doesn't have english cover version for some of the games of the series for the PlayStation 3 system version of the series. Wich of the series have Japanese cover version only for the series ad does they have europe or us version beside of Japanese version. Does they (the Japanese cover version of the series) have a English sub or subtitles build with them in the first place, or they did get a patch for English sub or subtitles in the future. Second: I've heard that the series have a remaster/remake version on the ps4. But I want to know, if they have a specific name, for the remaster/remake version of the game. And what they are called in other territories, becouse that what happened with some games on different countries and different territories for specific system version. Also I heard that the series have name that called kiwami, does they spins off, and if not what are they supposed to be. Third: what are those games in the series, and what are the place of them in the series: Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō (also I see sequel for this game). And what platform is on and if he have a remaster for other platforms of PlayStation system's . Yakuza Ishin - same for this game and also the Yakuza: Dead Souls and last one Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan! (does it the same game like Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō but a regular version and the Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshōis the expanded one of the series). Also I wanted to say that someone tell me the order for the series is: yakuza zeroyakuza kiwamiyakuza kiwami 2yakuza 3yakuza 4yakuza 5yakuza 6 But he didn't mention the other games that I see for the series like the other ones that I mention. I want to know exactly what are these game becouse it the first time that I am interested in the series and want to play them in the proper way and the easiest way to understand and play them with no other problems P.s: sorry for my Misunderstanding of the post, but my English is not perfect as it used to be. Hope you will help me with the issue. Have a nice day or evening/night (when you will look on this post).