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  1. Is this game still bugged?
  2. My highest crew rank was 9 with ~20% progression to 10. With this update, they changed the requirements for the rank 10 and upon starting the game I auto popped that trophy which is arguably the longest trophy in the game. Now I'm at 100% so I'm happy with this update =)
  3. Am I the only one who prefers the new look? Now they have more room to add pretty pictures 🤔
  4. No way am I turning that off. Will transfer them to my PC once I finish each game. Those will be relics in years to come.
  5. Thank you all for your great help.
  6. What version of the game do you guys have? Mine still 1.02 for some days now and I keep checking for update and says there is none
  7. I just completed the game on easy and yea I rarely see games this unoptimized. Screen tears, slow FPS at many places (PS4 Pro), controls are not the best, enemy AI is awful. Cutscene sound isn't synced with video sometimes, one entire cutscene had no audio. Options menu movement is bad (yes something this simple isn't implemented well) and so on. Gonna wait a day or two for a patch before starting hardest difficulty.
  8. That was fun to read =)
  9. Thanks a lot for this. Such a great roadmap
  10. Followed every step and got the platinum without any problem. Thank you so much for this. God bless you
  11. The fear part is staying in the dark. The anger part is dying/getting caught by the monsters. The dark doesn't kill you. I tested it and stayed for 20+ min and never died. What happens is you get flashes on your screen. When you stay in the dark for a time, the flashes will start slowly, if you stay more the flashes will become more common. But in general, nothing changes. As I mentioned before, late in the game I stayed in the dark for a good period of time and did get some flashes but never reached the rapid flashes part. As for the anger, you just have to sneak through enemies. I was caught 4 times. Also, I've drank 3 total Laudanum. Couldn't find any more. <<SPOILER BELOW>>
  12. Just completed the game. Good news. The no fear no anger trophy, I did die (Getting caught by the monsters) at least 4 times that I remember. Also, I spent most of my time in the dark with no light for a good amount of time in the last 25% of the game. So there is a lot of room for error for this trophy 👍 As for the endings, the game auto saves when you reach the final area. And you can get all endings easily by reloading that save. Now we just need a collectibles guide and know how fast the speedrun needs to be.
  13. Played 12 hours. The game long. But it's my first playthrough so I am being rather slow and careful. I do think each time you die something happens so I guess that's related to the trophy.
  14. Congratulations on #1. Glad my report got the previous #1 removed. 


    Goodluck on the place! 

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      It may just be temporary.

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      You know he can be back by hiding the game right?

      and he hasn’t disputed it yet so it didn’t completely stick, ikemenzi should be #1 if hakoom is gone for good but unfortunately his profile cannot update anymore...

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      @Atoya totally agree 🙂

  15. Would you mind explaining how you managed to do it?