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  1. Did anyone try it on PSNow? Curious how it holds up on there.....
  2. I appreciate the effort, but this trophy really doesn’t need a “guide”. Just play the game and you’ll get it, no special action required.
  3. It’s also on sale in the EU store now................ for 9,99...... 😒
  4. At the beginning of the race you should hang back a little. Don’t try to be in front right away. You’ll see that one by one other players are going to take each other out and soon you’ll be in the top 3. After that you’ll need some luck and maybe try to take the remaining players out. I’ve won a lot of races this way.
  5. Platinum #61 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Although not as good as the first game, I still really enjoyed it. Platinum wise as easy as they come. ——————————————————————————————————————————- Platinum #62 Subnautica One of my favorite games of the past few years. Performance can be horrible at times and there are a lot of technical issues with the game, but despite that I enjoyed it immensely. I love immersive exploration games, especially if there’s gathering/crafting/building involved, so this was right up my alley. And it has a great, balanced trophy list. Not difficult, no bullshit collectibles, but you have to put in the hours. Highly recommended!
  6. Probably. I bought all other PlayStation consoles day one, so why break that streak :-) * * except if they put some insane price tag on it
  7. I honestly don’t care about: - how it looks - how much it costs - when it launches but it better be dead silent or else imma gonna riot....
  8. Platinum #60 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order I’m a huge Star Wars fan and loved Sekiro and the Uncharted games, so it’s safe to say I was pretty hyped for this game. Sadly it was the disappointment of the year for me. With the games I mentioned above as inspiration it had huge potential, but instead the gameplay is extremely mediocre on almost every level. And technically it feels rushed throughout the game. Loads of pop-in, 5 second freezes, bad performance, poor graphics and lighting..... luckily I didn’t have any trophies glitch on me, because that would’ve made an already frustrating experience even worse. I read somewhere that the sequel is already in development and I really hope it gets 1 or 2 years extra development time....
  9. Platinum #59 Farming Simulator 19 One of my guilty pleasure series. I always buy the newest version for my son (who loves to mess around in these games), but always end up playing it myself as well. Great games to zone out in after a busy day.
  10. I had the same issue when I started playing. Changing the system language on my PS4 solved the issue and I never had trouble again.
  11. My guess is that it’s roughly the same time. Leveling up can be done much quicker than at launch (double/triple xp events), but some trophies could take longer. Especially the Starfighter Assault trophies, as that mode isn’t as populated anymore.
  12. My January predictions: - Cities Skylines - Gran Turismo Sport
  13. Platinum #58 Assassin's Creed Syndicate I love a good Ubisoft-open-world-box-check-collectathon from time to time and AC Syndicate scratched that itch perfectly. Some tedious trophies in there, but a very easy plat nonetheless.
  14. Current deals are up until 24/12, so January sale is probably starting the same day? Anyway, hoping for good deals on: Jedi Fallen Order Death Stranding The Outer Worlds Dragon Quest XI
  15. I don’t think they count towards the regular challenges. They have their own challenges iirc. ——————— I had the same with one of the Colossus gear challenges. I just kept grinding strongholds and at one point it finally dropped.
  16. I was planning on doing a new playthrough, and I still might do that, but this is great news.
  17. Platinum #57 Anthem Easy list, despite some kurfufle with the collectibles (which now seems fixed), and a very enjoyable game.
  18. The Witcher 3. After spending 100+ hours in that world every other game world felt bland in comparison. Really took a while before I could start enjoying other games.
  19. ^ Can confirm as well. Also: quitting the game and resuming the next day doesn’t reset it.
  20. 0/10 This is a game I’m going to play well into next generation. Easily my GOTG and definitely top 5 GOAT.
  21. Hey there, feel free to add me! PSN: Larzz Region: EU Some MP games I play: - BFV - Battlefront 2 - Anthem
  22. If we’re talking PS4 games, I’m gonna say either Portal Knights or Conan Exiles
  23. Don’t think you can. There’s at least one fight you have to loose in order to let Connor die.
  24. I’m hoping for discounts on Outer Wilds and Jedi Fallen Order in the New Years sale.
  25. I got the theme and a 20% off code.