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  1. No missables. Just enjoy the game and have fun
  2. But it doesn't include the PS5 version i think? Ive heard no words of a PS4 to PS5 upgrade.
  3. I dont know why but it really bothers me that there is no physical PS5 version. Why is there only a physical PS4 version coming out when both Xbox One and Series S/X are getting physical versions.
  4. How often do you host the trophy world?
  5. Oh, didnt know the online portion wasnt in the base version. Well then i wont be doing that then haha. Thanks for the info ๐Ÿ˜‡
  6. I recently got hold of Unity on disc and was wondering if it worth playing without patches to get 60fps on ps5? Or would this introduce bugs, as I remember the game was quite buggy at launch.
  7. No. Only the PS4 version contains both PS4 and PS5
  8. Will loading a ps5 save on a ps4 pop all trophies? Or are some still bugged?
  9. Im definitly replaying this if it gets a PS5 edition๐Ÿ˜‡. Cant wait!
  10. I hope there will atleast be a small 60 FPS unlock patch when GTA Online update releases
  11. Looks like its just a ps5 enhanced patch for the ps4 game. So probably not