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  1. Having the same issue of reaching certain trophy conditions and milestones (e.g. Top 10 ten times, 100 kills by any means) and trophies are not popping. Each "single trigger" trophy has popped for me so far (e.g. each of the Chicken Dinners, full suppressed weapons, Pacifist) so it seems like it might be the statistics on the game's side rather than poor conditions. Just reached 100 kills last night in TPP Solo and still no pop so can confirm that it is not due to mixing modes. My current hypothesis is that the server I was on got reset several times without telling me. I noticed during the first ten hours of playing that about three separate times my User Profile preferences for the game reset (e.g. controller back to Type A, auto reload turned off). These were due to the matchmaking hanging and me resetting the application. Possible now that progress reset each time, although no way really to be sure.
  2. Man you can't even access the store in-game anymore to buy kegs with ore. Makes everything a whole lot worse.