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  1. Can you message me by the playstation web? because I see you message me by the console and I didn't see when you send them, so if you can, message me in the playstation network page so we can organize
  2. Hey it doesn't work for me with a friend, but can I add you? maybe it will work with you
  3. Yes it is. Look at the online trophies, they are all recently earned.
  4. I see that are a LOT of zombie mode trophy, but you can play that mode offline, does it unlock the trophies? If yes, which are the necessarily online trophies of this game?
  5. Nevermind, I bought them using an USA account and then installed them on mine
  6. Damn, bad luck... Yes it is
  7. Hello, is this still able?
  8. That's sad, thank you all
  9. Let me explain: I'm from Argentina and a friend of mine lent me his USA account to bought some DLCs and an Avatar so I can install them on my console, the DLCs works perfectly on my account, but the avatar only appears in his account and not in mine (I did the background download in my account if you ask) Is there a way to get the avatar I bought with his account?
  10. Latin America, does it count?
  11. I don't have any credit card to register to the PlayStore, but I have the necessary money on PayPal, which I can't register because it need a credit card to register, and that's impossible for me. Is there any other way to get those DLC's? Sorry if this is not the place to ask this, is just that these are the first DLC's I actually want
  12. How I get Last Round?
  13. I saw that there is "Dead Or Alive 5", "Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate" and "Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round", do they have each one it's own platinum? Also, isn't Last Round just an update from Ultimate or is a separate game?
  14. Same country but nevermind we already made it
  15. SOLVED! Already have the Redeemed trophy! Solution: I thought I have all the 9 necessary outfits (actually I have 10) but I needed to unlock the outfit number 11°, the U.S. MARSHAL UNIFORM, I thought it was one of the DLC outfits. Thanks for your answers!