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  1. 1. Days Gone 2. Outer Worlds 3. Control
  2. Yeah finally. This time Nemesis will hunt you instead of a Tyrant (Mr.X). Little annoying and you're always on the run. I don't like such powerful enemies that you can only kill at some point at the end of game. However I will buy it.
  3. The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim Fallout 4 Witcher 3 Metro 2033, Last Light + Exodus The Last of us Days Gone Red Dead Redemption 2 The Walking Dead Collection (Telltale) Uncharted Series
  4. Bioshock - The Collection Theme
  5. Cool, perhaps youn can show us later when you fully moved in your new house. Indeed, let's hope they will always make physical games.
  6. @PSXtreme_ Hardcore!
  7. true. Push!
  8. NEGativ1988
  9. yes, that's the reason I made this thread
  10. I ordered from a shop in Austria. It was some sort of collection. (send me PM) @Maaden_Swe : Fucking amazing. to the others: very cool, I love collections Pls more
  11. Here you can post your Game Collection, Collectors Ed., Figures, Posters and more _________________________________________________________________________ Here is my actual PS4 Game Collection
  12. RE 20th anniversary PS4 Theme It's not the best theme, but I try to match them to the games I play at the moment. (Also my Avatar/Profil Pic) and Backround (Titelbild)
  13. Agony Saints Row