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  1. I hope you can give me an easy win? 😉
  2. 15th February 2020: Retro Market in Nuremberg (Nürnberg) Cars 2 (PS3) 11€ Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Limited Steelbook Edition) (PS3) 11€ Rayman Origins (PS3) 11€ SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (PS3) 17€ Shoppingtour in Nuremberg (Saturn) Bridge Constructor Compilation (Bridge Constructor + Bridge Constructor Portal + Bridge Constructor Stunts) (PS4) 5€ Life is Strange (PS4) 20€ February 2020 total: 92€ actual 2020 total: 756€ January 2020 total: 664€ My "Purchase History 2020" before 15th February:
  3. It's a solid racing game and not really hard to get platinum in about 20 hours. Online trophies are for complete 1 & 10 online races. I would compare it to other dirt track / rallycross games like Baja: Edge of Control & DiRT 2, 3 and Showdown.
  4. Don't worry about me. I'm already in saving mode.
  5. Congratulations on your win! 👏 It was really impressive to see you did 42,2 points in 5 hours after the match started. I could beat this score, but after seeing you unlocked a lot of throphies I lost my interest in counting your score and held back a few points for my next match.
  6. Time difference Chicago to London is 6 hours, the new match always start at 6pm in your time zone. I wish you good luck, because this match is between you and me.
  7. 3rd February 2020: Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse (PS3) 17€ February 2020 total: 17€ actual 2020 total: 681€ January 2020 total: 664€ My "Purchase History 2020" before 3rd February:
  8. 30th January 2020: (Limited Indie Games, Retail from Red Art Games, France) 15€ Old Man's Journey (PS4) 15€ Riddled Corpses Ex (PS4) 17€ Demetrios (EU) (PS4) 18€ Fullblast (EU) (PS4) 20€ JackQuest (EU) (PS4) 9€ for Shipping total: 94€ -17€ Resident Evil 2 (PS4) [Sold] actual 2020 total: 664€ My "Purchase History 2020" before 30th January:
  9. 1. Ordered Shape Up (Xbox One) and became "Puzzles & Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons (Super Mario Bros. Edition)" (Nintendo 3DS) and my money back. 2. Ordered WRC 3 (PS3) & WRC 4 (PS3) and the seller mixed it up, so I became WRC 3 (PS2) & WRC 4 (PS2), which I keep for free and got both PS3 games, which I paid for, 1 week later.
  10. I can't look into the documents and they tell me that I have no permission to enter.
  11. 23rd January 2020: (Saturn - 3 for 49€ Online-Sale) Call of Cthulhu 17€ Cities: Skylines (PS4 Edition) 17€ DiRT Rally 2.0 (Day One Edition) 17€ actual 2020 total: 587€ My "Purchase History 2020" before 23rd January:
  12. That's 27 Australian Dollar which is about £14, 17€ or $18.
  13. I'm waiting for 2 online orders to arrive and I'm at the point to must stop buying for the next 3 month. That isn't easy, because I want to go to a retro market in Nuremberg / Nürnberg in February. Another exception from buying nothing is to order 1 game at a time from Japan, because the shipping time is very long. (2-6 weeks)
  14. 20th January 2020: Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge (EU) 20€ actual 2020 total: 536€ My "Purchase History 2020" before 20th January