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  1. More like a 3rd person Battle Royale party game. Check out some streams, it looks fun as hell.
  2. some info on Fall Guys from the Reddit AMA..... Looks like this could be a extremely rare plat?
  3. I think you can. If you go back to the remaining chapters to complete them on crushing via chapter select, the trophy should pop after replaying the epilogue.
  4. The master difficulty trophies for Star Wars Battlefront 2015. Tried multiple times, but I just can’t do it. Shame really, as it is one of my favorite (MP) games of this gen and maybe even ever.
  5. Sounds good. Aside from trophies, how is the game? Fun? Good shooting mechanics?
  6. Cool, thanks. Might bite then.
  7. Looks doable. Bit worried about the eventual playercount though. Do bots count for the trophies?
  8. Yes
  9. These two trophies are now easier than they ever were probably. - The grenade trophies can be easily farmed if you play Duo’s or Squads by yourself. Just down a bot like normal and finish them of with a grenade. Works like a charm. - The vehicle trophy can be easily boosted with another player from the same region as you. You and the other player need to search for a FPP solo at the same time and chances are really high that you will be in the same game.
  10. Nice one! Congrats mate!
  11. Normal. I never played ranked.
  12. Just got the plat, so I wanted to share my stats (season 7) TPP Solo: 1273 kills TPP Duo: 507 kills FPP Solo: 118 kills Something I noticed along the way and maybe something that could help: I always checked my stats after a match and noticed that in TPP most of the time the kills didn’t get added to the total immediately, only after idling the menu for 10 minutes or after playing a new match. In FPP however it did count the kills straight away. My plat popped during a FPP match. Don’t know if that has anything to do with Master Assassin not popping at exactly 1000 kills, but all I can say is don’t give up hope and maybe play FPP if you haven’t yet. Anyway, Godspeed and happy hunting!
  13. Did anyone try it on PSNow? Curious how it holds up on there.....
  14. I appreciate the effort, but this trophy really doesn’t need a “guide”. Just play the game and you’ll get it, no special action required.
  15. It’s also on sale in the EU store now................ for 9,99...... 😒