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  1. You have a very short list of plats/100%s but I'll choose Tales of Graces f.
  2. Seems like you didn't check that this thread is for the vita version😜
  3. Hmm... If this is actually true does it mean we won't get even the special ops missions?
  4. Im reviving this old thread cause I want to get this on my alt. Is the game still available to be bought somehow on the EU store?
  5. If u managed to complete those two im sure u can do them again😌
  6. FEW?! I had to farm it for 30h in the asian version :D. I started playing that version on January and finally completed it last week.
  7. Have fun writing a review about this pile of crap😂 I feel ur pain
  8. Yeah I though about pre-ordering this shit just for the memes but decided that the devs don't deserve the money. Also seems like they finally learned to make servers, not that it matters since they will be empty in about a week.
  9. So yeah... im interested if any1 else is hyped up for this goty? I had such fun time with Rugby 15 that I can't wait to play this🤗
  10. Since this is Lego game it probably won't even get fixed
  11. I can't rly get down to diamond times...
  12. Well lets not go there... Everyone knows trophy hunting is serious business so there's no life after trophies. Life only exists in between start and end of a platinum journey. But if u have done well in your past life and decide to go on with your trophy adventure you might get extra chance with games and life and receive more gaming time from our lord.
  13. Well who wants to play it when u can unlock it