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  1. I gave up at Level 68 I have all trophies bar one. The Level 100 Trophy. I just can't be assed to do it. Don't get me wrong, I love Tony Hawk and all, but not enough to grind out 100 hours or so with slow-moving XP. Maybe if they add some incentive then I'll come back to it and clean it up. But right now? Can't be assed to grind it out. Honestly, I would take another Hard Get There trophy over this one. At least the Hard Get There felt like an achievement when you nailed them. The level 100 trophy is just a slog. Ways in which it could be fixed? Give weekends of Double XP on Multiplayer. Or boost it a little in Multiplayer. Make the Multiplayer more varied. Or better yet, let other characters have access to Level Goals outside of Speed Run and reward the player for playing through those goals with other characters....like the old games. Just anything to at least make it enjoyable as opposed to a 100-hour slog.
  2. Honestly, this game needs something like what COD does. Offer Double XP weekends for Multiplayer or something. That grind is seriously gonna kill my Platinum just because of how slow the game dishes XP. It'd be nice if they re-balanced it or at least offered Double XP incentive for Multiplayer from time to time. I thought about going the Macro route but the problem is I have to run Wi-Fi where I'm set up as I don't have access to an Eithernet cable (the modem is on the other side of the house and can't run a cable from it to the office)...so I don't know how remote play would hold up over Wi-Fi thus I don't know how the macro would hold up. I just hope they rebalance it or whatnot at some point and make getting XP a little more generous.
  3. The only gap I've had an issue with thus far is Kicker to Railspan in Skate Heaven. I have no fucking clue what I'm doing wrong. I've seemingly done it like 3 or 4 times (or more) but it won't register. Glitch? At first, I thought you had to be on the very edge of the start of the rail for it to click, but I've done that it won't register...I have no clue what is going on with this one. But it's annoying the piss out of me considering it's the last gap I need.
  4. BULLRING DOWN! Only One Hard Get There left to go! (Skate Heaven) Thanks for the advice to those who chimed in on previous post. It helped a lot. Then I still have to clean up the rest of the normal Get There challenges and clean up some other trophies in that slog to the Level 100 trophy and Platinum. Guess I'm gonna try Skate Heaven now. How hard could it be?
  5. I find the whole game is entirely dependent on luck and nothing more. If your ball isn't aimlessly drifting through empty space for most of the levels then you're usually hitting the wall over and over again trying to angle in order to hit those remaining hard to get to blocks. Then you spend most of the game just hoping for the Heavy Ball powerup to make mince meat of the levels. I feel like the only reason I got S ranks was thanks to the power ups and not thanks to any real skill. How do I put this kindly? I think the game sucks. I think the level design is pretty weak. I think the music is pretty generic. I think the physics are just all over the place. I say this as someone who has platinumed the Vita version and is now trying to platinum the PS4 version and being reminded of the tedium it was to Platinum the Vita version. It's too luck based to be fun. Honest thoughts. I think this game is pretty terrible all around. Better luck next time.
  6. Out already? or Release Date?
  7. Any tips for keeping momentum for the Nail Da Rail? The few times I've gotten that line, I can get the first two gaps, but completely lose momentum trying to make the climb to get onto the Nail Da Rail grind and just fuck it up. I've made it to the point where I can get the first two gaps using that line, but I can't keep the momentum and lose speed and bail going up for the Nail Da Rail.
  8. Bullring in general is making me want to quit. I have all Hard Get There's bar Bullring and Skate Heaven. School II was probably the hardest for me up until Bullring -- keeping momentum was tough in that one and took me at least 2 nights on and off trying for it. Roswell was also tough until someone clued me in to holding R2 while making the first transfer so that way if you have enough momentum while jumping the platform you will automatically land into Acid drop while holding R2 while jumping over. I strongly recommend that method for those struggling with Roswell and that first gap. Other than those two, I honestly didn't think the rest of them were that bad. The Mall had its moments but was doable. Venice was a little tough to nail the first gap and took me about 2 hours to learn and eventually get. But yeah, Bullring is the one that may kill the Platinum for me. I'm really struggling with the first two gaps in Bullring. I find them both so very narrow. The launch of the ramp is narrow and then the next gap is a pain to get to because of a sharp turn to jump on the rail.
  9. The only reason I might have bothered picking this up was for a potential easy platinum. Oh well, I guess they don't want my money then.
  10. I have two left. Bullring and Skate Heaven. Bullring is making me want to throw my controller across the room. Not only do I hate this level in general (I think it's badly designed and always have), but I'm struggling to get off that narrow ramp onto the Banana transfer. It's so narrow and the scenery doesn't help. It goes one of few ways for me. I can get the momentum to make the gap but fuck it up getting to the next rail because of how tight it is to get onto the next rail. Or I have too much momentum and overshoot the banana trransfer. Or not enough momentum and undershoot the banana transfer. Or get caught on scenery because of how narrow the ramp is leading to Banana transfer. Or end up out of bounds trying to make the short ramp to ramp and transported back to the beginning. I think this one might kill my platinum. Any advice? I've come so far and am not ready to quit, but damn I hate Bullring. I've tried it both ways and I'm just struggling with that narrow transfer to Banana grind.
  11. Can someone help me with the Philly challenge? I'm not getting this Fly By Wire gap. The few times I manage to succeed the line (seemingly), the fly by wire gap will not pop thus not allowing me to finish the challenge. Is there any specific to do in order to get this gap? When I checked the gaps list, I've noticed its only ever popped once for me. What am I missing here? I stay on the wire all the way to the end, but once I reach the end it doesn't pop and instead I'm jumping off the building with no challenge to show for it. What exactly am I missing with this gap?
  12. FINALLY GOT THE SCHOOL II GET THERE! After two nights of trying. Thank crap! I was sure this one was gonna break me. Now to keep on going for the remaining.
  13. School II killed me and any luster I had to get this platinum. I can not get that final rail for the life of me. I just can't keep the momentum to get up to it. So yeah, I think this is the trophy that killed any hope of me getting the Platinum because damn, I am having so much trouble with that School II line.
  14. Yeah, no. I think I'm done. I just spent another three hours trying for School II Get There (Hard)...I can't make it to the final rail no matter what I do. I either lose momentum, or worse, get close to completing it only to have Jack fucking Black hit you from behind at the last run up to the last rail (yes that happened and it officially broke me -- I was so damn close)...or alternatively I lose momentum half way and bottom out Maybe I'll take some time away, but the Get There trophy I think is beyond my reach at this point. Or maybe I should just try one of the others I haven't done and come back to it later. But damn, that School II line really kills me. Mostly because of how long you have to keep a manual going on it. At least with the Mall you could switch it up between grinds and manuals, but this one really requires to keep that manual going for most of it and it gets really tough to even that thing out. The worst of it is keeping momentum in the final run to the final rail...I either lose momentum and bottom out or fuck it up in some other way.
  15. School II Get There (Hard) has officially broken me. 3 hours trying to do this one challenge. I can get the first three rails but I can't keep the combo going for the last one. I think this will be the one that make me quit trying for the Platinum