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  1. Like I said, I stuck on the last level of Dubai because I didn't earn the super trophy (didn't finish or earned all the points to unlocked all of the cars). Any recommendations for cars for that level? It's like almost every car don't have enough speed to break even for 1st place (I have most of the upgrades that nessesary for getting a lot of speed) It's feel that level was designed that you will not get enough speed for getting 1st place but you can get 1st place in this level. The level called sandstorm by the way
  2. You will be needed to transfer the progress in a website for the game. When you will do this is only 1 time & for 1 profile. So you will need to be sure you have get & done everything before doing this. I have already did 100% of the 2 games before I did the progress transformation.
  3. I recently found time to continue my progress in this companion app. But now (after log in to the account) it said to me in the treasures section "Active Connection Require For Reward" The servers for this are not shut down because can log in to the psn account on this but somehow can't use the gold keys that I earned from the levels to open treasure in this game.
  4. Recently the PS Store open new Deals Category & Some of the Game Edition have Price Cut on them. But if you will try to enter the Stand art Page and go down you will see In Other Extras:"Watch Dogs Legion PS4&PS5" with Free label When you enter to the page it's says Download & it's have the same description as the other versions of it on the ps store pages I don't know if its the full game for free & if so don't know if it's included the season pass with it (pretty sure it's only the game itself & paying for the season pass).
  5. I was searching in eBay for the game to see the prices. But was seeing JP Import version? I remember that LRG did a Open Pre Order for the physical release so why is there JP Physical Version if the LRG version is Supposed to be the ONLY ONE & THE LIMITED ONE? Very Confused By This one!
  6. I got the game on 2 separate psn account's & want to try the game soon. But want to know if there is any difference between the game like what version have high frame rate or any other thing that version x is better then version y & etcetera.
  7. Wow. By the way I was seeing that transistor have a huge price cut at the ps store. What can I expect from the game (If I will buy it) because didn't understand what is the game talk about & what special about it
  8. Are u sure that Super Meat Boy was Given as PS Plus Title?
  9. I hope the title is not confusing. I was hoping to know, is there a list of ps4 games that released only as digital, and later was made as physical copy. BUT also some of those GAME'S where given in the past, as PS Plus free games. The only one I Know in that category was Erica (and was ordered it as physical) even though I added it to my plus library. Hope to find answer for the question that I have
  10. Finally nearly after 3 years I finally finished the game & don't have much more to do before making ng+ save for this game. But I am stuck on something about the weapons I'm the game & dlc. In the game I have max out the capacity of the weapons (and can't make more room in the crafting abilities for the weapons) which means that i have the 35 capacity for different weapons & the final weapon that I have left is the final one of the DLC that can make the game dlc as 100%. Tldr: is there a way to make the game to take the last weapon & still keep all the weapons in the inventory? If not what is the most recommended weapon (from the green tear) to sell/drop for place for the final weapon in the dlc I noticed that some weapons in the game when you get rare or very rare tear the design of the weapon is not change at all so I think if I drop or sell one of the weapons it will be in one of them. Thanks for everyone that will try to help
  11. I did it but when I play the game on my main account some of them are not appearing. Weirdly enough some of the item from the full game version that I have don't want to be shown on the EU version of the game that i have access to ( from what I have seen the trinity pack is the only content that don't want to be shown on the EU version) To clarify the full game is the us version the EU is the Free starter pack because didn't find the time to order EU disc or digital version of the game But when I launched each version most of the content I can get access to If I launched the EU version its the trinity pack that mostly can't be accessed from the starter pack (for the moment could be more items) If I launched the US (the full game) don't have some items like the Hitman2 collectors suit & remote duck pack the hitman 2016 reqrium white suit (can access the weapons of it) & can't access the location of hitman 2016 & 2 on the us version but EU starter pack can access them
  12. I already have the pre order pack. I asking it because I have most of the item of hitman 2016 & hitman 2 on my EU account. but some items from both game versions that I have don't want to be sync with each other. I ask it because the reqriume suit & it's item from hitman 2016 was like that & it was released some months after the game was released for anyone to purchase them.
  13. I want to delete this game to get more space on the console. If I will delete the game, is the game will not accept the latest version of it? Correctly on 1.02 version
  14. I recently decided to delete this game from my installed games on the console. Is this game have patch problem of accepting the latest version? My latest version for the game is 1.04.
  15. Well yes & no. Didn't found the time to get Europe disc version to test it. But after i did the save transfer progression, i did get most of the items that was earning in the previous games (including the collector edition code of hitman 2, some weapons & suit from hitman 2016 goty edition including escelation's of them) also all the suits from the elusive targets & 1v1 multiplayer did carry on. But the location of the 2 previous games did not transfer to the game & need to get the EU disc for this but all the US Codes & pre order codes are working. When i will get the EU version i will update.