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  1. Eh, September is already so packed with new releases. i just hope this won't drag the game down :/ still excited though
  2. Nope, it's the same list and a free plat🙂
  3. Autopopping the trophies works flawlessly (at least in my case), just load your save from the ps4 version and you're done.
  4. This is one of the most boring trophy lists i've seen. It's literally just play the game for a long ass time. no thanks🙃
  5. List looks quite balanced. The question is just how hard the "village of shadows" difficulty is.
  6. I've recently platinumed this game and made a checklist for the annoying Monster Master trophy. So, i thought i'd just leave this here for anyone that might want to use it. LINK: Monter Hunter Checklist