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  1. Decided to make this post, for those that was finding this Quest somewhat challenging: The particular Bugsnax is in the scorched groge area & The Bugsnax itself is BBQ Bunger. To catch it you need to make him follow you down for the SPUDDY Bugsnax to attack him & then you'll be Able to Catch it. Hope it helps anyone who is have a hard time with this quest.
  2. the trophy list is the same as the us version. Do you think they will do a EU Physical Release?
  3. I managed to get the platinum as of this moment. Hopefully this post was able to help others with the same problem as I was having.
  4. Hello there. As of today I can surely say that I got the Puzzle Solver Trophies & my only remaining One's Are: Perfectly Placed About the Slow Burn - I was everytime Opened only One Pack at a time ( The + icon) & until that moment when I said 8 minutes ago it's the only time it was Counting it for ME.
  5. Another Update on the Matter. Just 8 minutes ago I was earned the slow burn trophy (one of the original ones that got a problem with) I think the game have a lot of Glitch Trophies (even though you earn most of them with regular playthrough) I think the Problem will be start after you get around the 67% of Trophies Completion. For me to get it was needed to be done at The First Island ONLY! & You need to take notes that you will not have the + symbol at all wile doing it & be with less than 6 item in INVENTORY ( I was having 2 for that Trophy to be Triggered) I will update here if I will found Problems in Other Remaining Trophies here
  6. Ok some-sort of an update. I got the explorer trophy after tried play an creative mode of it. Don't know what it was glitched (if was) for so long because I am sure it was take a 40 & some Islands to pass (either on new game & switching modes/playing regular mode) & get the option to pass island after complete the island icon. Don't know about the rest but going to try them out somehow 🤷🏻
  7. I usually never following guides because I want to be surprised/want to get them alone before finish the game once. But for this type of game I was originally with the eu version was in a later time check what I have missed after the first round. And then was following in some of the guide stuff, but not even a minute now I was tried to do the slow burn again because was able to complete a circle that was exactly a 1K point and didn't have any building left in the inventory & still didn't earned the trophy.
  8. I never change the language on my games & console. So they from the start on English. So don't know what it causing that problem to occurred.
  9. 2 days ago I have encountered a problem with the slow burn that no matter what I can't make this Trophy Pop ( and still haven't get it counted) now I realize that other trophies Such like explorer, emperor and other aren't earnable. Tried to uninstall the game & see if a patch of it can be disabled to played of previous version, tried to delete the save game data (don't have it on cloud storage because don't have ps plus) Still can't get trophies for it, is the game been ruined or the trophies somewhat have become unobtainable (even though they are not associated with online at all)
  10. After second attempt & still can't get it to show up.
  11. Thank you. Just this moment was getting this Trophy (after second attempt for it)
  12. If I have the game (& the DLCs) can I get the 100% trophy list?
  13. Ok thank you.
  14. Or is the iam8bit version is the only one that they made physical
  15. So I was having a hard time with this Trophy & didn't know what to do but finally managed to get it. For anyone that have hard time you need to search for special silver-Gray Strongbox ONLY (Also needed be Only With the Shield Logo) that are hidden in Some of the Game Map. (DNA Blue Shield Strongbox ARE NOT COUNTING AT ALL) The Best Area is/was the Day's Of The Remains (Forest Area) & saying WAS because if I am remember when some recent patch was added I was welcomed with Some Cinematic Cutscenes & didn't have that mission Anymore. If the mission doesn't Appear to you You have some ALTERNATIVE Areas for it. The 2 Areas that was remembering are: Our Town & The Stark Reality Hope it's helping someone that is stuck on that trophy because if you don't know hot the cache & the secret bunkers looks like & where are located you will have hard time with this (and the guide here & some YouTube guide are not straith forward)