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  1. 1.07 and still bugged, still throwing pennies in wells for this to be fleshed out.
  2. Really love this game but I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick when it comes to corrupted save data. Has corrupted 3 times but only has happened on new game+, wonder if the bug is tied to that. EDIT: After my fifth corrupted save, I figured out that it seemed to be correlating to how fast I was moving the dialogue along. Everytime I would advance the story too fast without letting the characters really speak, let alone let them finish their sentences, my game would corrupt mid loading screen. I always let everyone finish what they had to say and moved on and had little to no problems. Think that might be a bug. Hopefully it helps others.
  3. I've had quite a bit of friends ask me for help on hard mode. Which is quite understandable, I was always needing help on specific parts but didn't want to deal with a lengthy video or finding out what happens if I get testy with the monsters. So I found this fellow and his short and sweet videos of every specific area. He goes in depth a decent amount and even explains how the A.I. reacts in hard mode in specific moments. I can't stress how much these helped me. Hope this helped you guys, cheers! Hard Mode Help
  4. Anybody have any confirmation of any sorts that these bugs are fixed? I'd rather not waste my time just to be forced to restart everything for a weapon upgrade.
  5. My Name Is Mayo HD remastered physical copy is a VERY powerful and mythical item. Truly, the stuff of legends, we must never let it fall into the wrong hands.
  6. Not sure if I'll actually ever randomly get the chance with how crazy some of these maps seem. My best chance is probably with this exploit and easy maps that I know in and out. Which obviously isn't going to be here forever. Anyways, not too broken up about it, just would have been nice to have. I feel like the limited amount of time for this exploit to be out till its patched is what drives alot of people.
  7. Ok, I lose my 3 or 4 win streaks in the absolute most ridiculous ways, I've been at this for weeks, and i'm experiencing hardcore burn out with this game. I think im just going to have to let this one go. I give serious props to people who did this legitimately though, that's insane.
  8. What a middle finger to everyone who got psnow for the games or the sale. I wonder if some of the games are chosen due to a dying player base?
  9. Also cause I asked this exact question 2 days ago in the original infallible exploit post.
  10. Not sure if it matters, but Jump Showdown is for sure back, seems to be fixed? Good luck everyone!
  11. Can't find a specific answer, is it safe to close app between wins?
  12. Hey, if this doesn't work out we still always have Skater XL?
  13. Does anyone seem to have problems running this game in any way? Downloaded this off of psnow, and it's crashed on me 4 times. It also corrupted my save data after a solid 5 hours and started me over. Is this some kind of Borderlands goty vs ultimate edition situation or? Either way, I'm manually saving through cloud save from now on, I guess.
  14. Welp, 1.13 Between Dimensions is out, blog says: " • we have also improved overall performance and stability on all consoles thanks to updating Unity-related stuff • minor fixes for lots of super small and cute bugs " Yeah if anyone can elaborate whenever it's possible, you have my thanks.
  15. Hmmm, can't find it? I'll just wait around and maybe I'll remember. I don't even want to play it, I'll just enjoy the fact that it's in my library.