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  1. I don't have much left but want to gain it fast as I could does someone have tip or tricks for this. Thank you
  2. I meant from the main menu chapters category. But today I beat it & its show me what I wanted.
  3. I didn't beating the game yet but in the ps3 version I remember that when I was going to the chapters even before beating the game it was describing me what collectibles I was missing (in chapters that I was completing) Here it's even don't do that. I am already getting to the winter setting when you are in the snow area with ellie until the spring setting of the game. Hope to know how to fix it
  4. So update time has come. I was able to get the trophy. The places that you go for & the conversation start is stack in the progress even if you enable auto save and load your corrent save data
  5. OK I will try the corrent save because already did the missing places with no automatic save to jump after that to where I was in the main save. If I will not get it I will complete it in the ng+ I will see other Comments if I will not reach to the last point that I will need to get this trophy. But thanks for the help.
  6. Even if you choose not to save. Because I wanted to get the missing places & jump after that to my corrent progress with the only save that I have started
  7. I just recently started the story for the PS4 version but missed 2 places for the joke book. & after getting to the first location in the suburbs I saved & was load in the chapters the missing locations that I need to complete & did it. But my question is if I will come to the last location and get the final joke book moment is the trophy will pop out or I need to do all the previous location again and do all the locations on the suburbs until the location I need to get it. Thanks everyone that will help
  8. For me is TLOU (PS3) I did get him in 2013/2014 when I buy the gta v bundle & get this game for free. I was think in this time that the multi is just hard & boring but discovered the opposite when they said the servers will be shut down but 2 weeks or more to finish one group the disc reader was not working & the time they take to fix it the servers was shut down. The same is apply for the Hitman Absolution (PS3) but with 1 twist & it is that in this game I thought the contract mode is just another mode like story mode but didn't know it was online & when I wanted to start this in 8 months ago it was revealed for me it was an online mode only & missed it after 1 & a hulf year ago.
  9. Completely agree for me the number of attempts to get this is even worst then yours. And still didn't get it. I was tried yesterday again to complete it & nothing was working & even today one of my friends came to me & convinced him to help me he agreed to help but even with his help I didn't manage to complete it. I still think for the PS4 version you can't get it anymore & if someone did get this I will try to ask him how he get it & if i will not get it after sertion attempts I will ask for share play to get it
  10. I know what are you saying & completely agree with you also want to mention that the levels with the red chest are also very difficult that even the version of it in the legend version is having the same difficulty for me. But I think that after some years I will return to this to try to platinum this game because I was never think that I will complete the rayman legends game on the PS3 so I want to see if I am capable to complete the rayman origins version as well
  11. You can't earn this trophy because the level is buggy and the actual events that need to appear to you on real tine are not happening. And cheat code mode that you get in some part of the game locked your other unearned trophies. Tried the method that I see that most of players was recommended to go by but all those days that I am trying to get this all the actual things that need to happend are not happening & not activated at all!!!! Don't know if it's confirmed as unachievable trophy anymore or the guide is unupdated to say that. I know that I can't earn that. I know that cheat activated are locking the other trophies but I don't have the cheats so can't try them to try to get this trophy & if they are really lock the other trophies... So be it. Hope to know that I help you to know (for the new players) that you can't unlock this trophy. It's a shame that is the reality because I am so closing to the platinum.
  12. I remember getting it from ps+ but never even finished the training section because a difficult part that get me bored for this game I am Asking this question if I am going to return to this game in the future. Is the game really have online trophies
  13. Just heard about This some hours ago in a Facebook group. I did plan to get this game eventually as a physical copy but never get the chance because I did buy other games. Even so I am played some of the Lego games that came for the PS3, this game is my first of the series of Lego games that actually going to play on the PS4 that never made for the previous Gen platform. If someone ask yes I love the console Lego games owne most of them for PS3 (Plan to get the others as well) & have them complete to 100% & platinum I have some of them not on 100% trophies because dlc that didn't have time to get