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  1. And to think people were complaining about the in game indicators over at the Shenmue Dojo forums...they've been a GOD SEND for this trophy...there are so many herbs I've overlooked that I've only found because I was in the proximity of a red orb...and I still haven't got that trophy yet...I'm trying to find comb every area...but thanks to those in game indicators, I found ones that I was missing at the back of Shenhua's house (which I was initially sure I had cleaned out) I didn't realize you could get into the pumpkin patch though?
  2. I love it. The more think about it, I love it. Yu Suzuki delivered in spades. This game is something else. It's not perfect. I have my issues with it, but I do love what it's setting out to do....the ambition is still strong with this one...even with a massively reduced budget.
  3. I got almost all of the side quests in Bailu bar one on my first playthrough (I missed out on the capsule toy quest at the beginning because I didn't realise side quests started that early) Most of them I just ran into out of sheer dumb luck...but there were some that I remember specific timing for. In regards to Bailu....these are the ten requests. Sorry I don't have specific times or dates for them. But I do know where they are in Bailu and have a rough memory of how I got them (minus the Capsule Toy Quest at the beginning...which I just got on my 2nd run) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Capsule Toy Quest -- Village Square. Available right after you find the bookie. The kid has to be practising Tai Chi for it to show up. The Biggest Catch -- Noon to 3pm when the fishing shop first becomes available. Just keep checking if you can go that way as you unlock areas. As soon it opens, go and do it and get it out of the way. I think that area opens up when you have to go and search for hints about Iwao at the Shrine. Heartbreak Kung Fu -- Find Yang Weilang hanging out in the Joy Park area. I can't remember the date or time I got this. But he is hanging out in the gambling area just outside of Village Square so just keep checking every day. If I can remember a date, I'll post it (I'm sure I streamed it on Twitch or Youtube so I'll comb through the footage and find out) Future Dream -- I found this around Panda Markets. A little boy who wants you to win him a soccer ball from the Pail Toss game. Again, can't remember date or time. But it was found around Panda Markets. Medicine Delivery -- Elder Yeh in Village Square. I want to say this came available after a specific story beat. I think it was when we're looking for Mr. Sun that I activated it from memory. Mr Su's Tall Tales -- Sunset Hill after you meet Mr Su for the first time. DON'T BOMBARD HIM TRYING TO DO IT ALL AT ONCE. You can only ask him once a day for a story or he will fail you. And it has to be day time as night time he won't bother answering. Catfish Rally -- Tackle Shop. You have to catch four specific fish for four stamps. That wasn't too bad. Miracle Mushroom -- Kong Mei (Panda Shop). Find a certain Mushroom near the Tackle Shop. I want to say I got this while hunting down the 2000 yuan for the Alcohol but I can't remember exactly Ghost Buster Request -- Sunflower Grove. Right after you first meet Master Sun, during the day, go and find the kids of Sunmeadow Grove and they'll give you this request. Fabled Fabric Finder -- Panda Market Pawn Shop. I got this STRAIGHT after beating the major boss of Bailu. I think this one is locked until you beat the main boss based on some dialog within said request. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Make a save before each side quest btw, because you can fail them. I learned this with the Biggest Catch request. I got the request but I failed it because I stupidly tried to change fishing location not realising that once you quit out of fishing, you're done for the day as you return the rod. So be careful and make manual saves before each request in case you fail it. Those are the 10 for Bailu. Don't ask me about Chobu...I think I only got 5 or 6 side stories in Chobu on my first run. I know there is 15 in Chobu but I only got 5 or 6 on my first run through. Bailu was pure dumb luck that I ran into them by just exploring every day. I didn't explore as much in Chobu. Probably because I had failed some of them and figured I'd just save it all for the second playthrough.
  4. Does anyone have any tips for scoring a high number of tokens? 500,000 is quite a lot. It's gonna take some time at this rate. Been mostly doing the dice game and lucky hit. I got the 50,000 trophy at the start of my 2nd playthrough, but I think it's gonna take some time to get that 500,000 trophy.
  5. That's actually a great way to look at it. I'm with you...I'm just happy thing thing exists at all. After years of wondering would it ever happen? I'm just happy to have it.
  6. No, neither do I. That sounds more like 100 in game hours. You technically couldn't make the Chawan sign for 100 real life hours. Totally gonna go for 100% on this though
  7. By the way, it's a DLC trophy...so it's not key to the base game...I'm curious to see how it works. Overall, the trophy roster looks a fair bit more grindy than the HD remasters were. Catch 1000 fish might be the worst of it depending on the fishing game. I will go for the Platinum though. Been waiting near 18 years for this.
  8. In II, you basically just sit down at a table with 4 mugs. Make the sign. Hit "wait" and time speeds up and skips 2 to 3 hours in game time waiting for someone to make contact. (depending on where you are) Not sure how it works in SIII, but if it's the same as that then it literally sounds to me you would have to make the sign like 30 times to get the trophy. I assume the 100 hours refers to in game hours and not real world hours. In game hours is usually 50 minutes per 24 hours (about 2 or 3 minutes per hour) as per the old games...so if its in-game hours then it would mean "make the Chawan sign 30 times" or so. I can't imagine it's 100 real world hours. So I'm guessing realistically it's Make the Chawan sign 30 times (give or take) and get the trophy, Which is really not that hard to do.
  9. It says wait over 100 hours making the Chawan sign. The Chawan sign in Shenmue 2 is a timelapse effect where you wait for someone to make contact with you after making the sign. So if it's counting in-game hours then it probably won't be too bad. Making the Chawan Sign in II usually skips like 3 in-game hours in like 30 seconds. Just depends on how it works in SIII. But yeah, this doesn't sound too bad if its the same.
  10. Cheers, man! Much appreciated!
  11. Mind if I borrow these to post over at Shenmue Dojo forums? (unless you're a user there) Will give you full credit
  12. Interesting. Although, there was Steam Achievement Data uploaded on the Steam Backend (before the whole EGS switch) And doesn't Sony mandate all games have Trophy Data? What version are you running? Maybe a day one update is incoming with trophy data attached? (although that would be weird as you would expect it to be at the base level install for all copies) If not then man, they either went fuil old school with this or Sony QA wasn't paying attention to it and let it slide. I can't believe this game won't have trophy data....it's gotta have trophies. I'd be shocked if it doesn't. (but would also kind of welcome it) But yeah, wait until the game comes out. There were Steam Achievement place holders added months ago.