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  1. I agree, some people seem to play only for trophies, just to collect them like stamps, instead of going for platinums to challenge themselves while getting the most out of games. To each their own though...
  2. Trust me when I say I felt I was never going to make it, it literally felt impossible at first and I despaired because I wasn't remaining calm. I never give up though and neither should you. I finally made it after I stopped trying to copy guides and the way I did it felt easier and way more forgiving, I didn't even have to worry about my speed. It only took me 30 mins once I kept repeating my final method. Hugging the right wall in the last room was also the key to success for me. I wouldn't recommend practising without killing enemies, train your muscle memory/motor skills by doing everything at once and most importantly: force yourself to stay calm and not make a sound, you will do worse while angry, stay focused. P.S.: I remapped jumping to R1 and crouching to R3 while also maxing out the FOV (70->110) 🏃
  3. My first name: Alessandro → Sandro → Zandro After repeatedly changing accounts over the years because I got bored of the names I made up that didn't mean anything to me, I wanted to just use my name. "Alessandro" and "Sandro" were obviously taken, I didn't want to use numbers to keep it simple so I had to add special characters and I think hyphens look better than underscores. I tried "S-A-N-D-R-O" which was taken as well, so I went with a Z.
  4. I've completed 12 CGs and still no trophy for me as well. I read this thread a month ago hoping it wouldn't happen to me but of course it did...and to make it more annoying I was at 9/10 when my game crashed as it often does on PS5 except for the first time I had a message saying data had been corrupted...my CMDR progress hasn't been affected as it is all stored on Frontier's servers but it could have reset trophy progress as Darkette mentioned though not all of it for sure because I've been able to finish up 250 missions & markets soon after. Another possibility could be that CG completion progress for the trophy is not tracked unless you actually click on "Complete" at the CG station's mission menu when it ends, even if it already says "Completed" in the transactions panel and that your stored rewards are available for transfer. I've completed 3 CGs since then so I could be back at 3/10 again 🙄...I will update this post when I eventually get it (fingers crossed). Update: I just got the last trophy (A Real Team Player) and the platinum immediately after clicking "Complete" for the 10th confirmed time. Indeed, trophy progress for the CGs is not tracked unless you manually click on "Complete" at the stations.
  5. The platinum is still obtainable even for new accounts. You don't need to reach rank 10 to access the Wager Matches, you just need 10 COD pts minimum to play one regardless of your rank. Just play a TDM, get at least one kill and you'll have enough points for Wager Matches. I'm not sure if you can win them in multiple sessions (after exiting the MP and having your stats reset) as it took me only 5 games in a row without exiting for the trophy. I'd recommend you to search for Gun Game since it's the most popular one; I found lobbies quickly. Combat training ranks are separate from regular MP ranks.
  6. If you feel the need to take a break from video games then you should simply listen to your feelings. Remember that this is a hobby, it shouldn't take over your life and have you chained to it, this only has a negative impact on your well-being in the long run. I personally stopped playing from 2014 until november 2019 and had even sold my PS4 in 2015 which I barely played and was gathering dust. I had lost interest in video games and felt the need to focus on other aspects of my life. I found several other hobbies and eventually decided to introduce gaming again. Don't view this potential break as some dramatic life-changing moment, it will only make you more hesitant and anxious. Remember that you can always come back to it and you will probably not be so dissatisfied with the quality of games anymore.
  7. For defence, just study their patterns, make sure to roll away a lot and use your shield whenever you're not attacking. Atreus is also very helpful to stop the attacks where they first get in the air. Now for offence, if you want to defeat them quickly, alternate between your flames of chaos and axe so you can use 4 runic attacks in total, I defeated the hardest ones in less than a minute thanks to that and being leveled up enough helps greatly as well. Another tip is to press twice on L1 to hit them with your shield while they're protecting themselves to break up their defence before attacking them. It also felt impossible to me at first but don't worry about it, it's an easy platinum.