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  1. The online trophies is what made Skate such a hassle imo, this looks pretty doable. Hope its as good as the hype puts it out to be.
  2. Hey, if this doesn't work out we still always have Skater XL?
  3. Does anyone seem to have problems running this game in any way? Downloaded this off of psnow, and it's crashed on me 4 times. It also corrupted my save data after a solid 5 hours and started me over. Is this some kind of Borderlands goty vs ultimate edition situation or? Either way, I'm manually saving through cloud save from now on, I guess.
  4. Welp, 1.13 Between Dimensions is out, blog says: " • we have also improved overall performance and stability on all consoles thanks to updating Unity-related stuff • minor fixes for lots of super small and cute bugs " Yeah if anyone can elaborate whenever it's possible, you have my thanks.
  5. Hmmm, can't find it? I'll just wait around and maybe I'll remember. I don't even want to play it, I'll just enjoy the fact that it's in my library.
  6. I can definitely agree that Sekiro stays tride and true in making you understand its combat mechanics, but the farther I go in the more cheese I find. Take Seven Spear for example, you can literally hang off a ledge and just swipe when he gets close and boom, finished. I personally think it most boils down to grinding and leveling up. Sekiro it's mainly prayer beads and memories and you get strong while Bloodborne collecting echoes and possibly losing them is too tedious for alot.
  7. Wow, I've been waiting for this one. But beating new babe+, AND game completion in 15 minutes? VERY do-able but quite the grind, we'll see? What about you guys?
  8. Shameful? In no way possible, if anything it's a rite of passage. Do not question the ways of mayo.
  9. It actually surprises me how there's way more people who have this platinum versus Bloodborne. Considering with Bloodborne you just need the three cords and you're good. This ACTUALLY requires to fight bosses twice. Maybe because popularity through GOTY award? Or just a dedicated fanbase? Either way interesting.
  10. Can definitely say that alot of this game can be real buggy, but runs so smooth. Trophies all seem to pop perfectly for this version I have (1.07). And can also confirm that Death By Disco can be done in one playthrough.
  11. January: (1/4) Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse - $7.49 The Liar Princess and Blind Prince - $9.99 Hellblade - $14.99 Ultimate Chicken Horse - $7.49 (1/5) Overcooked 2 - $14.99 (1/16) Candle: The Power of the Flame - $3.99 February: (2/2) Donut County - $6.49 Hyper Light Drifter - $7.99 Transistor - $4.99 Night in the Woods - $13.99 (2/16) Sea of Solitude - $7.99 PaRappa the Rapper 2 - $7.49 (2/20) UNO - $4.99 March: (3/1) MGS 5: Phantom Pain - $4.99 Don't Starve Together - $7.49 (3/15) Amnesia: Collection - $4.99 Graveyard Keeper - $6.99 (3/27) Poncho - $3.74 SteamWorld Dig - $2.49 Fe - $3.99 PixelJunk Monsters 2 - $2.99 April: (4/11) AER: Memories of Old - $4.94 (4/14) Borderlands: GOTY Edition - $9.89 (4/17) A Way Out - $14.99 (4/18) Wattam - $9.99 YTD: $193.35 (Every single one of these will be PS4 unless specified.)
  12. 4am - 10 5am - 18 6am - 28 I play usually from 12am to 9am then its bed because of work. But most of mine are 9am (which is 105) and on, I can't stand seeing 90%+ and letting it go unfinished before bed.
  13. Cleaning up the Wolfenstein: Old Blood gold medal challenge maps. Man, what a pain. If it helps anyone take your time and focus, accuracy over aggressiveness.
  14. Agreed, roughly 25-30 hours all depending on how well the speed trials go. Multiple playthroughs should be hilariously easy once you get a certain sword. Good luck on Gaius hard trial.
  15. Awesome walkthrough, was it just me or was the game actually a massive buggy mess. Great art and character design don't get me wrong, but I can't count how many times characters would freeze during cutscenes.