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  1. I would argue that this "hobby" more or less always revolved around creating a false air of self-importance by belittling other players for playing games not exactly the way trophy hunters deemed to be the correct way to play a game (in other words rushing through a game to get all achievements, drop it like a hot potato and bum-rush to the next one). Whenever there is an easy way for people to get trophies for games they just enjoy playing, "Trophy Hunters" spout about how devaluing this is to their sacred hobby, how trophies should provide challenge and stuff and be something you should put work in, but once a dev comes around and make a trophy that is meant to show that people actually like playing the game (by, for example, making one trophy about travelling 40075km on a skateboard, which you will get naturally by playing the game over a long period of time), the oh-so-great trophy hunter elites get together and whine because that is a such an unfair trophy, just because it didn't cater to them. They'd rather rubberband their controller and glitch the game then let it passively run 24/7 for about 2-3 weeks on end than actually play something they might find enjoyable.
  2. I love how easy those "trophy hunters" get agitated. Oh noes, people can autopop trophies of a game they legitimately platted before, such audacity, 0/10 worst game evar~, my hobby gets destroyed by other people playing the way they want waah waah.
  3. Given the target audience, I'd say this specific game is at least fit for purpose, an easy digestible game for little children who are into the My Little Pony show. I am torn on the length of the game though. There is some value added to it by virtue of the game having 4.5 minigames (technically 5, but one minigame is a reskin of another with one additional gameplay mechanic) that can be played with 2 people. That being said I'd still say maybe wait for it to go on sale, or until a birthday / christmas rolls around, whatever comes first. It introduces a couple of concepts/mechanics (platforming, story progression to unlock new areas, map knowledge, multiplayer, unlockables), everything is voiced so reading skills aren't a hard requirement (though some tutorial screens are hard to discern without readin) and most importantly it doesn't contain any gambling like mechanics (lootboxes etc) that have infested so many different games geared towards children. I am not too keen on it using emojis as a particle effect for the rhythm game, but I am afraid that this is a lost battle. TL;DR: It's an okay introduction to games mostly fit for small children, however price is a cause for concern. edit2: It is worth mentioning that the multiplayer is local only.
  4. All but 4 Trophies are story related. Out of those, 3 Trophies are "Collect 500/1000/1500 Collectables", the other one is an optional race you can start immediately after unlocking Roller Blades. You will get a lot of Collectables just by completing story missions, you definitely don't need to get all Collectibles in the game, given there are 1900+ in total. A casual blind 100% run takes about 2 hours so the initial 90 minute estimate seems reasonable.
  5. Okay, nvm. Ranking updated today, which made my credits jump from 57k to around 62k. So it probably just updates once or twice a week instead of daily.
  6. Got it today with Trianchor alliance, was placed at rank 1297 with 62291 Credits.
  7. From what you wrote, I assume that it is different for people who linked their credit card? Which is probably the most common way for people in the US to pay for stuff online? Going by the Date of Birth logic, it only works as long as the people who share their accounts don't share their personal information online (there are people online who will put their year of birth or even their whole Date of Birth in their nickname). Which, surprise surprise, most of the social aspects of the internet are trying to make you do. The problem is, after the email has changed, you can easily create new transaction emails by buying stuff, at which point it would be best to just ban the account altogether, because you can't be sure that any of the two parties have . Your points are valid on paper, however they only work as long as people aren't a lazy bunch and / or in any way shape or form social. People are doxxing themself on the daily, posting on facebook that they are out of town for 2 weeks due to a vacation, which is basically an invitation to have someone break into your home.
  8. Thanks for sharing, had a good laugh looking through that list.
  9. It is kinda funny to see how many people are seemingly enraged by that update, even though this has obvious security benefits, especially for those who run around and share their accounts (even though it is a bannable offense). So, just to reiterate why this is a good thing for those people: Assuming that you run around and share your account wildly with people on the internet (bad idea btw), until now you had to give away your account details which gave the other party unlimited access to your account, making it very easy for them to just go into the security settings on the website, and update your email and password. Congratulations, your account no longer is yours, and chances are that they will be putting those saved payment options of yours to good use. With this update, all you share is a device specific password which allows them to access your game library without gaining access to the security settings which are used to change your email and password. Makes me kinda wonder if those people crying about that update the loudest have a financial interest in getting sent the actual account password instead of a device password.
  10. Hi there, I am currently working to get the filthy VIP trophy, which requires you to get to a certain ranking online. while grinding for the Credits required as a trianchor alliance member, I realized that for some reason for the last couple of days my "Team Credit" ranking seems to be frozen at around rank 1503 with ~57K, even though I've reached 61K by now. It also seems that my Team Point ranking stays at rank 4 with ~72 Points, even though I am currently at over 100 points. Question is: Is it known behaviour that the online ranking doesn't update every day, or is this new? There were 2 people who got the trophy on the 12th of may (so around 3 days ago on a thursday) so maybe it is a weekly update thing?
  11. You need at least 6 people for that.
  12. I think when someone needs over an hour to basically just properly align a car on a jump not even 10 seconds into a race, which by the way can be restarted after failing, that person has reached the point of ineptitude. Or in other words: It only was a "luck based" trophy because that person was too inept to get it as a skill based trophy.
  13. I'd really like to see Elite Dangerous in VR on consoles. I am aware that it already has VR on PC and everyone keeps yelling that the game is too demanding to be a vr game on ps4... but they like ... said the same thing to the base version of Elite Dangerous ... and the first major Update Horizons ... and the second update Odyssey ... yet for some reason they somehow manage to make it work on ps4. ... Also not to mention that No Mans Sky also has a very good (in my opinion) VR mode. Apart from that I agree with games like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture / Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Motorstorm would get my support just because I want to play a modern version of Motorstorm, ideally with a multiplayer hub like they kind of had on PS Home on the PS3. Would benefit the "Festival" character that the first two entries in the series had.
  14. I think a good mode for it might be switch. At least that is the only mode where I ever saw it poppin gup.
  15. Blaming the devs for your own ineptitude? Classy.